Friday, 28 March 2014

Mephitic Desire!!

My mind constantly kept on digging into the past as I opened the empty almirah and stood deadpan, in front of it.
"I was tempted. I was just tempted,Dikshu. I never meant to leave you, ever." I recalled Pritam's fretful face.
My heart began to cripple again. I cannot end my 11 years of marriage, may be Pritam needed another chance. I cannot live without him. I closed my eyes as I felt a tear drop on my hands. 

I had just gone to the panipuri stall with Minakshi when a lady got down from a white Hyundai car, that just resembles ours. She was too gorgeous wearing a little red dress and high heels. I had always wanted to wear these short dresses but neither did Pritam like them nor did he approve. I gazed at her style and the way she carried herself! I was in awe. "Wanna have one like her?!" Minakshi pinched me, "Let me buy you one, Pritam will not know!" 

"Huh! No,Minu! I'm a mother. And Pritam doesn't like it!" I said and again looked at the car. A man got down and hugged her from behind. My jaws dropped after what I saw then. The man who hugged her was my husband, my very own Pritam. They walked towards the mall. I felt my knees tremble. I started running after them hoping myself to be completely wrong. But I knew I wasn't wrong when the man in the suit cried out - "Diksha?! What are you doing here?!"

"I love her, Diksha! Stop crying like a fool. Look at her and look at yourself. She is gorgeous!" shouted Pritam, the same night.

"But I'm your wife. How can you cheat on me?! You can't do this!" I cried, trying to keep him only mine.

"Don't shout. I'm busy now. We will talk later. Let's make it at peace!" I heard his cruel voice.

"What? What at peace?!"

"Divorce. Look, there's no point in staying together anymore!" said he, holding my shoulders.

"Divorce?! Are you mad?! You will leave me for that girl!!" I shouted, trying to control my tears.

He looked at me blankly and then went into his room and closed the door behind him.

I closed the almirah and sat down on the bed weeping again. I tried to distract my mind but it kept running away to those injured memories. Pritam has accepted that he had made a mistake and that he only loves me. He's no more with Naina. Will I give him a last chance?
I got up and took the photograph out from my suit case. It had Pritam and me smiling happily,with Pritam holding our little Shreya. I kissed on it and kept it on the table. I signed the divorce papers and kept it beside the photo frame. I read the letter again which I wrote last night - "I am sorry, Pritam. Look, there's no point in staying together anymore. Its over. Be happy!" and kept it there too. 

I took Shreya on my lap, dragged the suitcase down the stairs and opened the door of our home, I mean, our house! My mind gave up on giving anymore chances to Pritam even though my heart clasped to our memories. I stepped out of the door with the hope of a new start!

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Making 1 Year!! :)

Yes! Time can fly! It was on the same day one whole year back, when she decided to create this lovely notebook for herself, for her life! And here I proved to be the best companion she ever had. I saw her crying, I saw her laughing,I saw her thinking hard to write something and then again scratching it out but yeah, I never ever saw her getting irked and I saw her growing! And I never knew how this whole year went past by! So, here's wishing myself and her a lovely 1st Year Blogoversary! :D

Thank you for supporting and loving me! Oh yeah, she told me to mention one more thing and that is, without You, We are nothing! :)

Friday, 7 March 2014


"I understand, but it is just about a day, Rohan!" Sohini's text message flashed on my mobile screen while I tried to concentrate on the documents.

I typed the text in double quick time. "Yeah, that's the point! It's just about a day. I can't risk my job for just a day." 

"Huh! But its our anniversary, damn it! Just a day's leave can never risk your job." My phone beeped in another second or two.

"Listen, I love you. You know how busy I am, Sohini, don't you? We can meet this weekend and have fun. Can't we?! I will take you anywhere you ask for! ;) " I replied to her text, trying to comfort her.

"Its not about having fun. Its about our anniversary! Please Rohan, lets meet up. I never ask anything from you. do I?!" 

"K!" I was piqued by her being a nagging pain.

I wish I hadn't been that rude to her! I wish I hadn't taken her for granted! I wish I hadn't broken up with her just for my job! Chunks of those memories came flashing to my mind as I quickly took the polybag and pretended to be busy with it. I peeped at the man who held her hands and then at Sohini, only to see how happy she was! They smiled and laughed and held each others hands, just like we once used to, or may be, she used to. Anyone could say they were perfectly in love with each other! I saw them till they disappeared from my sight. My driver opened the car's door for me. I sat inside and kept my bag on the empty seat beside me.

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Not So Grumpy Old Man!!


