Saturday, 16 August 2014

Puerile Delusion.!!

I looked at the wide gape of her mouth; I wasn't cynical about her senses being paralyzed. Her muscles went numb, they didn't move an inch. It was a drop of sweat collapsing from her temple that made me feel there was another life in the room - she stared at me like a droid.
             I smiled at her, she was the only sibling I had. She was the elder one; she was all, me and my parents had. Ours was a happy little family. But the thought of her dying gave me goosebumps, I again smiled at her. We are the best of friends so much that we don't need words to communicate. Our eyes did a lot more than mere words. She would die a bitter death but it isn't an age for that. I cursed our God for letting her die. The thoughts of her heart trying to cease and she trying to get a way out of it to live, to love and to be loved, seemed pathetic to me. I closed my eyes and let my fear fall but then when I looked at her, I again smiled.

It was half past noon when mum came running down from the stairs. She was howling in such a poignant manner that dad stood up and gave me a barren look. I could tell by his expression that he was sure of Katie's death. We three ran upstairs into her room, each wishing for the best. We lost our Katie forever. Mum was unable to afford such a pain; she collapsed in front of me, smothered. I hugged her tight and took her to her room, because now she was  my responsibility. Dad was still standing stiff and looking at Katie.

I placed mum on the bed and kissed her softly. I went back to Katie's room and stood beside dad, looking at Katie, my only sister. The bullet has gone straight across her heart pouring blood  from the little hole in her heart I made; had it been her brain, I couldn't have had been sure of her death. I looked at dad, tears came flowing out of his eyes, I held his hands because now there was no Katie and it was my responsibility to look after him and when he looked at me, I again smiled - because now all the toys, the dresses and the love wouldn't have to be shared. They were solely mine. I would now get new dresses, new toys and new love. And give Katie a little share from mine, just the way she used to give me till today. Mum and dad are mine now. Katie is now just a memory to be cherished.

And so when I looked at Katie, I again smiled.


Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Souls Unlike.!

I am the richest soul alive in the New York City. I jumped in triumph when I got my very first modelling contract. I was on the top of this world. The thought of travelling the whole world, me as a super model, the thought of the fame I was going to have, the thought of the lakhs of paparazzi encircling me and trying to get a single hint of my lifestyle, made me that jubilant person I have always dreamt about. I knew I was born to be famous, I knew I was made to be rich. I have that handsome looks that any man would die to have for, I have that dashing looks that can make any girl go weak in her knees. I am the dream of the dreamers….…..

……..This was the first time in the past 3 years that I am here in my hometown to meet my family.  No sooner than I arrived, I stumbled into a beautiful face that I once knew. Ah! She is the girl whom I dumped for better reasons of my life. She was my girl. I looked her closely while still sitting inside my posh car. We had a cute relationship; she was the cute pretty girl with whom I could share anything and everything of my life, she was the one who loved me irrespective of what I was.  She had loved me with all her soul. But I wanted something more, someone prettier. She wasn't the one I wanted. So I dumped her before flying to the New York City to have my awaited king-size lifestyle……..

………I waited till she disappeared from my sight. I waited for her to look at me and smile, if not smile, at least look at me. I was the man she had loved truly. But she didn’t look at me for once. Not a single time she even tried to look at me. I wasn’t habituated with such an attitude, neither from her, nor from anyone in this world. I was the super model, one of the richest person alive.! And yeah, she was always excited to be with me, when we were a couple. We were so happy. I was so happy.!  She has changed, yeah she has. Or is it that she got someone better than me?!  Better than me?!! Huh!! I must be kidding.!! Why am I even waiting for her to smile at me?! Am I insane?  I am a super model, and she?!  Well, she is nothing compared to me; I just can’t smile at anyone and everyone.

I was on my way back to home from my office. A slender big posh car caught my eyes. I looked at it in awe. I have given every second of my life to my career, to be a good engineer. I can afford a car very soon. I was happy with that thought.  I had to buy a car and give it to my mum.  A little more hard work and I can surely achieve my dream. I was deep in thought just when the face of a handsome young man got me struck. For a moment or two, I was blank- I was completely blank in my mind. I looked at him smiling at another man. Was it that fake smile which I knew once? He is the man- err, or would I say that guy, I am in love with. He is that person who dumped me three years ago because of prettier women. My heart began thumping aloud. Somewhere within myself, I still loved him, I still thought about him, whether he misses me or not; but the answer had always been no. I have seen him in the news with his current girlfriend, she too a super model; the third girlfriend in two years and I have cried some more then.  I am nothing in front of her looks. He got whatever he wanted in his life- fame, money,  women prettier than me. He is happy. I cannot be the person who crosses his mind even for a second. I wanted to flee, I wanted to hide. I looked away from him………..

…………I hastily walked passed by him. I didn't look back at him. I knew I would be again having those deadly nights, crying for him. But maybe I was wrong. It wasn't  a minute after seeing my  mother waiting for me with a smile, that I forgot about him, that I saw him after 3 years, the guy whom I loved like anything- I forgot about him.! I was deep into my normal present life. I am a happy girl now, which I couldn't be when I was with him ever. Love cannot be one sided ever. I am satisfied with my life now, I am so happy now. His presence, his fake smile, didn't do much to me. I am happy that I am overcoming my past.  I finally realized I am the happiest when single; without him…….

……It’s tough to fall in love more than once. But if it happens, it’s simply magic. And I believe in magic. I have fallen in love with my life....!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Dear Deer!!

"Mom!! Where are you?!"

"Mom!! Where the hell are you, mom?!" I screamed as I pushed open the door of our home, panting heavily after running fleet-footed for more than 15 minutes now.

"Huh! Mom, Meenu! Meenu...." I collapsed into her arms sobbing helplessly just when I saw her.

"What happened Moti?! What happened to Meenu?!"

"I can't find her mom. We were together, we were playing. But now I can't find her, ma!" I hugged mom again.

"What? How? How can that be possible,Moti?!"

"We were playing mom, when we heard a gunshot! We started running, we were extremely terrified. I think it was those humans you told us about!" I gushed out the whole story to her.

"Did you see anyone,Moti? Any big thing within which those men where sitting or anything?!" Mom asked me.

"No. I looked all around but I couldn't see anyone but Meenu told we should run."

"It was a trap! I think it was a trap, Moti!" Mom looked horrified.

"What trap, mom?!"

