Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Talents come unspoken!!

I generally never watch television. That is something what I detest completely! Even watching a movie at a stretch sometimes makes me fidgety. But yes, sometimes at my leisure it is completely invited when I am not in a mood to even read a book. And see, even it can drive me to come up with another post in my blog! Oh! How I love to write! Yeah- I truly do! :)

A few days back I was watching this famous reality show, very well-known as "Indian Idol". Yes, I do love listening to the beautiful voices the show comes up with. The audition rounds were being held and I happen to come across a boy nearly 15 years old who sang divinely! I was just blown out of this world and I just couldn't hold myself back but just had to write about him here.

You must be thinking what is so special about this guy. It is a show of the best singers itself and so its pretty likely to have wonderful singers! Yes it is! But there's something which caught my eyes and left me spellbound long after I watched the show. The boy who happens to sing supernal actually stammers!!     

He even came up with an utterly revolting situation. He told the judges that he's very upset about the fact that he cannot (is not able) to speak normally and that he stammers. He told that his friends make a bully of him because he stammers. His mother told that they have went to many doctors and that the doctors told the boy has got a problem in speaking fluently because his mind works way faster than his mouth and that is where he is bound to act "abnormally"! I guess, how can a talent be "abnormal"!!

The judges replied back that there are plenty of "highly talented", divine singers who are likely to stammer but it didn't hold them back!! And those crass people who have nothing better to do in their own lives but only bully others, will hold them back?? Isn't it something to laugh about?!

Researches have shown that genetics are relevant in some cases while the others are in the way the brain acts. Though the scientists have not yet been able to come up with the true and perfect causes of "stammering", they certainly don't mean it as something very shameful or abnormal!!

I have even seen insensitive people bullying someone who stammers. How much can a person be stony, I wonder!! 

Well, I don't think they ever watch or even understand anything in the world when they watch such a boy singing heavenly even when he stammers! 

And I do have a little question to them-- Are you able to at least go to a well known singing competitive show and perform with your "so called wonderful" speaking talents??(Winning comes later!)

Aahh!! I'm scared you are!!



  1. good thought...nice share...march on :)

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