Sunday, 30 June 2013

Best Wishes

My blog is mostly about happiness and joy. But I couldn't but post this tragic post today. We can never ever imagine how much one one can suffer!!
And the sole reason of posting this here is praying and forwarding good wishes for the victims and their loved ones,after all praying and kind wishes lead ultimately to happiness.

The tragic days and scene of Uttarakhand


Let's pray for them and their families! (All that we can ever do!) It is believed best wishes and prayers do work.

And last but not the least,let's salute the great army men helping them reach their homes safely! What else can one pray for, in such a fatal situation?!

A big salute to you!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

What Do You Do When You Have A Sore Throat?!

Sometimes when I'm too late to post something in my blog,its probably because I'm too lazy to curl up to my computer and switch it on. Yes,it happens to me. Those are the days I sleep and eat and sleep and eat and sleep and eat and .... well you know now. :p

Today was such a day for me. After yesterday's day out (I had went out with my friends and at night I was too tired to switch on the computer and that still continues to be the same in the morning!) Worse, after having loads of cokes and soda water with pieces of ice in it, I have got no doubt a sore throat from today morning itself!
 Aaaaghhh!! How I hate it! :(

I can't talk,I can't sing,I can't eat, I have to free my choked throat every now and then, worse,  I have to gargle (which I detest!)

Now I have nothing left other than repenting about drinking chilled soda and cokes at a stretch! :(
How  boka (foolish) can I be not to think of my health for once before drinking them?? May be now I have to be sick for more than a week and it will irk me to its extreme!!

Next thing to do ---- Weep,feel down, start feeling irritated and regret! Ohhh!!! Why on earth I was so careless??!!

Now,the same situation with a different perspective. Here it goes:

After having loads of fun along with some chilled soda and cokes and what else not I'm sick here, I have got a sore throat! Aaghhh Its irritating! :(

It so irks me every second and even it irked me the whole darn night. I woke up and sat due to it. I must have thought before I drank them.

The situation starts getting sadder thinking why did I drink it?! :(

Suddenly at this situation an inner voice wakes me up saying-- Hey! Are you crazy?! This is just a sore throat you are having. I don't think its the end!! Well, you just had fun with your bestfriend and drank coke and soda but now you are crying over it and regretting having fun?! Will you have such  a day hanging out and laughing over "what not" when you are busy with works or when you are old??!!

And well, a sore throat makes you cry?? Then what might have happened to some people out there who have just been confirmed that they are suffering from the deadliest disease ever and is going to die within a year or so!! Have you ever thought how much will you cry and behave having such diseases if you are crying so much over this?? Have you ever thought what happens to those who lose their loved ones but continue to be strong and heal themselves!! aah!! You crazy little soul!! Cheer up and do the needful to get rid of your sore throat!!

 Next thing to do ---- Smile, satisfied, got up to start boiling water for your gargle! :)

Now which situation will you likely to be in?? The latter or the former??!!

This world is a huge place and you never know how much can one suffer!! And be sure that your suffering is much,much, much lesser than atleast one person in this earth!! You are much more happier than some people out there.

 Cherish having your life and some wonderful stuffs and people in it. You never know when you lose them. Express positivity  and love! Tell some one how much he/she means to you, how much you love him/her! Because you never know when is the last time you see them.

Trust me, it counts! :)

And for me, right now I'm cherishing my "sore throat"!! Yes, I'm! :D
Because I don't know when will my body and soul stop responding to any external stimuli. I don't know when suddenly I will die!! I don't know the time when I will drink loads of chilled soda but my throat will be unable to react to them!! I don't know when I will be unable to drink cokes or sodas anymore!!

And most of all, I don't know if ever I will again go out with my best friend and laugh over a guy having his ears pierced, a glass of water I spill over the restaurant table and people looking at us awfully like we came from some village but we still laughing our heads out and if ever we both can have chilled sodas together again, still better when we take a sip and utter some disgusting yet satisfying words purposely just to laugh over it " aahhhaaaaa ki thandaaa!!!! ki arrraaaammm!!!! Dam ta ektu komale hoy na dada??!! Amra toh students!!" (meaning wow!! so cooll it is!! so satisfying!! Can't you lesser the price?? We are students,you see!!) with a typical tone!! 

Aaahh!! Surely I will miss these all!! 

Monday, 24 June 2013

How Lucky Am I!!