"Trap of the lions! Are you sure you didn't hear their roars?" 

"No mom, we didn't."

"Hmmm.... Don't stay alone here,come with me Moti. We will go out now. Be with me, and never leave my side. We will find your sister. Don't worry!" Mom smiled but I still sensed the panic within her.

Mom was completely panic-stricken; she wasn't talking to me anymore. It was already night when we returned home and mom sat on the floor with a thud!

"I have already lost your father, Moti! I cannot afford losing your sister! Why do we deer have to be so careful always?! I wish she never went playing today!!" I saw mom crying like a baby.

After midnight when mom was in the other room I slipped out of my blanket and slowly crept towards the door, peeped and saw mom sitting sadly on her bed. I knew mum would kill me if she ever gets to know what was I planning to do right then. But the situation was worth taking the risk. I slowly unlocked the door and went out in the dark. I couldn't see a thing in the inky dark jungle. I was petrified but I had decided to return home only if I get Meenu. I was the only man in the family and I would do anything to save my sister.
                             I started walking with a vim in my eyes. I have already walked for more than 10 minutes when suddenly I felt someone holding me from back. I stopped and my heart beat leaped to a high.

"Don't scream, its me, Moti!" 

I stood deadpan for some more seconds until I heard its voice again.

"Moti, I'm Meenu! Look at me." 

I looked back with a reflex and hugged her. "Man, where were you?! Are you ok Meenu?! Where did you go?!"

"I was hiding bro. Some men, do you remember mom told us about them, those men, ran after me, Moti! I kept running to save my life but that wasn't enough. They had guns and a ummm.... a.... you know a very huge thing, they were inside it.... wait , oh yes, a car with them....!"

"A car?! That's called a car?! How did you know that? Mum didn't tell us that!!" I interrupted her.

"I heard them shouting, bro. They said - don't stop the car. We will miss this deer! I was petrified bro. I was dying. I would have died if I hadn't got a place to hide. They couldn't spot me as I hid between the rocks."

"Ohh.. Meenu, I'm such a careless brother." I hugged her again.

"Cum'n it wasn't your fault bro. It was me who wasn't careful. I didn't follow you even when you always told me to! I'm sorry brother." she cried.

"My little sister has grown up! First she hides herself and escapes from those men and now she is talking like her own mom! Wah wah! I like that!" I pinched her.

"Haha!! Thank you. Where's mom?! Is she ok? She must be worrying about us?!"

"She doesn't know I'm here. Mom is fine. Lets go back before she finds out!" I pulled Meenu behind me.

We slowly crept into our room and saw mom sleeping and crying silently. I was just going to call mom, when Meenu stopped me and went towards the bed. She gestured to me to keep completely quiet and suddenly shouted at the top of her voice - "MOMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYY!!!!"

Mom turned around and looked blankly at her.
"What?! Won't I get a hug?! I missed you so much!" Meenu was smiling at mom.
"Huh! Meenuuuuu...... Wow.... Meenu.. You're back!!" Mum jumped out of the bed and hugged Meenu.

I leaned on the door and looked at them as I heard my brave sister saying - "Yeah! Mom.. It is called car.... Look, you don't know this yet and I came to know it! Hahaha!! I told you I am special,mom!.......... No mom, it wasn't there. Well, I don't know where exactly is that but definitely there were no lions! I didn't see them anywhere................... I kinda enjoyed it mom, like an adventure, na mom?! Wow.. I mean wowwww!!!!..... I am a hero Mom, I am a hero!!!!......" 

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Friday, 28 March 2014

Mephitic Desire!!

My mind constantly kept on digging into the past as I opened the empty almirah and stood deadpan, in front of it.
"I was tempted. I was just tempted,Dikshu. I never meant to leave you, ever." I recalled Pritam's fretful face.
My heart began to cripple again. I cannot end my 11 years of marriage, may be Pritam needed another chance. I cannot live without him. I closed my eyes as I felt a tear drop on my hands. 

I had just gone to the panipuri stall with Minakshi when a lady got down from a white Hyundai car, that just resembles ours. She was too gorgeous wearing a little red dress and high heels. I had always wanted to wear these short dresses but neither did Pritam like them nor did he approve. I gazed at her style and the way she carried herself! I was in awe. "Wanna have one like her?!" Minakshi pinched me, "Let me buy you one, Pritam will not know!" 

"Huh! No,Minu! I'm a mother. And Pritam doesn't like it!" I said and again looked at the car. A man got down and hugged her from behind. My jaws dropped after what I saw then. The man who hugged her was my husband, my very own Pritam. They walked towards the mall. I felt my knees tremble. I started running after them hoping myself to be completely wrong. But I knew I wasn't wrong when the man in the suit cried out - "Diksha?! What are you doing here?!"

"I love her, Diksha! Stop crying like a fool. Look at her and look at yourself. She is gorgeous!" shouted Pritam, the same night.

"But I'm your wife. How can you cheat on me?! You can't do this!" I cried, trying to keep him only mine.

"Don't shout. I'm busy now. We will talk later. Let's make it at peace!" I heard his cruel voice.

"What? What at peace?!"

"Divorce. Look, there's no point in staying together anymore!" said he, holding my shoulders.

"Divorce?! Are you mad?! You will leave me for that girl!!" I shouted, trying to control my tears.

He looked at me blankly and then went into his room and closed the door behind him.

I closed the almirah and sat down on the bed weeping again. I tried to distract my mind but it kept running away to those injured memories. Pritam has accepted that he had made a mistake and that he only loves me. He's no more with Naina. Will I give him a last chance?
I got up and took the photograph out from my suit case. It had Pritam and me smiling happily,with Pritam holding our little Shreya. I kissed on it and kept it on the table. I signed the divorce papers and kept it beside the photo frame. I read the letter again which I wrote last night - "I am sorry, Pritam. Look, there's no point in staying together anymore. Its over. Be happy!" and kept it there too. 

I took Shreya on my lap, dragged the suitcase down the stairs and opened the door of our home, I mean, our house! My mind gave up on giving anymore chances to Pritam even though my heart clasped to our memories. I stepped out of the door with the hope of a new start!

