Saturday, 15 June 2013

What are children like!

People say children are God's gifts to us. Yes, even I do believe so! They say even when we have nothing left in our lives, children make it a worth living. Yes, even I do believe so!

I have been always in love with children and babies! Surely,most of us do. I have even taught quite a few of them. And yes,I have always loved teaching them. Their sweetness overflows sometimes making it exactly "perfect" to spend the time with them. They bring us joy and happiness. Atleast, they leave me overwhelming with joy and fascination! I become just so lively and full of life after I meet them each time. :)

I had this one student (my 1st student) whom I used to go and teach. She was in just standard one at that time and her name is Adrija. She was a child full of life, bliss and jubilation. I can never ever catch myself scolding her if she ever missed out doing her home-work (well,most of the days she used to do it with utter eagerness and would certainly complete her home-work before I reach her home!) 

To say, she was a child with perfect "sense" of some "adult stuffs" would also won't go wrong here! But,I guess she ever knew (or meant), what actually she told me that day when I went to teach her.

She was doing a sum which I gave her just then. Suddenly, she looked at me and said (with full of excitement) -- Mam, you must watch "Bade Acche Lagte Ho" (a daily soap happens to be in sony!) this week! 

I (quite surprised by her words as she never talked about anything else except "Chhota Bheem"), asked her-- Why?? 

" Arey mam, they will be showing "Honeymoon special" episode this wednesday! Don't miss it mam! " -- she went on saying with her eyes twinkling as always!

I was so baffled out at her reply that I couldn't stop myself asking her-- Oh! That's really good! But what is honeymoon?? I don't know!

"It's something when mama,papa and I go on holidays! Haven't you gone with your mama and papa,mam??"

 "Oh! Yes I went but I didn't know it is called honeymoon!"

"Ok! Now you know! See,I have taught you this. Go and tell your mama! And learn this also. I may ask you the next day again.And if you can't answer then I may even punish you!" -- she just went on with the same words that I tell her while giving her home-works! 

"Ok! Ok! Do the sum now else you have to just now drink the milk your mama brings! Do fast!" I said.

" Yes! I will drink it,mam! You only told the last day, if I drink it I can fight all the demons and be like "Chhota Bheem"! Though I don't like drinking milk, but just to become like Chhota Bheem I will drink it all!"  she said! (Yes! with her eyes twinkling again!)


Now, can you ask such a cute child to study and not to talk?? 

Ohh!! How I miss her chirpings!


  1. Really good one.. you should have a pic of the cute pie.. the trick to make her drink milk was awesome and your curiosity to know what is honeymoon from the kid makes me smile :)


    1. :p she's a lovely child! Such a sweetheart! :)


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