There's a poem I composed in the morning.Thought to share it with you. So here it is:

It was all dark
When you went!
I called you out loud
But you went!
You didn't look back,you didn't hear me
I felt like screaming your head out
I felt like holding you tight and never let you go,
I knew I was at fault beyond any doubt!

Yes! How crazy was I
 Even after your repeated deceiving
 I made sure it was me who created the hassles.

It was hard for me to let you go,
It was hard for me to get over you,
It was hard for me to feel at ease,
Yes!! It was hard for me to forget you.

But I did, I overcame;
I erased all my pain!
I started having a new life
A wonderful happiness
Which I never thought I could have without you!

Ah! How crazy was I
To love you with all I ever had!
Damn! How crazy was I
That I couldn't see the pleasure beyond you, my lad!

I know! How crazy was I
Not to notice "you in disguise"!
Oh! How crazy was I
To weep over your veil's demise!

Now that I write hundred words for you
I smile and wash my tears away!
And I feel deep within my soul
"Oh! How crazy lucky am I
 That you turned yours away , from my eye!"

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Talents come unspoken!!

I generally never watch television. That is something what I detest completely! Even watching a movie at a stretch sometimes makes me fidgety. But yes, sometimes at my leisure it is completely invited when I am not in a mood to even read a book. And see, even it can drive me to come up with another post in my blog! Oh! How I love to write! Yeah- I truly do! :)

A few days back I was watching this famous reality show, very well-known as "Indian Idol". Yes, I do love listening to the beautiful voices the show comes up with. The audition rounds were being held and I happen to come across a boy nearly 15 years old who sang divinely! I was just blown out of this world and I just couldn't hold myself back but just had to write about him here.

You must be thinking what is so special about this guy. It is a show of the best singers itself and so its pretty likely to have wonderful singers! Yes it is! But there's something which caught my eyes and left me spellbound long after I watched the show. The boy who happens to sing supernal actually stammers!!     

He even came up with an utterly revolting situation. He told the judges that he's very upset about the fact that he cannot (is not able) to speak normally and that he stammers. He told that his friends make a bully of him because he stammers. His mother told that they have went to many doctors and that the doctors told the boy has got a problem in speaking fluently because his mind works way faster than his mouth and that is where he is bound to act "abnormally"! I guess, how can a talent be "abnormal"!!

The judges replied back that there are plenty of "highly talented", divine singers who are likely to stammer but it didn't hold them back!! And those crass people who have nothing better to do in their own lives but only bully others, will hold them back?? Isn't it something to laugh about?!

Researches have shown that genetics are relevant in some cases while the others are in the way the brain acts. Though the scientists have not yet been able to come up with the true and perfect causes of "stammering", they certainly don't mean it as something very shameful or abnormal!!

I have even seen insensitive people bullying someone who stammers. How much can a person be stony, I wonder!! 

Well, I don't think they ever watch or even understand anything in the world when they watch such a boy singing heavenly even when he stammers! 

And I do have a little question to them-- Are you able to at least go to a well known singing competitive show and perform with your "so called wonderful" speaking talents??(Winning comes later!)

Aahh!! I'm scared you are!!


Saturday, 15 June 2013

What are children like!

People say children are God's gifts to us. Yes, even I do believe so! They say even when we have nothing left in our lives, children make it a worth living. Yes, even I do believe so!

I have been always in love with children and babies! Surely,most of us do. I have even taught quite a few of them. And yes,I have always loved teaching them. Their sweetness overflows sometimes making it exactly "perfect" to spend the time with them. They bring us joy and happiness. Atleast, they leave me overwhelming with joy and fascination! I become just so lively and full of life after I meet them each time. :)

I had this one student (my 1st student) whom I used to go and teach. She was in just standard one at that time and her name is Adrija. She was a child full of life, bliss and jubilation. I can never ever catch myself scolding her if she ever missed out doing her home-work (well,most of the days she used to do it with utter eagerness and would certainly complete her home-work before I reach her home!) 

To say, she was a child with perfect "sense" of some "adult stuffs" would also won't go wrong here! But,I guess she ever knew (or meant), what actually she told me that day when I went to teach her.

She was doing a sum which I gave her just then. Suddenly, she looked at me and said (with full of excitement) -- Mam, you must watch "Bade Acche Lagte Ho" (a daily soap happens to be in sony!) this week! 

I (quite surprised by her words as she never talked about anything else except "Chhota Bheem"), asked her-- Why?? 

" Arey mam, they will be showing "Honeymoon special" episode this wednesday! Don't miss it mam! " -- she went on saying with her eyes twinkling as always!