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Making 1 Year!! :)

Yes! Time can fly! It was on the same day one whole year back, when she decided to create this lovely notebook for herself, for her life! And here I proved to be the best companion she ever had. I saw her crying, I saw her laughing,I saw her thinking hard to write something and then again scratching it out but yeah, I never ever saw her getting irked and I saw her growing! And I never knew how this whole year went past by! So, here's wishing myself and her a lovely 1st Year Blogoversary! :D

Thank you for supporting and loving me! Oh yeah, she told me to mention one more thing and that is, without You, We are nothing! :)

Friday, 7 March 2014


"I understand, but it is just about a day, Rohan!" Sohini's text message flashed on my mobile screen while I tried to concentrate on the documents.

I typed the text in double quick time. "Yeah, that's the point! It's just about a day. I can't risk my job for just a day." 

"Huh! But its our anniversary, damn it! Just a day's leave can never risk your job." My phone beeped in another second or two.

"Listen, I love you. You know how busy I am, Sohini, don't you? We can meet this weekend and have fun. Can't we?! I will take you anywhere you ask for! ;) " I replied to her text, trying to comfort her.

"Its not about having fun. Its about our anniversary! Please Rohan, lets meet up. I never ask anything from you. do I?!" 

"K!" I was piqued by her being a nagging pain.

I wish I hadn't been that rude to her! I wish I hadn't taken her for granted! I wish I hadn't broken up with her just for my job! Chunks of those memories came flashing to my mind as I quickly took the polybag and pretended to be busy with it. I peeped at the man who held her hands and then at Sohini, only to see how happy she was! They smiled and laughed and held each others hands, just like we once used to, or may be, she used to. Anyone could say they were perfectly in love with each other! I saw them till they disappeared from my sight. My driver opened the car's door for me. I sat inside and kept my bag on the empty seat beside me.

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Not So Grumpy Old Man!!


The notepad, on the table, felt the wet of his tears as Mr.Gilbert tried to focus on calculating the money he has saved all this years. The treacly voice, the never-to-be-forgotten words, the cute pint-sized face made tears welled up in his eyes again. He knew he can't see Ryan dying like this. They have become the best of friends - to him, Ryan was the only person he shared a hell lot with! How can he let  his best friend go away from him? How can he let such a radiant lad die? He kept on wiping his tears constantly and tried to concentrate on the complex calculations.

  "He has a hole in his heart, Mr.Gilbert! Try to understand. We are helpless. We tried our best!" 

"Why can't you try transplant it, God damn it!" shouted he.

"We tried. But he is too weak for that! His body may reject the organ. Its too dangerous. We have tried our best, try to understand, please!" said the doctor.

"I can give you any amount of money. I just want him. I want nothing else!" Mr.Gilbert broke down after uttering these words.

"We can try to fly him off to the United Kingdoms. I know quite great surgeons there but I don't think that would be much of a benefit. But we will try our best, of course!" said the doctor holding the old man.

"Huh!!! Best?! Did they really try their best?! No, never! They didn't!" Mr.Gilbert whispered as he remembered his conversation with the doctor. Ryan's parents were crying their soul-out and the doctors undoubtedly were trying to trick them more!
"Bloody idiots!" shouted the senile man.

He couldn't give Ryan the gift on his birthday, neither did he have the luck to have any piece of the cake which Ryan once mentioned in one of his yellow letters. Ryan was hurried to the hospital three weeks before his birthday when his feeble heart decided to act brash. And since then, Ryan kept on fighting!

The very next day, exactly two months after Ryan's birthday, Mr.Gilbert entered Ryan's room at 9 in the morning, with a big ball and a story book which once Ryan told he wanted like anything and a big packet.

"Hey dude! You're late!" shouted Ryan.

"Oh yeah, sorry kid!" 

"What's that ball for? Is it mine? I mean, of course it must be mine!" Ryan got up from his bed in excitement.

"Happy Birthday kid. I am sorry I am late!"

"Huh! What's that book? Oh my God, is that 'Mouse In Space!' Woww.... man, I love you, dude! I mean, give that to me!" Ryan almost jumped off from his bed.

Ryan didn't bother to listen a single word his parents uttered after that until Mr.Gilbert took out the chocolate cake and lit the candles. The cake had written on it - "Ryan on his 10th birthday and just 2 months more!"

"Wowww... Such a big cake! wowwwww!!!!" Ryan smiled wide as his twinkling eyes shone bright with ecstasy.

"But I heard him say that, dude! Will I be able to talk to you and mamma and papa once I become a star? I mean, the whole thing is so exciting! I never knew I could actually go to the space." said Ryan with shining bright eyes.

"Huh.Shut up, kid. You're annoying me. You aren't going anywhere!" 

"No, but I want to, man! I will surely find out the mouse, you see! Haha! That will be fun." said the kid.

"You will not die, Ryan. Please shut up!" Mr.Gilbert controlled his tears.

"Aahh.. Yeah dying is pathetic if you've to go through all these. But if I don't die, I can't become a star and I want to explore every single thing in that space! So I have to die, you see!" smiled Ryan."But yeah, I will miss you if I can't talk to you."

"I will miss you too, Ryan. You're my best friend, kid. I love you." His eyes welled up.

"Please don't cry. I will come back soon." 

"No.. You won't go." uttered Mr.Gilbert.

"You're such an emotional fool. Okay dude. Either we will go together or we won't go ever! Best friends are meant to be always together. But exploring the space is a must. Let's go together,man! Its gonna be super fun!" said Ryan.

"Hmm.. I hope I go first. I will find the mouse and then you can come!" said the doddery man, hugging his best pal.

After 15 minutes Mr.Gilbert had to leave the hospital. He was shocked with what the doctors had told him today. Ryan was too weak to survive even for a month! He was scared. He didn't know how could he survive without Ryan! He constantly cursed God, for letting him survive and taking away Ryan.

The kid's heart started to be an annoying brat that night. He was taken into the surgery room. His heart was transplanted as this was the only way left to them. The doctor's were right the kid was too weak for a transplant. His body finally rejected the heart. He finally gave up the following morning! Ryan's parents had called Mr.Gilbert. But he didn't come that day.

A day later, Ryan's father got a call from the hospital. "Hello? Yes, yes I know him but what happened to him?" His fathered looked scared.

"I am sorry, but if you could come just now to the hospital again. Someone found Mr.Gilbert dead inside his house last night. It was a massive heart-attack! He actually expired last morning. We are calling you as we don't know where else to contact. Please can you come right now?!" Ryan's father froze as he listened to the words. It wasn't less than two days he had heard Ryan tell Mr.Gilbert that either they would go together to the space or they won't ever go, and that, going was a must, so they must go together as best friends are meant to be always together!