The notepad, on the table, felt the wet of his tears as Mr.Gilbert tried to focus on calculating the money he has saved all this years. The treacly voice, the never-to-be-forgotten words, the cute pint-sized face made tears welled up in his eyes again. He knew he can't see Ryan dying like this. They have become the best of friends - to him, Ryan was the only person he shared a hell lot with! How can he let  his best friend go away from him? How can he let such a radiant lad die? He kept on wiping his tears constantly and tried to concentrate on the complex calculations.

  "He has a hole in his heart, Mr.Gilbert! Try to understand. We are helpless. We tried our best!" 

"Why can't you try transplant it, God damn it!" shouted he.

"We tried. But he is too weak for that! His body may reject the organ. Its too dangerous. We have tried our best, try to understand, please!" said the doctor.

"I can give you any amount of money. I just want him. I want nothing else!" Mr.Gilbert broke down after uttering these words.

"We can try to fly him off to the United Kingdoms. I know quite great surgeons there but I don't think that would be much of a benefit. But we will try our best, of course!" said the doctor holding the old man.

"Huh!!! Best?! Did they really try their best?! No, never! They didn't!" Mr.Gilbert whispered as he remembered his conversation with the doctor. Ryan's parents were crying their soul-out and the doctors undoubtedly were trying to trick them more!
"Bloody idiots!" shouted the senile man.

He couldn't give Ryan the gift on his birthday, neither did he have the luck to have any piece of the cake which Ryan once mentioned in one of his yellow letters. Ryan was hurried to the hospital three weeks before his birthday when his feeble heart decided to act brash. And since then, Ryan kept on fighting!

The very next day, exactly two months after Ryan's birthday, Mr.Gilbert entered Ryan's room at 9 in the morning, with a big ball and a story book which once Ryan told he wanted like anything and a big packet.

"Hey dude! You're late!" shouted Ryan.

"Oh yeah, sorry kid!" 

"What's that ball for? Is it mine? I mean, of course it must be mine!" Ryan got up from his bed in excitement.

"Happy Birthday kid. I am sorry I am late!"

"Huh! What's that book? Oh my God, is that 'Mouse In Space!' Woww.... man, I love you, dude! I mean, give that to me!" Ryan almost jumped off from his bed.

Ryan didn't bother to listen a single word his parents uttered after that until Mr.Gilbert took out the chocolate cake and lit the candles. The cake had written on it - "Ryan on his 10th birthday and just 2 months more!"

"Wowww... Such a big cake! wowwwww!!!!" Ryan smiled wide as his twinkling eyes shone bright with ecstasy.

"But I heard him say that, dude! Will I be able to talk to you and mamma and papa once I become a star? I mean, the whole thing is so exciting! I never knew I could actually go to the space." said Ryan with shining bright eyes.

"Huh.Shut up, kid. You're annoying me. You aren't going anywhere!" 

"No, but I want to, man! I will surely find out the mouse, you see! Haha! That will be fun." said the kid.

"You will not die, Ryan. Please shut up!" Mr.Gilbert controlled his tears.

"Aahh.. Yeah dying is pathetic if you've to go through all these. But if I don't die, I can't become a star and I want to explore every single thing in that space! So I have to die, you see!" smiled Ryan."But yeah, I will miss you if I can't talk to you."

"I will miss you too, Ryan. You're my best friend, kid. I love you." His eyes welled up.

"Please don't cry. I will come back soon." 

"No.. You won't go." uttered Mr.Gilbert.

"You're such an emotional fool. Okay dude. Either we will go together or we won't go ever! Best friends are meant to be always together. But exploring the space is a must. Let's go together,man! Its gonna be super fun!" said Ryan.

"Hmm.. I hope I go first. I will find the mouse and then you can come!" said the doddery man, hugging his best pal.

After 15 minutes Mr.Gilbert had to leave the hospital. He was shocked with what the doctors had told him today. Ryan was too weak to survive even for a month! He was scared. He didn't know how could he survive without Ryan! He constantly cursed God, for letting him survive and taking away Ryan.

The kid's heart started to be an annoying brat that night. He was taken into the surgery room. His heart was transplanted as this was the only way left to them. The doctor's were right the kid was too weak for a transplant. His body finally rejected the heart. He finally gave up the following morning! Ryan's parents had called Mr.Gilbert. But he didn't come that day.

A day later, Ryan's father got a call from the hospital. "Hello? Yes, yes I know him but what happened to him?" His fathered looked scared.

"I am sorry, but if you could come just now to the hospital again. Someone found Mr.Gilbert dead inside his house last night. It was a massive heart-attack! He actually expired last morning. We are calling you as we don't know where else to contact. Please can you come right now?!" Ryan's father froze as he listened to the words. It wasn't less than two days he had heard Ryan tell Mr.Gilbert that either they would go together to the space or they won't ever go, and that, going was a must, so they must go together as best friends are meant to be always together!


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