Friday, 27 December 2013

Marriage Calls Off!!

I looked at mom in a gesture saying "No!!!! Never!!"

I knew mom probably wasn't aware of his "Oh-so-Dashing" looks! I don't blame this on her. I looked at him, he came towards me with all his 32 flashing out ! This, no doubt, couldn't chop off the tingy feeling I started to have when I first saw him at the door. How casually he walked inside with the suitcase in his hand! A tough feeling attacked me when he came to shake his hands with me -- " Hi, I am Arun."

I wanted to flee, I wanted to run away from there!! Each and everything that belongs to him, started giving me goosebumps and that itchy feeling - his suitcase, his  shirt, his hands and even his parents!! I yet again, looked at his stubble and then again at his hands which was waiting eagerly to get hold of mine! Man, I hate that unclean stubble!

I closed my heart and forwarded my hand. But yeah, my heart knew that was the first as well as the last time I was seeing him!

May be I am getting older, may be I will have none who would make me a bride, but yes, it can never be him! I just had to call it quits!

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Monday, 23 December 2013

The Roaring Fella!

When I came across a picture post saying -- Did you know? When you dream about someone it means they want to talk to you or contact you, it really started giving me goosebumps! Well, for the last few years, the dreams that catch me at most nights are encircled with at least half a dozen of tigers and lions!

The post almost left me with a nervous breakdown. It doesn't have to be them, right?! I hastily logged out from Facebook. The thought of the colossal beasts talking to me or at least coming near me makes me collapse on the floor.

Speaking of the deadly dreams, let me tell you, I have many times clicked on the Google Search button after typing "Dreaming of tigers and lions" above it. Yes, the dreams irked me like anything and left me break out in a sweat each time I had them. A single picture of them in a newspaper or somewhere else makes me imagine a hell lot out of it.

                              There's always half a dozen of them at least circling around me, roaring loud while looking at me like they have got hold of me and are now going to tear me apart!! Man, trust me, it is scary! Well, but I still manage to run away each time they come near me and hide myself somewhere! And would I ever in my life want them to talk to me, err, I mean roar at me again?!! Each time I see the picture of the roaring hero in front of my eyes, it makes me feel like I am a piece of a chicken hanging and waiting for the heroes to come and take their turn at me one after another. It makes me feel so sorry for the chicken which was so helpless when I plunged myself into it without a second thought. I am nothing but that powerless, feeble chicken flapping its wings when the butcher holds it to get it slaughtered. The King of the Jungle waits for me while his ladies look at me wickedly flashing all their mammoth yellow teeth and I try to escape their gape!

And as I stood stiff and waited for the dudes to come near me, the chicken inside me, started jumping in triumph. Never in its life, it had been so so happy; finally it is seeing the justice in the vengeance; it will see me getting killed just the same way I had killed it!

I started calling the names of Gods I have ever known in my life, but they all seemed to be laughing at me! The gigantic guy approached towards me like I was a diamond! Man, it hurt!

Am I paying for being a non-vegetarian?! Of course not! There are millions who eat chicken in this world, am not the only one!! All I could do then was to run and run! I started running. Don't look back and don't stop, just run!

The unclouded pictures of my mom and dad wailing and sobbing at the news of me getting torn apart by a tiger, my friends giving the one minute silent mourn for my death, my foes jumping in joy after getting the stingy news -- all came flashing to me one after another! I am going to die, but not a normal death, I am going to get torn apart by the dude who is running behind me!! I started feeling dizzy. But no, I have to run! That's the only thing I can do right now, right before I die! I have to die a hero's death and the heroic deed I can do right now is to run!
Just before I was going to faint I found a big house to hide myself in. Thank god, I mean really, I thanked God! May be there's a wee little chance for me to live, may be I can see my parents again! I hid myself there, the dudes kept waiting for me to come out, they kept on guarding the house, like as if I wanted them to!

I opened my eyes to realize that I was perspiring. I got my senses back and thank God again that it was just a dream!  It was still night and our house was dark. I could hardly see a thing but yeah, I was kinda sure of the dude standing outside my house and waiting for me!

It gave a chilly feeling within my throat. But hey come on, how can a tiger come in a city?! The dreams aren't real and I must stop being so petrified!

I turned around, got into the blanket and closed my eyes-- let's sleep calmly until again I get to meet the roaring fellow in my next dream!!

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Buddha Hoga Tera Baap!!

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Even though the event culminated in, the man wasn't in his usual self. The vigour that he possessed at the moment made him lurk and lust, just like an 18 year old with visions of that of a virgin who had moved into the realms of fantasy.! The hotties, the aunties, the Chai-Wali mausi, and even the teenager didn't miss to be the apple of his eye (Oops, I meant Apples!). May be it was just the effect of his vodka!

He still tried to suppress his long,long high spirited feelings. But aah- our minds and hearts never listen to a word we say! And nor did his. His Battamiz Dil nudged the event he tried to focus in, and there it went bouncing and leaping onto the chests of the beautiful young ladies all around him. He tried and tried to snatch away his eyes from them, but Alas! All was in vain. His mind was tootling around the hot and wild nights he had with his wife and his girl-friends! He wanted to go back home and watch the Big Boss series where they had Sunny Leone captured in the house! Aah, he just couldn't wait a second more for the event to end.
He started humming the famous song from Jism 2 - Abhi Abhi Toh Aaye Ho!!

Luckily, the event didn't take much to get over. Thank God, now he can rush away to his bedroom. He got up and was preparing to dash just when the group of his colleagues occluded the way to his wisdom. Oooohhhh Nooooo!!!! What more could one have asked for at the moment of such a High Time!! 

His mind pleaded to all his colleagues to let him go! He just wanted to go. His mind and heart started to pin and choke. But who knew he will find "His Wisdom" in that Hot Crowd?! 

Her long hair, her beautiful kohled eyes, her stunning neck-piece, her slim waist, her sexy legs, her tight skirt and her ..... I mean Man! She is so hotttttt!!!!! 

Uncle T lost his control and went back to his adolescence. How he once craved for someone exactly like her! And then over the years, how his luck got worse, his parents saw his wife and "Don't know how they liked her" and then got him married to her!! His smart little boneless thingie never ever saw justice! This is so unfair! 

But he knew this was it and yeah, she was her! May be she was around 30 years younger to him, but then when did love start to count age?!!

After a lot of chit chats, he took her aside. She seemed cool and very pleasant. Uncle T knew he had earned his luck. So much of hardships are always welcome when the fruit can be this sweet. He wagged his tail in amusement. This is going to be a Blast!! Oohh-- Yeah! ;)

Seeing an escalator and the rewarding chance, Uncle T bounced upon her. "Ohh Babyyy, You are so damn hawt!! I'm hawt as well, ain't I?!!"  

The girl caught her breath and tried to retreat back. She thought-- " Ohh Noo Buddha, You're not!! Leave me, man!!"

But there he was jumping in his wild thoughts of fantasy! He pounced upon her and showed her his best! Yeah, he did!! But he must have not imagined his single "High Time" can make him rest behind the bars for the rest of his life! Never ever! Its so unfair!

He straight went into the news! Yeah, he did a lot to be in news earlier but this was not how he wanted to be in it!! It was indeed a Blast for him! 

His boneless world came crashing down! He didn't want things to be like this, did he?! He was trying to be just friendly with the girl. He has always loved his wife, you know! He has a daughter as well! I mean, how can he just do such a thing! He Loves his family, man!! But now, how can he tell this to the world?! 

How? How? How?!