Thursday, 7 November 2013

Knock! Knock! Here's a Good News!

As I prepare myself to TRY to shun away from my blog until my 5th semester gets over, my pinning arms couldn't hold myself back to get hold of my sister's cellphone and click open my blog's URL and all I see was my blog receiving the honor of The Liebster Award! :)

Well and good..... I was pretty much up on my bed jumping high and my mum shouting at me to get down from it.

All the Thanks goes to the blogger who did nominate my blog for this gracious award, Vanessa Rowe who blogs at Writing Revived. Thank you so much! ME turning red as a tomato! :)

Now, here comes some questions for me to answer them--

1. What's the best advice that has come your way?
ans: Never do anything to hurt someone intentionally.

2. Three things you love about yourself?
ans: my being positive, my ability to make someone laugh, and my being always cheerful(even if I'm sad!)

3. Which character (in a movie/show/book) would you want to be? 
ans: I love myself! Hope to publish a book or a movie potraying my character someday in future! :p

4. What is your comfort food?
ans: Ohh!! A long list it is! I'm a foodie and to choose one, is bitterly tough for me!

5. What would you like to improve about yourself?
ans: My height! :D

6. Your dream home is...
ans: Beside a beach!

7. Your choice of work if money wasn't involved.
ans: Being an author, pilot!

8. You best write at/when... (morning/evening/night/worried/calm etc.)?
ans: Calm and when I want to write!

9. What kind of music do you prefer listening to?
ans: depends on my mood! Generally the ones which can make me dance with the tune!

10. The most touching thing you've seen/heard/experienced?
ans: My memory is too weak to recall it right now! 

Ten questions made by me--
1. What is your biggest passion in life?
2.Which is your favorite movie? Your favorite book?
3.Why do you blog?
4.What kind of music do you prefer listening to?
5.What's the best advice that has come your way?
6.You best write at/when... (morning/evening/night/worried/calm etc.)?
7.Describe yourself in 3 words.
8.Describe your blog in 3 words.
9.What is one thing you must try out before you die?
10.Who is your idol in life? And why?

Now, its time to nominate 10 bloggers-
1.Ivin Thomas: Hitchhiker of the World
2.Ananya Das:Leadership
3.Tinni: Ivtara
5.Anvi Mehta: Words..!!
6.Samritha: The Ramblings & Musings of a Scattered Mind!!
7.Gautham: Gautham's Blogsite
8.Nupur:Tugging My Luggage
9.Neeraj: My Experiments with Truth
10.Anusree:Beyond Words....

Yayy!! Enjoy and keep blogging! :)