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Thursday, 27 February 2014

3 Things That Inspire Me About Sachin

Sachin, he is someone we don't really have to introduce to anyone. The kids, the men, the women- each has got something or the other about him, that inspires them. And to write about the three things about him that actually do inspire me is certainly I would love to share!

Firstly, I just love the way he portrays himself as a "Man". Ask any lady, and you will know it undoubtedly that how every girl loves the way he has mastered himself in it. And what is here for me to get inspired here? I want a man like him in my life! ;)

Secondly, the way he is protective about his own kids that I have watched in one of his interviews. He has perfectly owned my mind and heart! Not only his skills, but he himself is an inspiration to each one of us.

Thirdly, who won't get inspired by the "World's best batsman"??!! I wasn't very much a cricket fan, myself! But its him who keeps me hooked to any match. I have started watching as well as fallen in love with cricket only because of him, Sachin Tendulkar. Or would I say "The Sachin Tendulkar!" 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Defender

'First Aid Box. Check. Knife. Check. Spectacle Case. Check.' Mr.Ganguly seemed ecstatic as he concentrated on his assets.

'I hope I am not really missing out anything!' He glanced at Jaya, his better-half of 41 years.

'I wish we never had!' Jaya retorted back. 

'We didn't, Jaya! You know, I am super excited to see little Payal again. Oh! How I have missed her cute dances.' Mr.Ganguly smiled, looking at Jaya.

'Yes. I have missed her too, Pranay. But I have missed my son the most.' She seemed to whimper again. 'Oh! Jaya!' Mr.Ganguly came near and hugged her.

'I can't really believe we are going to see them finally! Bonny has always been so busy! And you know even Payal is so busy with her studies, dance classes, swimming classes and what else not! Poor little girl! We never used to study so much in our days....'     
'.....And now finally they've planned a holiday for us! It must be very tough for Bonny and Shweta. But this is what family is for.! They will do anything and everything for you.'  The elderly man beamed as they hurried towards the 34 Bus-Stand. 

'Hmmm.... Are they coming here? Have you asked them exactly where we have to wait?' asked Jaya.

'Oh yes my lady, I have! Don't you worry about these things.' said the zealous Mr.Ganguly.

'Will you never be serious about anything,Pranay?' Jaya seemed too vexed with her husband. 'Did you take your cell phone? We can call them in case of any emergency.'

'Oh yes! I have.' smiled Mr.Pranay.

'What? Did he pick up your call?' asked Jaya with a worried look.

'Ummm.... No.. Its saying Bonny's cell phone is switched off. Let me try once again, wait.'

'Oh, God! Keep my son well. Keep his family well, God! I hope they are all fine. Why is their phone switched off, Pranay?' Mrs.Ganguly almost started weeping.

'Ahh, Jaya. Nothing has happened. May be the bad network is creating issues.' said he comforting his wife.

'But its been 3 hours, Pranay! Why aren't the coming? I am scared.' wept Jaya when suddenly their mobile beeped.

'Aahhh....Hello....? Bonny?' said Mr.Ganguly. 'Yeahh.... Oh.. Okay. Okay..'

'What did he say?' asked his wife after Mr.Ganguly ended the call.

'He said we should go back to our home. He will be late.So he will come there himself. Let's go, Jaya.' smiled the juvenile man.

'Oh Thank God, they're fine.' The woman of his life seemed relaxed.

'Hello dad, I am sorry, I can't come. I am busy and so is Shweta. Sorry, I became a bit late to inform you. May be we will meet next year!' Mr.Ganguly recalled his son's handsome voice. Then he put his arm around his beautiful wife as they walked towards the old-age home again.

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Yes, That Grumpy Old Man


1 Month Later

Sorry. Sorry for breaking the window of your car. I threw the ball, yes, that's true but it wasn't my ball, dude uncle uncle's dad old uncle old dude dude. Please don't call the police, please! I am Sorry and John is sorry too as it was his ball. He didn't say that but I know. And I think your car is very old. So it won't be a big deal, you know! Please sell it and buy a new one. It's an advise advice.

From Ryan, I am the boy in the yellow shirt at whom you shouted.

Huh! Advice! He must have known the spelling of it correctly before rendering me with one!
Mr.Gilbert closed Ryan's very first letter and got hold of the cup of soothing coffee. Days passed but neither did Mr.Gilbert receive another letter from the kid nor did he see him another day playing in the lawns in front of his house, with the other boys. 

Something must have happened to Ryan or may be he read my letter and kept it fixed there itself! May be he is scared of me now - uttered his venerable yet adamantine oubliette-like brain. Mr.Gilbert opened another letter from the box, which held 12 more little letters of the same kind after taking a sip of the warm coffee and placing the cup rightly on the table.

Hello dude! Just writing to you for something exciting today. Okay, guess it while I gulp down the milk mom gave me. You know, I hate milk! But you know my mom! I don't want to take any risks with her. So here I have to drink the whole milk now, before she comes back again from kitchen within 5 minutes, mom said. That's the deathline deadline, she told me. Okay, so keep guessing, what for I am writing to you today!

   Noooo.... Nooooo!! Nothing happened in school. Kate? No, she didn't come too. Wait, there's a surprise! Okay, More three months to go, for something very special. You must have already guessed by now. Yes, Its my birthday! Ting!!  Dad said he will buy me a bigger bicycle this birthday if I score A in numbers and I am sure I will. And mom said she will invite all my friends home for a party! We will have a whale of a time, dude! And there, mom doesn't know you, so I am inviting you to my birthday. You will get cake to eat. Isn't it wow?! And you can meet all my friends too, and yes, you have to bring a gift for me. All friends do when they come. 
                           What would I like?! Mom told I should not ask for any gifts from anyone. So you can bring anything you like, but I like story books and video games too. Well, I forgot to tell you the date. You can well understand how excited I am, isn't it?! Okay, okay, its on 12th of August. See you there, dude! We will have fun.

By the way, I have a question, why don't you write back to me? Can't you write on your own? Or are you still angry with me? Or you don't like the way I call you dude? 

From Ryan.

Mr.Gilbert realized that his coffee was staring at him with a cold eye. He got up and was going towards the kitchen as something caught his weary sight. The calender which hung from the wall, showed that it was Sunday, the 12th of August!

