Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Defender

'First Aid Box. Check. Knife. Check. Spectacle Case. Check.' Mr.Ganguly seemed ecstatic as he concentrated on his assets.

'I hope I am not really missing out anything!' He glanced at Jaya, his better-half of 41 years.

'I wish we never had!' Jaya retorted back. 

'We didn't, Jaya! You know, I am super excited to see little Payal again. Oh! How I have missed her cute dances.' Mr.Ganguly smiled, looking at Jaya.

'Yes. I have missed her too, Pranay. But I have missed my son the most.' She seemed to whimper again. 'Oh! Jaya!' Mr.Ganguly came near and hugged her.

'I can't really believe we are going to see them finally! Bonny has always been so busy! And you know even Payal is so busy with her studies, dance classes, swimming classes and what else not! Poor little girl! We never used to study so much in our days....'     
'.....And now finally they've planned a holiday for us! It must be very tough for Bonny and Shweta. But this is what family is for.! They will do anything and everything for you.'  The elderly man beamed as they hurried towards the 34 Bus-Stand. 

'Hmmm.... Are they coming here? Have you asked them exactly where we have to wait?' asked Jaya.

'Oh yes my lady, I have! Don't you worry about these things.' said the zealous Mr.Ganguly.

'Will you never be serious about anything,Pranay?' Jaya seemed too vexed with her husband. 'Did you take your cell phone? We can call them in case of any emergency.'

'Oh yes! I have.' smiled Mr.Pranay.

'What? Did he pick up your call?' asked Jaya with a worried look.

'Ummm.... No.. Its saying Bonny's cell phone is switched off. Let me try once again, wait.'

'Oh, God! Keep my son well. Keep his family well, God! I hope they are all fine. Why is their phone switched off, Pranay?' Mrs.Ganguly almost started weeping.

'Ahh, Jaya. Nothing has happened. May be the bad network is creating issues.' said he comforting his wife.

'But its been 3 hours, Pranay! Why aren't the coming? I am scared.' wept Jaya when suddenly their mobile beeped.

'Aahhh....Hello....? Bonny?' said Mr.Ganguly. 'Yeahh.... Oh.. Okay. Okay..'

'What did he say?' asked his wife after Mr.Ganguly ended the call.

'He said we should go back to our home. He will be late.So he will come there himself. Let's go, Jaya.' smiled the juvenile man.

'Oh Thank God, they're fine.' The woman of his life seemed relaxed.

'Hello dad, I am sorry, I can't come. I am busy and so is Shweta. Sorry, I became a bit late to inform you. May be we will meet next year!' Mr.Ganguly recalled his son's handsome voice. Then he put his arm around his beautiful wife as they walked towards the old-age home again.

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  1. it broke my heart...reading this. well articulated

  2. Oh... Just when I was so happy they are going on a holiday...
    The comparison is so obvious- the way the parents worry & their concern- accommodating kids & grandkids Vs. the cold, distant & too busy son & daughter-in-law...
    Sad story, Preeti. Nicely expressed, as usual.

    1. Yes, Anita! I hope nothing like this ever happens to anyone ever! And, thank you :)

    2. Thing is, it is the sad reality...
      Even I hope & pray with you.

  3. That is very poignant Preeti. I wish that childfen start taking care of their old parents and do not leave them on mercy of old age homes...otherwise our generation need to start investing on building a "old age home for self" rather than investing in our kid' education or housing,
    I really hate such children who cant take care of their parents...shame!

    1. Yes, it is really a shame! Hope things change!

  4. Oh the last line killed me! :(

  5. The heart felt heavy after reading this, coz we all know this is what is happening to people who worked hard to provide a good life and lifestyle for their kids. Very nicely written.


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