I was so baffled out at her reply that I couldn't stop myself asking her-- Oh! That's really good! But what is honeymoon?? I don't know!

"It's something when mama,papa and I go on holidays! Haven't you gone with your mama and papa,mam??"

 "Oh! Yes I went but I didn't know it is called honeymoon!"

"Ok! Now you know! See,I have taught you this. Go and tell your mama! And learn this also. I may ask you the next day again.And if you can't answer then I may even punish you!" -- she just went on with the same words that I tell her while giving her home-works! 

"Ok! Ok! Do the sum now else you have to just now drink the milk your mama brings! Do fast!" I said.

" Yes! I will drink it,mam! You only told the last day, if I drink it I can fight all the demons and be like "Chhota Bheem"! Though I don't like drinking milk, but just to become like Chhota Bheem I will drink it all!"  she said! (Yes! with her eyes twinkling again!)


Now, can you ask such a cute child to study and not to talk?? 

Ohh!! How I miss her chirpings!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Headphones are so useful sometimes :p

What do you do when the people who mean the least to you, hinder with whatever you have to do!

Why on earth do people think that I actually am going to listen to them and change my living style and my "oh! so lovely" habits! I really do not understand where their heads are at, any how!!
They continuously question me to whom I'm talking to in my cell phone and why, why am wearing a "bindi" of  "a particular size" and that I should wear "a smaller one" or "a bigger one"!! If  I don't carry my mobile phone with me any day,at least one day, then why am I not carrying it with me! Why have I kept them at my home and came without it! If they get a hold of my personal stuffs (like my cell phone or my purse), they would have to immediately behave as if they are from "C.I.D" and I have something hidden within my purse and cell phone that they would "LOVE" to know and happily ransack it completely!!
Not only with me, their minds are at almost each and every people they come across! They would obviously put it as "Have you seen how short "her" pants are????? OMG!!!!!!", " She has wore that party dress,its good! But she cannot carry it off properly!", " She is married! She should not wear stuffs like that! (and by " stuffs like that" they would mean something as simple as jeans, or a 3 quarter!)!!!!
And the worst is yet to come!!!!!

Whenever they come across you, their very first reaction towards you is to LOOK AT YOU FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND HAVE A GREAT LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE WORE (lucky only if you are a woman! Men still do not have that pleasure!! Sorry guys!! But don't worry, I am sure,soon will they look at a man like that too,measuring his attire! )
And if (by chance,due to your irritation), you say anything against them, they would proudly utter that wearing jeans and whatever else they think to be " OMG!! Stuffs", doesn't mean we are modern!! Well, like your gossiping about others' attires and "what else not!" makes you modern!! :p

Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!!! I am so darn tired of these lunatics!!!

Does anyone has any way out to avoid these madcaps?! Well, I'm tired of finding even one!! Sometimes, I feel like punching them on their faces, and sometimes kill myself thinking about my harsh, crude luck that always have to bring them infront of me!!!!!

So, how do I shun them away??!!


Well, Need I say anything more??!! ;)

Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Meme Again

I really have started enjoying memes! They seem to take out the person in you and make you realize who you are! They have caught my interest to an extreme way. As a child,I used to play a lot of memes (which were just games then.). And of course,it has changed all the way to my being adult! ;)

Here's one meme I have found and thought to play it myself (which was actually a meme of 5000 questions!)

Here it goes:

1. Who has done something today to show they care about you? 

     My sister! She has crawled up to me and has constantly pricked me (literally) when something was really bothering me! But you see, like the person I'm, she still couldn't discover it! ;)

2. What do you have a lot to learn?

     To stop being too straight forward and patience counts too!

3. If you could learn how to do three things just by wishing and not by working what would they be?

    Playing guitar, to be a pilot, hacking! :p

4. Which do you remember the longest: what other people say, what other people do or how other people make you feel?

  I actually remember all of the above! I hardly forget things! And to me,even the smallest things matter!

 5. What are the key ingredients to having a good relationship?

     Firstly, Love. Secondly, Love and Thirdly,Love! If there is love, then there is trust! :)
      Two people of the same wavelength is a great relationship keeper, too! :)

 6. What 3 things do you want to do before you die?

     First and the foremost, A trip to Australia,Maldives,Mauritius, Kerala and Switzerland! (with my family!)