Oh no! Today is Ryan's birthday! The thought of Ryan's absence and hence made him itch with anxiousness. He went towards the window but there wasn't Ryan anywhere. Mr.Gilbert sat on his bed while Ryan's handwriting wandered through out his mind.

Why wasn't I writing to Ryan so many days even when he went on writing to me? Didn't I like his addressing me as dude?! No, not at all! I find it cool, oh I mean, I find it okay! Why didn't I like him? Just because he broke my car's window and then didn't even hesitate giving me advice about it? No, I don't think so! Do I really hate him? I don't really think so, I mean I quite like that kid! May be I am missing him and so his absence is so much worrying me! And may be he's just the only friend I have in my life,in my whole bloody life?! And today is his birthday, and shouldn't I write a letter to him? But well, he won't come and take it?So what do I do now?! 

Thoughts kept him busy through out the day. Yes, he missed that annoying kid! He has started loving that kid. He didn't annoy him anymore. He loved Ryan, just the way he once loved his own son who ditched him together, along with his wife. But he was scared, scared of getting ditched again. He promised never to care for anyone in his life, but his doddery heart gave up on his decision at last.

 Mr.Gilbert sat on his chair with a paper, a pen and the ink, again. He started writing -

Hello, kid  dude! Happy Birthday! By the way, how old are you with this birthday?! 

The Grumpy Old Man, Harry! (Did your mom say what Grumpy means?)

He closed the letter and put it inside an envelope. He put on his favorite shirt and his more favorite coat and stepped out of his house, his hand holding his favorite letter. He started walking towards the park and walked and walked until he saw a yellow house just behind the park.

To Be Continued....

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Monday, 10 February 2014

The Grumpy Old Man

Hi dude, I saw you  there at the window looking at us once, yesterday. But then I could neither see you, nor make out your shadow. Wait, you must be thinking what a shadow is! Well, we had a lesson about it in school last week. I don't know whether you too had Ms.Jolie as your teacher but I am surely not going to take any risk, in case you didn't have her as your teacher! As, mom says there are things only she knows and so we must pay attention in her classes. So here I go and you must pay good attention when you read this - A shadow is a dark area which your body produces when it comes in between the sun rays and any flat surface. 
          So, I didn't even see your shadow but after a while, I saw it. Yes, it was there! I told mom about it but she told it wasn't there. And yes, she even told me that you're a grumpy old man. So I must not write you anymore letters. But tell me one thing what is the meaning of grumpy? I am scared of Ms.Julie, I can't ask her. Anyway, I need to know your shadow was there or not. You can at least tell me it was there or not. Okay, not me, but at least tell my mom. 

In case you never before paid any attention to my name, I am writing it again, My name is Ryan and please tell me whether it was there or not. Okay, I mean, not me, but my mother! She really needs to know the fact, man! Oh, but you need to know my mom's name too, right! Well, her name is Mother, you can also call her Ryan's Mother. Please go and tell her. Please. And yes, I forgot to give you my address. My home is just behind the park and it is of my favorite color.Can you guess it? I knew you can't! Okay, it is yellow. And do you think mom would let me come here every evening if I stayed far away. No way! You don't have an idea how strict she can be! 

Mr.Gilbert read it again, and hesitated to write a letter to Ryan. Well, Ryan was just a kid. He was unaware of the real world. This unpardonable world has a lot more in store than some silly conversations. Mr.Gilbert cocked his hoary bushy eyebrows and took out a pen and the ink from the cupboard. Its been 2 months since Ryan has written this last letter to him. Well, Mr.Gilbert didn't know why didn't he! Ryan never came and took the letter which Mr.Gilbert wrote after waiting for a month for Ryan's another letter. It was still beneath the door. Mr.Gilbert had kept it there even now. He was quite sure of it being undisturbed as it was just in the position he once placed it into. He had always kept an eye, but no, none of the kids bothered to pick it up. But today, today was the day he thought it was enough. That naive kid made him write a whole letter and now he didn't even bother to come and take it. Was it any kind of prank played on him, again?

     No, he wasn't going to write another letter. Writing another  letter would just    be a patch of waste ground! He walked  towards the door and picked up his  own letter which lay there,  languished. Heated, Mr.Gilbert went towards his    table and    opened his own letter.

   Hi Ryan,
             Do you really think I would talk to your  mother, I mean, your mom, and tell her whether I  was there or not, after she called me grumpy?  Well, I can't! And why don't you ask your mom  about its meaning. She must know a hell lot more about everything, I mean, when she knows that I am a grumpy old man! And about the shadow, no, I wasn't there. I was not even asleep. See, your mom knows way too much about everything! I was busy doing my work. And, yes I hope this is the last letter you're writing to me. How every time I see your letter and wonder if this is the last one. But no, you nagging little kid! I again stumble over your another letter! 

By the way, do you really think I don't know what a shadow is? Huh! Please, stop being in denial. And yes, I don't care where your house is and which color it is of and what is your favorite color! 
And speaking of your that first SORRY letter, it is okay. If I wanted I could have called the cops and get you paid for what you have done but I didn't! How can I call them each day for your perversity! 
Are you insane, little kid? How on the Earth did you imagine that I will stop at your house when you and hundreds of your annoying friends will jump and scream and shout and run at your birthday party?! For God sake, stop building castles in air! 
I do not want a single letter from you anymore. If you do, it will not take me a single minute to go to your "bad-tempered dad" and complain about you. 

And what will you do with my name when you can't even invite me to your party!

The Grumpy Old Man (According to your mom, now don't say, she knows everything!)

Mr.Gilbert sat on the armchair after closing his letter and again placing it beneath his door. What if Ryan came today and missed his letter? He closed his eyes and there came thousands of ever-wandering questions in his mind. Why didn't Ryan come to play anymore? He didn't read my letter, then why did he stop writing to me? Will I ask anyone of his friends? Huh, no! They are so annoying. And why would I, when I don't even care for him?

And finally - Thank God! He doesn't write to me anymore!

To Be Continued....

Friday, 31 January 2014

Unbeaten Solitude

I ran. I ran amidst the black-hearted, egregiously demonic wood. All I could feel was the vicious smell of the cacodemons approaching me. I held my breath and I ran. I ran faster, I ran harder. I had to save us. The limpid beats of Pari's heart and mine became louder to my senses. The stories of the woods my mother told me when I was a little girl always had given me goosebumps. But who knew these dastard woods will be my only refuge today!

