Saturday, 16 August 2014

Puerile Delusion.!!

I looked at the wide gape of her mouth; I wasn't cynical about her senses being paralyzed. Her muscles went numb, they didn't move an inch. It was a drop of sweat collapsing from her temple that made me feel there was another life in the room - she stared at me like a droid.
             I smiled at her, she was the only sibling I had. She was the elder one; she was all, me and my parents had. Ours was a happy little family. But the thought of her dying gave me goosebumps, I again smiled at her. We are the best of friends so much that we don't need words to communicate. Our eyes did a lot more than mere words. She would die a bitter death but it isn't an age for that. I cursed our God for letting her die. The thoughts of her heart trying to cease and she trying to get a way out of it to live, to love and to be loved, seemed pathetic to me. I closed my eyes and let my fear fall but then when I looked at her, I again smiled.

It was half past noon when mum came running down from the stairs. She was howling in such a poignant manner that dad stood up and gave me a barren look. I could tell by his expression that he was sure of Katie's death. We three ran upstairs into her room, each wishing for the best. We lost our Katie forever. Mum was unable to afford such a pain; she collapsed in front of me, smothered. I hugged her tight and took her to her room, because now she was  my responsibility. Dad was still standing stiff and looking at Katie.

I placed mum on the bed and kissed her softly. I went back to Katie's room and stood beside dad, looking at Katie, my only sister. The bullet has gone straight across her heart pouring blood  from the little hole in her heart I made; had it been her brain, I couldn't have had been sure of her death. I looked at dad, tears came flowing out of his eyes, I held his hands because now there was no Katie and it was my responsibility to look after him and when he looked at me, I again smiled - because now all the toys, the dresses and the love wouldn't have to be shared. They were solely mine. I would now get new dresses, new toys and new love. And give Katie a little share from mine, just the way she used to give me till today. Mum and dad are mine now. Katie is now just a memory to be cherished.

And so when I looked at Katie, I again smiled.



  1. This rides deep with me, and quite poignant in its rendering. I'd say it to be fearful too, to think of the scenario. Good write.

    Keep it going,

  2. Wow. That was something. Sibling rivalry - so well portrayed !!

  3. You made me so sad but at the same time, really like your portrayal of the story, Preeti. It got me hooked from start to finish. Brilliant:)

    1. Aw that was really kind of you,Vishal. :) Thanks a lot.

  4. Oh wow, this was a wonderful take on sibling rivalry. Crazy extent she went though.

  5. Wonderfully written, Preeti.
    Dark tale.
    Katie must have been shocked..Her parents don't know the terrible truth...

  6. Sibling Rivalry to such an extent? But I have come across situations where people hate their siblings because they feel the parents are more concerned only about the other one. Sigh! Very well written :-)

  7. Replies
    1. Yes.. This situation is so very ubiquitous nowadays.! :(

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  9. Kahaani mein twist?? I like!!

    Superb narration.

    Do drop by mine. Hope you like it.


    1. Sure. Thanks for liking the kahaani mein twist.! ;)

  10. I liked your thought you employed to write the story. Yet, it was a cruel one you see. Fun read though.

  11. Very well written miss Writer . You portray a negative character so well ,that i was literally imagining all the scene were actually happening .
    Great work ........waiting for your next.


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