Monday, 29 July 2013

Let's Not Judge Who They Are!!

I am in such a state of mind at present that first I say something odd or rude to someone and then think and regret "Why did I say so?!" and then after a minute or so, something out of the blue pops into my mind and I start to think -- " What the hell?! Let's see what happens!! "

Is this a change in me?! Oh well! May be!

I was sitting alone today morning and doing my assignments when this sudden thought blew me off!

I thought to myself " People say we change! And I finally did! Why do I sometimes react so much or get pissed off so darn easily?!"

Then again something bothered me saying that I haven't changed yet! I did realize I go really wild in anger when some one tries to judge me blatantly! Aah! Yes! It even makes me yell at that person.

Now you can very well understand my today's topic!!

I have been thinking since a long time to write about "Not to judge" anyone! And yes, today's the day. Yes, you should not judge anyone ever! Well, now you want to know the reasons!! Why cannot you judge anyone?! Not even if they have hurt you like anything or they are the one for whom your life has changed?! You must have the right to judge them, isn't it?! Well, for me-- Its a Big NO!!

And the biggest and the most important reason is : You don't know in what situation he/she was when he/she took the odd decision. You don't know their lives! You don't know in what mental state they are, when they wake up or go to sleep. In short, you know nothing about them! You can only see what they did, not what they have gone through. (to do it)

We people often forget about others when it comes to us! "I" become the ultimate thing to us. All we know is-- I, me and Myself!! And that's the source from where we start to judge people around us! We forget the situations they are in and judge them accordingly! One person, sadly, is judged differently by different people! Aah! Now you say, how can one person be of so many different characters?!

Its probably difficult not to judge anyone but we must try to put ourselves in their shoes and then watch where it takes us. We can only then know how right the other person was!! And even we can see our mistakes then to which we are blind now!
How can we forget that if all the people can make mistakes, so can we?!

Judging others have a loads of  ill effects too! (If only we can state it like that)

Firstly, We lose friends. We tend to judge our friends and then we lose them! (If not literally, then from heart.)

Secondly, we feel guilty of doing so when we come to know the truth. We often judge those people who are totally innocent. And later on we regret on doing so.

Thirdly, We become emotionless, selfish and evil. Yes we do.

Fourthly, At the end of the day we become all alone!


Lastly, if we want others not to judge us, we must stop it ourselves first! Isn't it??!!

Guys, its time we change.

Lets not make it that difficult for the other person. It's their life, they exactly know how to deal with it. We are no one to judge them. We must be more concentrating on our lives so that no one else get a chance to judge it!

And Life is one! Live it the way you want! What others think about you is none of your business and that should really not be an issue to you! Chill out like you never ever did before. Dump some one if they are really making you unhappy!  Do what makes you happy and for the people who judge you??!! Well, do hell with them!! ;) :D

See you soon,
Till then
Loads of Love and Good Wishes. :)


  1. gr8...thumbs up....i like it....

  2. really a nice topic to pen down preeti :) loved this line "Dump some one if they are really making you unhappy!"
    dats the atti..... :)


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