Pari was awake from the shock I gave her tonight. She looked at me and started crying. But I didn't stop. This is the first time Pari's tears didn't make me worried, didn't make my heart wrench. But I was afraid, afraid to lose her. Her cry made me irked and angry. It scared the hell out of me.

I angrily said, whispering to her - Shut up, Pari. Just stop crying!

But Pari, a girl who was totally like her mother, stick intent to her decision of crying and making me even more impatient. I could see through almost every qualities that she has acquired from me. The restlessness which I still possess, the beautiful little face which exactly resemble mine, the curly hair - not an inch different from my long hair. She soothed me, her tears made me more desperate. Her pretty little face made me determined about my decision, about the drastic attempt I have taken tonight. I felt at ease. She wasn't a bit like her father. No, she wasn't! 

My raging heart could never leave her alone with her father. I was restless every moment when she was with him, while I lay alone in this cruel dark world. 

I would tell the world, I would tell the court that she is the only thing I have. I love her like no one does. Her father cannot love her the same. Her father doesn't have a heart. 

I stopped in the dark looking all around. All I could see was darkness. It was a pitch-black world I live in. I know I cannot give her the lavish life she led at her father's, I cannot render her expensive birthday parties and gifts like her father did, I can never buy her a dress like the one she's wearing right now. I know I can't. But I know I can give her my life, my love, and myself which was enough for her to be with me. I am her mother, I have carried her within myself for nine long months and this was a reason enough for the world to leave the two of us alone. The law, the courts, the judges, her father and his wife cannot snatch her from me. She is mine from breakfast to dinner.

              The only survivor of our relationship was Pari. We were constantly fighting over her, I wanted to take her with me, the only one I had. But Raman wasn't in a mood to leave her either. What else did he want when he had his beautiful Priya with him, I never understood!
        What happened to those days when he made a thousand promises to me, he knelt down and proposed me to get married to him and gave me a wonderful ring at our marriage? I was happy then, we were a very cute couple. Pari came in our lives two and a half years after our marriage. She made us complete.

Our kins had just left the hospital when Raman whispered into my ears - I have another angel in my life! Thank you, love.

The pain of the stitches on my belly, the exhaustion from giving birth, vanished all of a sudden like a puff, when he said those words. I blush every time I remember those words. I was excited to lead a happy life together. I dreamt of holding Pari's hands together and make her walk, tell her bed-time stories and then kiss her goodnight together but Priya came in between us. She has playfully snatched away my husband from me and destroyed our family and my life!

                The marriage, the promises, our thousand nights didn't matter anymore to Raman. I didn't matter anymore to him. All matters to him now, is Priya. And Priya is with him. Then why, why is he trying to snatch Pari away from me?!

I thought not the whole world was this cruel but they broke my imaginations in air when the court announced Pari would stay with her father after our divorce! I died a thousand deaths the moment it was announced. They couldn't see the love a mother has for her baby, all they could see was Raman's money, his big house, his luxurious cars and his charm with which he fooled even me! I saw Raman and Priya smiling wide the moment they heard the judgement. Raman looked at me and expressed his long depressed feeling through his crooked gestures-- I told you, I would win! 


              Pari finally stopped crying as I silently sang lullabies to her. Aah!! I know she must have craved for them each night while her father and Priya lay beside each other in some other room. I so missed her.! Pari closed her eyes and went into her dreams. I kissed on her cheek. Yeah, I kissed her nearly after 8 months. My hands began to tremble as I held her in the dark, cold wood. I only had one shawl which I perfectly arranged for Pari to sleep. I sat beside her in the dark, trembling as the cool breeze blew above us. But it didn't bother me anymore. I smiled my victorious smile! I am a kidnapper. Yes, just like the one which my mother had described to me when I was like Pari. I did just like what my mother had once told me; I went into Raman's big bungalow, killed the gatekeeper whom once I used to call Ravi-kaka, entered Pari's big room from the window, saw Priya there, killed her when she shouted on seeing me and then took Pari in my ever waiting hands and ran.

The world would now call me a murderer but I simply don't care. I have my Pari with me. I wouldn't have to kill them if Raman would have let me stay with her. He snatched her away from me, I snatched away his happiness.I looked at Pari's beautiful face and again smiled my victorious smile - I told you, Raman.I would win!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014



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My cell phone was juddering and flashing for the 5th time now. Exasperated, I clutched it and threw it into my coat pocket. Sachin, Mrs.Kandimalla and others who gathered in the conference room looked at me worriedly as I paused giving my Presentation.

"Umm.... Sorry! Sorry for the interruption!" I looked at their questioning faces. 

After more 15 minutes, I took up my bag and hastily walked out of the room. I wanted to call Varun and sort out things but I hesitated. I was petrified.  

I sat in my car and sighed. I looked at his missed-calls again. No! Its time now! I must call him and end everything. I dialed his number.
                  "Hey! Soumi, I wanted to ask you something! I knew you will call me back."  I suddenly heard a not-expected-buoyant voice from the other side.

"I was busy, Varun and you know it. I was having an important meeting!" I was brash enough to break his heart again.

"Oh.. Yeah I thought you are with Sayak. Sorry!" His voice became intense.

"Ohh!! For God's sake Varun, stop this now!" I retorted back.

There was silence for another few seconds. "Anyway why did you call me?!" 

"Hmm.... Can we meet for a last time, Soumi?"


"No! I mean, just like that. I will be going off to Australia next week, Soumi. Just wanted to see you for the last time!" I was afraid of his weeping but I kept my rude voice consistent.

"Oh! But today I am going to tell Sayak that I want no divorce from him, that I am in love with him. I don't think we should meet anymore, Varun. I hope you understand!"

"He won't believe you, Soumi. He knows you love me! He can't trust you anymore. Don't leave me, Soumi!" Varun pleaded.

"I will make him understand. He's my husband. He will understand me! You're my past, Varun." 

"Please Soumi!!" I felt Varun burst into tears.

"Huh! Varun, stop crying. I didn't cheat on you ever, Varun. I fell for him. You could have understood if you were married too."

"Hmmm......" I heard his silence again.

"Hello, Varun.... I am late. We can talk later." 

"No its ok. We don't need to talk anymore. Bye and take care!" 