     Secondly, to kiss some one who meant and still mean a lot to me! (Only if he's still single! ;) )

     Thirdly, to write at least one book and adding a last one, I want to have a daughter! (Too much wanted! :p)

7. What three things would you want to die to avoid doing?

   I would rather die than losing my loved loves, losing peace and  losing my self (I don't want to change and I hope time doesn't change me!)

8. Is there a cause you believe in more than any other cause?

    Of course, I feel strongly about rapes and female foeticide!

 9. What does each decade make you think of?

      Eighties make me feel only about the movies and books I have read (as I didn't exist in person then!)
      Nineties are near to Indian revolution and my birthday (It delights me! :p)! :)
       Recent times are of course all about my life! (I don't much think about anything else than my own life! Quite selfish!! :p )

 10. Which decade do you feel the most special connection to and why?

        Of course 21st! To me,its all about my life! Me knowing what the real world is and how to deal with it!! And how I have changed as a person for several reasons!

11. What is your favorite oldie/classic song?

      Words- by Boyzone, Kajra mohabatwala!

 12. What country do you live in and who is the leader of that country? If you could say any sentence to the current leader of your country what would it be?

       India! Pranab Mukherjee is the President of India! I would say him to be pure and work from his heart!

13.What's your favorite TV channel to watch in the middle of the night?

     I don't watch TV really! Its very rare you see me in front of a TV! So there's not really a favourite channel!

14. What Disney villain are you the most like and why?

        I don't recall any disney villains! But I can be the ghosts of  Scooby Doobee Doo!! Experiencing the lives of ghosts have always been a  matter of interest to me! ;)

 15. Have you ever been a girl scout/boy scout?

     I have been class captain! (If that any how relates to being a scout! So be it! :p)

 16. If you were traveling to another continent would you rather fly or take a boat?

      Fly! Saves time (Not money though! But I love lavish life! )

 17. Why is the sky blue during the day and black at night?

       It reflects the colour of the water during the day! And at night, We have no sun!

 18. What does your name mean?

      It means LOVE!! I love my name!! :)

  19. Would you rather explore the deeps of the ocean or outer space?

       Deeps of the ocean! :)

 20. Word association

      What is the first word that comes to mind when you see the word:

    Air: Pilot and Aeroplanes!

   Meat: Delicious!


   Different: Me.

    Pink: Girly.

   Deserve: The best girl award! ;)

   White: Elegance.

     Elvis: Let me be your Teddy bear, Too much!

     Magic: Love!

     Heart: Wounds.

     Clash: Fight

     Pulp: Flesh!

    21. If you could meet any person in the world who is dead who would you want it to be? 

          My grandmother! (My Mum's mother!)

   22. What if you could meet anyone who is alive?

       Taylor lautner,Vin Diesel, John Abraham, and some one I knew!

   23. Is there a movie that you love so much you could watch it everyday? 

        Monsters Incorporated, Up! (Not too many! I'm not that a movie freak!)

    24. You are going to be stuck alone in an elevator for a week. What do you bring to do? 

          Foods to eat (I am a great foodie! Can't do without food!), then comes books and a pen and my diary to write!

     25. Have you ever saved someone's life or had your life saved? 

          Yes I did! Saved a girl from a bad person (likely to be a kidnapper or some one of that sort! He always follows girls and talks to them and finally harms them! I have been followed by him too, so I knew!)

What a lovely thing to do! Hope you like it!

Much Love! Preeti! :)

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Interesting Meme

I have been going through a lot of word memes and suddenly a pretty game caught my eyes!! The game is so enchanting and indeed it looked pretty interesting to me. You can so well and clearly know the person (his characters) by this game!!It was a different meme game and I really could not tear myself off from it!!

It goes like this:

Rule 1: Without changing the first word, after each letter of the alphabet, write a sentence that captures you/your essence.
Rule 2: You can tag as many as people you want to! (at least one) This is an eye opening experience and can express to those who read it, things about you that they did not really understand before.

