Monday, 10 June 2013

Headphones are so useful sometimes :p

What do you do when the people who mean the least to you, hinder with whatever you have to do!

Why on earth do people think that I actually am going to listen to them and change my living style and my "oh! so lovely" habits! I really do not understand where their heads are at, any how!!
They continuously question me to whom I'm talking to in my cell phone and why, why am wearing a "bindi" of  "a particular size" and that I should wear "a smaller one" or "a bigger one"!! If  I don't carry my mobile phone with me any day,at least one day, then why am I not carrying it with me! Why have I kept them at my home and came without it! If they get a hold of my personal stuffs (like my cell phone or my purse), they would have to immediately behave as if they are from "C.I.D" and I have something hidden within my purse and cell phone that they would "LOVE" to know and happily ransack it completely!!
Not only with me, their minds are at almost each and every people they come across! They would obviously put it as "Have you seen how short "her" pants are????? OMG!!!!!!", " She has wore that party dress,its good! But she cannot carry it off properly!", " She is married! She should not wear stuffs like that! (and by " stuffs like that" they would mean something as simple as jeans, or a 3 quarter!)!!!!
And the worst is yet to come!!!!!

Whenever they come across you, their very first reaction towards you is to LOOK AT YOU FROM TOP TO BOTTOM AND HAVE A GREAT LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE WORE (lucky only if you are a woman! Men still do not have that pleasure!! Sorry guys!! But don't worry, I am sure,soon will they look at a man like that too,measuring his attire! )
And if (by chance,due to your irritation), you say anything against them, they would proudly utter that wearing jeans and whatever else they think to be " OMG!! Stuffs", doesn't mean we are modern!! Well, like your gossiping about others' attires and "what else not!" makes you modern!! :p

Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!!! I am so darn tired of these lunatics!!!

Does anyone has any way out to avoid these madcaps?! Well, I'm tired of finding even one!! Sometimes, I feel like punching them on their faces, and sometimes kill myself thinking about my harsh, crude luck that always have to bring them infront of me!!!!!

So, how do I shun them away??!!


Well, Need I say anything more??!! ;)


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