I switched off my cell phone and sat quietly for another 10 minutes inside my car. Sayak loved me but I didn't, when I married him. Varun and I were a couple since our college days. We were immensely in love with each other but I had to marry Sayak as he was a Bong. Yeah, in short I was forced to marry Sayak. 


                                   I was driving my car and trying to focus on the traffic but my mind wandered back to the night when I confessed everything about Varun and my husband sat there in shock. And tonight, when everything is ready for divorce and all the papers are with me, my heart ditched on Varun. The three years of Sayak and me, the silent dinners we had together every night, our separate bedrooms, his silence from the other room at night while I lay on the bed talking to Varun-- left my heart confined in his house, confined in the man who stays with his wife, but not his lover. The time, the fate had left my heart confined with the man who loved a stranger. 

And now I am in love with this man. I am not really sure whether he will understand me. I am scared he will still sign the papers,which he knew, were waiting for him tonight. I am scared to lose him, and yes, I have told this to Varun. I hope Varun didn't consider me as a cheat. I hope Varun will find a lovely girl for himself. I hope Varun will forget me.

        "Hi, Sayak. Had a very important meeting today and I guess, it went good." I  said as I saw Sayak sitting on the sofa and his eyes, glued to the television screen.

Our three-storied house was silent. "Sayak.. How was your day?" I asked him after a pause.

"Ah. Good." He replied without looking at me.

"I have something to tell you, Sayak. Can you please look at me?!" 

"Go and change first. You're tired!" Sayak looked at me and smiled.


I was splashing waters on my face when I felt something sting behind me. A sudden pain engulfed my body, awning my vision. I felt a huge lump inside my throat! I struggled to turn around and look at Sayak smiling at me gracefully, holding a knife which was red.

The shock immersed in the throbbing, crude pain as I fell onto the ground. Sayak sat beside me while I wailed on the floor. He whispered - "Sorry, Soumi! I love you. Either you're mine or you're dead."


Friday, 17 January 2014

Raef In Love

It was one balmy day of late summer , last year, when I first saw her. Yes, that was the moment I knew she was the one! May be she was too pretty to be mine but my little red pumping-heart was hell-bent on its decision about her. I can perfectly cast my mind back to that evening when she came running to take the ball, which her master's son threw. I was waiting for Nina as we were to go for a walk.
And there she came towards me, wagging her tail. 

Man, she was gorgeous! 

I stood there dumbfounded, looking at her, forgetting all about Nina and the world.

 I heard Nina calling me out-- "Hey! Raef, let's go dude!"

But I avoided Nina,the girl whom I considered my best friend for the past 2 years- I just couldn't help it. I felt my tail wagging in merriment when she came near. I cannot explain the feeling to you guys. It was.... quite a feeling.... I mean.... you will know it if ever you have been in Love! 

She looked at me as the rolling ball stopped behind me,ahhh- I knew it was God's will that took her here. I turned around to see Nina looking at me. Yet again I avoided her gaze, took the ball into my mouth and went towards Sasha- yes, its her name and mouthed (well, when you people can call it "handed", why can't I call it "mouthed"??) over the ball to her. Before taking it, she barked twice! 


 Later, she told me those two barks were the signals to make me understand that she likes me too! 


   Huh!! I was such an airhead!!

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Sojourn In Love

I had left her alone when she announced the reason of their divorce. I couldn't take that she was in love with some other man. But I love her equally like she had loved me right since the days when I was in her womb, and so I am back; I couldn't stay away from her. I called her but I heard back my own voice instead. I pushed her, she didn't move-- I knew I was late.

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The Hymeneal Party

Shriya entered the banquet hall looking gorgeous in a smart-fitted gown. She was in the United Kingdoms for the past 2 years and had just visited India for one of her close friend's wedding. She tried hard to spot out her bride friend amid the throng of people all around the hall. The pretty faces, the tittle-tattle, the babble-gabble, the strikes of the glasses went passed by Shriya as she hurried towards her friends.

                Its been more than 2 years she have had seen them. The zest with which she had landed on her motherland, the ardour that hung around her when she first spotted their smiling faces made her go weak in her knees. She missed them, missed them from the core of her heart. She rushed hotfoot to her pals.

"Hey, Shriya!" Sanjay called out looking at her. "You look stunning, girl!"

Shriya stopped to hug him. "Hi Sanju, you didn't change a bit."

"I so missed you guys."  Shriya said while taking a glass of wine. "And I mean it."

More than half of her friends were married now, all came with their spouses. Shriya didn't know some of them. She missed their wedding party. Nirav patted Shriya's shoulders and started yelling- "So when are we going to attend your wedding party, Shriya? Are you single even now?!"

"Ummm... yeah! Find me a groom first!"

"No man will marry a workaholic, Shriya. Take a break from your work and get married." grinned Madhu, standing close to her hubby Deep.

"You wait for more 2 years and there you will be single for your whole life, I swear. You're nearly 30...." Sounak cried out.

"Okay guys. Chill! I will marry, let me get the perfect guy first. By the way, did anyone of you check out the menu here?" Shriya waylaid Sounak and looked at the food counter.

"Haha, girl. You didn't change!" Madhu retorted.

Shriya smiled- "Let's go and meet our beautiful bride."

"Hi Parno! You look gorgeous girl. Congratulations!" Shriya hugged Parno and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Oh! look at you girl, I missed you!" Parno responded back.
"And guess what, so did I!" winked Shriya.

"I am sorry Shriya." Parno suddenly muttered those words.

"Huh! What?? Sorry? But why?" Shriya looked lost. After a pause, Shriya cried out - "Oh! You still remember our childish fights, Parno. Shut up girl. You know I love you."

Parno had some kins visit her. She moved aside to talk to them. Shriya was left behind with her glass of wine. She waited till Parno again came to her. "Sorry, babe. By the way, meet my husband." Parno said to Shriya.

Shriya looked at him. Piyush forwarded his hand- "Hi, Shriya."

"Hey.... Congratulations!"

"Hmmm.. Thanks." Piyush muttered.

Shriya turned around and let her tear drop. She felt a huge lump inside her throat. She closed her eyes and recalled the night Piyush had held her beside him and promised never to leave her , 8 years ago. But he did. She lost the reason of her being single.

She gathered all her courage and walked out of the banquet hall.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Woman Knows The Secret Better!!

