Friday, 10 January 2014

The Hymeneal Party

Shriya entered the banquet hall looking gorgeous in a smart-fitted gown. She was in the United Kingdoms for the past 2 years and had just visited India for one of her close friend's wedding. She tried hard to spot out her bride friend amid the throng of people all around the hall. The pretty faces, the tittle-tattle, the babble-gabble, the strikes of the glasses went passed by Shriya as she hurried towards her friends.

                Its been more than 2 years she have had seen them. The zest with which she had landed on her motherland, the ardour that hung around her when she first spotted their smiling faces made her go weak in her knees. She missed them, missed them from the core of her heart. She rushed hotfoot to her pals.

"Hey, Shriya!" Sanjay called out looking at her. "You look stunning, girl!"

Shriya stopped to hug him. "Hi Sanju, you didn't change a bit."

"I so missed you guys."  Shriya said while taking a glass of wine. "And I mean it."

More than half of her friends were married now, all came with their spouses. Shriya didn't know some of them. She missed their wedding party. Nirav patted Shriya's shoulders and started yelling- "So when are we going to attend your wedding party, Shriya? Are you single even now?!"

"Ummm... yeah! Find me a groom first!"

"No man will marry a workaholic, Shriya. Take a break from your work and get married." grinned Madhu, standing close to her hubby Deep.

"You wait for more 2 years and there you will be single for your whole life, I swear. You're nearly 30...." Sounak cried out.

"Okay guys. Chill! I will marry, let me get the perfect guy first. By the way, did anyone of you check out the menu here?" Shriya waylaid Sounak and looked at the food counter.

"Haha, girl. You didn't change!" Madhu retorted.

Shriya smiled- "Let's go and meet our beautiful bride."

"Hi Parno! You look gorgeous girl. Congratulations!" Shriya hugged Parno and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Oh! look at you girl, I missed you!" Parno responded back.
"And guess what, so did I!" winked Shriya.

"I am sorry Shriya." Parno suddenly muttered those words.

"Huh! What?? Sorry? But why?" Shriya looked lost. After a pause, Shriya cried out - "Oh! You still remember our childish fights, Parno. Shut up girl. You know I love you."

Parno had some kins visit her. She moved aside to talk to them. Shriya was left behind with her glass of wine. She waited till Parno again came to her. "Sorry, babe. By the way, meet my husband." Parno said to Shriya.

Shriya looked at him. Piyush forwarded his hand- "Hi, Shriya."

"Hey.... Congratulations!"

"Hmmm.. Thanks." Piyush muttered.

Shriya turned around and let her tear drop. She felt a huge lump inside her throat. She closed her eyes and recalled the night Piyush had held her beside him and promised never to leave her , 8 years ago. But he did. She lost the reason of her being single.

She gathered all her courage and walked out of the banquet hall.


  1. That is all about love. Who have taught you the meaning of love, she/he will teach you the meaning of pain.

    1. Yes it happens sometimes! Thanks for dropping by! :)
      Next time, also do leave your name! :)

  2. Umm.. No words, Good one .. March on

    1. Thanks Prajosh for being an ardent follower. It is an inspiration. :)

  3. Good one Preeti... keep it up...

    1. Thank you so much, Jhinuuk! Welcome to my blog. :)


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