Monday, 10 February 2014

The Grumpy Old Man

Hi dude, I saw you  there at the window looking at us once, yesterday. But then I could neither see you, nor make out your shadow. Wait, you must be thinking what a shadow is! Well, we had a lesson about it in school last week. I don't know whether you too had Ms.Jolie as your teacher but I am surely not going to take any risk, in case you didn't have her as your teacher! As, mom says there are things only she knows and so we must pay attention in her classes. So here I go and you must pay good attention when you read this - A shadow is a dark area which your body produces when it comes in between the sun rays and any flat surface. 
          So, I didn't even see your shadow but after a while, I saw it. Yes, it was there! I told mom about it but she told it wasn't there. And yes, she even told me that you're a grumpy old man. So I must not write you anymore letters. But tell me one thing what is the meaning of grumpy? I am scared of Ms.Julie, I can't ask her. Anyway, I need to know your shadow was there or not. You can at least tell me it was there or not. Okay, not me, but at least tell my mom. 

In case you never before paid any attention to my name, I am writing it again, My name is Ryan and please tell me whether it was there or not. Okay, I mean, not me, but my mother! She really needs to know the fact, man! Oh, but you need to know my mom's name too, right! Well, her name is Mother, you can also call her Ryan's Mother. Please go and tell her. Please. And yes, I forgot to give you my address. My home is just behind the park and it is of my favorite color.Can you guess it? I knew you can't! Okay, it is yellow. And do you think mom would let me come here every evening if I stayed far away. No way! You don't have an idea how strict she can be! 

Mr.Gilbert read it again, and hesitated to write a letter to Ryan. Well, Ryan was just a kid. He was unaware of the real world. This unpardonable world has a lot more in store than some silly conversations. Mr.Gilbert cocked his hoary bushy eyebrows and took out a pen and the ink from the cupboard. Its been 2 months since Ryan has written this last letter to him. Well, Mr.Gilbert didn't know why didn't he! Ryan never came and took the letter which Mr.Gilbert wrote after waiting for a month for Ryan's another letter. It was still beneath the door. Mr.Gilbert had kept it there even now. He was quite sure of it being undisturbed as it was just in the position he once placed it into. He had always kept an eye, but no, none of the kids bothered to pick it up. But today, today was the day he thought it was enough. That naive kid made him write a whole letter and now he didn't even bother to come and take it. Was it any kind of prank played on him, again?

     No, he wasn't going to write another letter. Writing another  letter would just    be a patch of waste ground! He walked  towards the door and picked up his  own letter which lay there,  languished. Heated, Mr.Gilbert went towards his    table and    opened his own letter.

   Hi Ryan,
             Do you really think I would talk to your  mother, I mean, your mom, and tell her whether I  was there or not, after she called me grumpy?  Well, I can't! And why don't you ask your mom  about its meaning. She must know a hell lot more about everything, I mean, when she knows that I am a grumpy old man! And about the shadow, no, I wasn't there. I was not even asleep. See, your mom knows way too much about everything! I was busy doing my work. And, yes I hope this is the last letter you're writing to me. How every time I see your letter and wonder if this is the last one. But no, you nagging little kid! I again stumble over your another letter! 

By the way, do you really think I don't know what a shadow is? Huh! Please, stop being in denial. And yes, I don't care where your house is and which color it is of and what is your favorite color! 
And speaking of your that first SORRY letter, it is okay. If I wanted I could have called the cops and get you paid for what you have done but I didn't! How can I call them each day for your perversity! 
Are you insane, little kid? How on the Earth did you imagine that I will stop at your house when you and hundreds of your annoying friends will jump and scream and shout and run at your birthday party?! For God sake, stop building castles in air! 
I do not want a single letter from you anymore. If you do, it will not take me a single minute to go to your "bad-tempered dad" and complain about you. 

And what will you do with my name when you can't even invite me to your party!

The Grumpy Old Man (According to your mom, now don't say, she knows everything!)

Mr.Gilbert sat on the armchair after closing his letter and again placing it beneath his door. What if Ryan came today and missed his letter? He closed his eyes and there came thousands of ever-wandering questions in his mind. Why didn't Ryan come to play anymore? He didn't read my letter, then why did he stop writing to me? Will I ask anyone of his friends? Huh, no! They are so annoying. And why would I, when I don't even care for him?

And finally - Thank God! He doesn't write to me anymore!

To Be Continued....


  1. I'm intrigued. This is one of the best stories I've read on blogosphere. I am traveling a lot these days, please message me the link of next part on Facebook, in case I miss it. I hope you won't mind it.

    1. Hihi! Thank you so so much, Saru! Your kind comments do really inspire me each time! :) Thanks a ton! :)

      And, why would I mind messaging you the link?! Of course I will, as soon as I post it :)

  2. Preeti, Wonderful! was totally lost in the story & figuring out what the end can be, when I came across "To Be continued..."
    Now waiting for Part-II. Part-2 is the end, right? No Part-III?!!!! :)
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Awwww thanks Anita! :)

      And about the 3rd part?! If you wanna know the truth then let me tell you, I myself do not know that yet! :p :D
      What would you like, keeping it short or adding another part?!

  3. Ohhh interesting! Next part soon please :)

    1. Thank you, Soumya! Yes, yes, its coming soon! :)

  4. Okay Prits, am already hooked!! Post Part 2 fast, else am gonna make you narrate the whole thing in colg!! :D :P

  5. Ah, why are you doing this to me? Please please post the next part soon. Can't wait :-)

  6. Oh Preeti.. Proud of You..! Lemme Read Part two now :)

  7. Loved it Preeti :)
    Going to read the 2nd part asap!


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