Five of us- Me, Maddy, Kush, Gaurav and Suraj, landed on the spot when some coolies came forward offering a help to us,each propelling the others with their firm, rigid hands. Like always, we spurned their offer and walked away. We were too excited about seeing the Sundarbans, our second escapade together, without our families- just we friends. I looked at each of them, each pair of eyes shone with twinkling brightness as they wandered all through the beautiful place. I smiled and waited for the moment I could see the tigers in front of me!

"Man, I am just not going today. It is such a bad hair day for me! It ruined my trip!"

I caught myself shouting at a peak, really the situation,the stickyness of my hair messed up all my good mood! Maddy was just lying down beside me, looking at me and chuckling. I looked at her through the mirror, gave her an intense, "you-better-know-what's-gonna-happen-to-you-if-you-chuckle-one-more-time" look.
Being the only other girl of our group, I expected her to understand my feeling. But there she was laughing at me. I went towards the couch and slept. "I am just not going!"

"Huh! Why are you creating such a scene?! Go, take this and recharge your hair. Its going to hardly take 15 minutes. Do it. I know, you forgot your shampoo. Now we are all going together!" I saw her stretching out a bottle of Sunsilk to me.

Kush laughed out-- "Hahah!! man, you girls! I don't think tigers will even try to hit on you."

Maddy cried out-- " Shut up Kush!"

I was still at my worst. After a long this and that, I finally managed myself into the bathroom. I knew I had to recharge my hair to make it damage free and well, on an outing like this, I just can't go without conditioning my hair. Every girl would know how much our hair mean to us!

We five were on our way to the jungle! How we discussed about it nights after nights, how we only dreamed of going to a jungle! We finally made it.

We roamed there for the whole day, waited to see the tigers, heard their growling and screamed loud, then held each other firmly and sat quietly waiting for them. Aaahhhh it was such a moment of Utopia and anticipation. It couldn't have been better! We were all living our dreams, living our adventures.

After an excited day out, we came back to our resort. We laid down and were gossiping about the dreadful creature we saw, we felt. Suddenly Kush said-- So Preeti, you were really having a bad hair day right?! Is this your bad hair?? It is sooooo soft. It doesn't look bad at all. You girls will never change man!"  All the guys had a hearty laugh over this. I said-- "Aaahhh!! Don't touch my hair!". Then I looked at Maddy and yeah, I winked.

We had a lovely dinner that night and slept for only 2 hours- the rest of the night went by, I mean, I don't know how. We talked and laughed and talked and laughed and talked and laughed and well, we heard the birds chirping. It was then when we decided to take a nap because yet another part of the jungle was left for us to watch and to go around for.

The next morning, I am yet again standing in front of the mirror holding my soft puff of hair. "Hmmm.... So.. Sunsilk! Yes, Sunsilk, I love you for making my day so perfect yesterday! And well even today, I mean a whole long day in between dust and dust and only dust, and still my hair is shining bright and sexily exposing its silky attire! It not only recharged my hair, but even my life!"

Maddy came from behind and said-- "No!! You're really having a bad hair day! You can't go today, you know!"

And now we two girls have a hearty laugh over this!!

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

11 Things A Woman Should Write Down In The Beginning Of The Year!!

As I was going through some of my friend's blog-posts, I happen to stumble over a post which reads "11 Things A Woman Should Write Down Before The Year Ends!". I immediately caught myself answering all the questions in my ever-active mind(which never makes me work when I actually need to!). My luck just couldn't be better, as I saw it just half an hour before the year ends! The clock then and there downcast my eyes! Will I really have to wait a full long year to pass just to write it down! But I really badly wanted to have my real answers written down and well, ok, yes,  increasing another post in my blog! 

There's a famous saying "Always listen to what your heart says!". These words  left me smiling wide while I still lay on my cozy bed! So I sat down today and opened my blog and the first thing I did was to name my blog-post as "11 Things A Woman Should Write Down In The Beginning Of The Year!". Sorry guys, I just had to do this!

So here we go!

1.What Younger You Would Like About the Present You?

Ans: The Younger Me would not like the Present Me! Well, she would LOVE the Present Me! 
            i) She would love me as I have been a lot more matured than I was of course, I have learnt the real meaning of responsibilities and yes, I am not afraid of taking them on! 
ii) She would love me because I am no more a nagging person like I used to be when I was a kid! NO! I Am NOT!! 
iii) She would love me as I have finally learnt to sly the unwanted nerve-wrecking animals in my life but still maintain a sweet smile whenever I meet them! 
iv)The Younger Me would love  the Now me as finally I have discovered that I can make people smile through my writing and that I can even win prizes for my writings! 
And last but not the least, She would love me for being me! Yes, she would love me for everything that I am today! :)

2.The Watched/Read It List?

Ans: My watch list includes a lot of movies as I am in a holiday now. Some of them are:
The parent Trap (again and again and again!)
The confessions of a Shopaholic
Chander Pahaar!
My Readlist:
And The Mountains Echoed, Changes, The boy In The Striped Pajamas and The Thousand Splendid Suns!

3.The Mistake You Never Want to Make?

Ans: I will never trust anyone again and yeah, I will always listen to my mom! ;)

4.Your Ideal Outfit?

Ans: It obviously depends on the occasion! But to be general, I would say, A sari, jeans and tees and shorts! 

5.A Deep, Dark--Shhh --Secret?

Ans: Well, my deep, dark shh secret is --

...................... .......................... ..................... ....................

Let's keep it a secret!

6.The Most Unexpected Compliment You Ever Got?

Ans: Someone called me a heroine! ;)

7.That one Quote?

Ans: "Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life. Define yourself!"

8. The Best Surprise You've Ever Had?

Ans: Whenever my blog-posts are declared to be the winners! 

9.Your True Happiness?

Ans: To see my parents happy and healthy and proud of their daughters! 

10.Your Favorite Failure?

Ans: Failures are never my favourites! 

11.An Amendment to the Bucket List?

Ans: To go on a world-wide tour (If ever possible!)

P.S.-- I had to write the whole post thrice! Every time while writing, I pressed control+a instead of Shift+a mistakenly (I don't know how!! It never happened before!) and everything rubbed off! And there I was hysterically staring at my computer screen which was totally empty! May be this was the penalty I had to pay for changing the Post-title. Nevertheless I actually finished writing it and I am so happy now!! 

And yes, before I end up writing my very first post of 2014, let me wish you all a very very Happy New Year! May God Bless You All!! :)