Here's mine:

*A* Accept that not everybody will be happy for your success,sometimes, even your close friends!
*B* Breakaway the fear of losing and not being recognized! Go on and cherish your dreams.
*C* Create an aura of positive energy around you! Really helps!
*D* Decide your life yourself. Don't give others that right!
*E* Explore what's new and keep yourself updated!
*F*Forgive but don't forget!
*G* Grow from within and learn from your mistakes.
*H* Hope is the start to something new.
*I* Ignore those who depress you.
*J* Journey is something to learn from and to cherish!
*K* Know yourself inside out! It helps you to know others as well!
*L* Love is a beautiful,holy bond! Never cheat over it.
*M*Manage your character. That's very important.
*N*Notice atleast one good thing about some one who matters to you and let them know about it.
*O* Open your dad's and mom's wallet and check whether it can really help you! ;)
*P* Play everyday! both outdoor games and indoors. (Keeps you lively and fit!)
*Q* Question anything that you are about to do and think of its consequences!
*R* Relax –Its so important to keep your mind fit.
*S* Share a smile and hugs. They change everything.
*T* Try to see things from the other person’s perspective.
*U* Use your brain and heart.Think! (mostly brain over heart)
*V* Value people who love you truly.
*W* Work hard.
*X* X-ray somebody's mind while they praise you too much! :p
*Y* Yield love and joy to your surroundings!
*Z* Zoom up to this nature! How beautiful our world is!

So this was all about me..

If you too feel like this is fun and want to play,let me know, I will surely come over and read!! :)

Love Preeti! :)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Unknown Friend!!

"Good! ............................. everyday?"

I suddenly heard someone calling out to me. Looking around,I saw a nearly 70 year old man was standing beside me and smiling. Not surprisingly, I took out the headphone from my ears and looked at him!

"Yes?? Did you tell me anything?? I am sorry I couldn't hear you!!" -- was my immediate reply to him.

"Yes. Do you jog everyday??"

"Yes!! Most of the days. But why??" Still seeing him smiling at my reply graciously!
"No! Just a curiosity. It's a wonderful habit I must say. Keep on jogging!! :) "

"Yes thank you. :)"
" But why most of the days?? You shouldn't miss a single day. I haven't really seen a college girl jogging like this!" He said to me.

Excited and blushed (I love it when people praise me about things that other girls of my age are not up to,anyway!! Who wouldn't have??), I replied him-- " Heh heh.. I know, but when I really get tired or have assignments of my college, I can't come out to jog. But I always try to!!"

He-- :) Very good!! You are a smart girl. All the best. Bye. You carry on. :)

I (again blushing to his "you are a smart girl")- Thank you! :) Bye!!

I have seen him after that, a few times while returning from my college. I have seen him with the uncles of my locality and I somehow became sure he too lives somewhere near my house. Previously, I have never noticed him (I never look at anyone so much when I walk). But, after that day whenever we saw each other, we exchanged friendly (yes, I mean it!) smiles. And to my surprise, some of the days when I couldn't see him in a particular shop where he and his friends used to sit,chat and have tea, I looked all around searching for him!

We never really talked after that but our smiles were our constant companions making us very sure about our friendship! Yes, I certainly made him my friend and no, not just because he praised me, but still not knowing why!!

It have been days that I have seen him in that shop. His friends do still sit there sometimes but not he. I even thought of asking his friends about him but anyhow hesitated. I don't even know his name and not particularly his house even (though I guessed his house once seeing him getting out of it.)

I hope he's well and fit and surely I miss his "gracious" smiles that encourage me! I don't think its a long wait to see him and the next time he talks to me (If  he ever does), I will surely get hold of his name, after all he's my friend!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Having you back is Magical!!

Missed you!! Missed you every moment!! The day you came into my life, the day I came to know that you exist, and some days later when we became the best of friends, those were the days I can never really forget!! You give me strength, you show me love!! You are all that I want and certainly you are all that I missed!! :(

Tiring days passed!! Never really found examinations to be so tiring!! Days went by and I kept on counting the days left ,the sole reason being you!! 

The day I started  writing in this blog was the happiest day of my life!! And yes, I was itching to get back to this blog again, (A whole month was a huge gap!!) which is a healthy part of my life, perhaps my life!! Even many computer books couldn't hold me back from pining for it!! This blog offered a great deal to my life, It gives me joy (the perfect word would be- Happiness!!),  it gives me love, and most importantly it presents my life with "Satisfaction"!!

Besides it, I so missed having some really healthy fun with my best pal (which is quite obvious during exams!!)

I missed waking up so late in the morning and directly switch on my pc before doing a single other chore and yes, missed taking long,long relieving baths (which is never really possible when you have a whole big fat book to finish in just a single day)!!

Better late than never, I'm back again on my track of living life to the fullest (which always happens when I get to write something,and always do when I'm on this blog!!)And yes, its magical!! :)

Its good to miss something or someone sometimes which makes you darn confident and sure about its importance in your life!! So its good to miss!! :)

Looking forward to write more and more and apologies if I have kept you waiting!!

Till then lots of love and wishes!! :)