Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Unknown Friend!!

"Good! ............................. everyday?"

I suddenly heard someone calling out to me. Looking around,I saw a nearly 70 year old man was standing beside me and smiling. Not surprisingly, I took out the headphone from my ears and looked at him!

"Yes?? Did you tell me anything?? I am sorry I couldn't hear you!!" -- was my immediate reply to him.

"Yes. Do you jog everyday??"

"Yes!! Most of the days. But why??" Still seeing him smiling at my reply graciously!
"No! Just a curiosity. It's a wonderful habit I must say. Keep on jogging!! :) "

"Yes thank you. :)"
" But why most of the days?? You shouldn't miss a single day. I haven't really seen a college girl jogging like this!" He said to me.

Excited and blushed (I love it when people praise me about things that other girls of my age are not up to,anyway!! Who wouldn't have??), I replied him-- " Heh heh.. I know, but when I really get tired or have assignments of my college, I can't come out to jog. But I always try to!!"

He-- :) Very good!! You are a smart girl. All the best. Bye. You carry on. :)

I (again blushing to his "you are a smart girl")- Thank you! :) Bye!!

I have seen him after that, a few times while returning from my college. I have seen him with the uncles of my locality and I somehow became sure he too lives somewhere near my house. Previously, I have never noticed him (I never look at anyone so much when I walk). But, after that day whenever we saw each other, we exchanged friendly (yes, I mean it!) smiles. And to my surprise, some of the days when I couldn't see him in a particular shop where he and his friends used to sit,chat and have tea, I looked all around searching for him!

We never really talked after that but our smiles were our constant companions making us very sure about our friendship! Yes, I certainly made him my friend and no, not just because he praised me, but still not knowing why!!

It have been days that I have seen him in that shop. His friends do still sit there sometimes but not he. I even thought of asking his friends about him but anyhow hesitated. I don't even know his name and not particularly his house even (though I guessed his house once seeing him getting out of it.)

I hope he's well and fit and surely I miss his "gracious" smiles that encourage me! I don't think its a long wait to see him and the next time he talks to me (If  he ever does), I will surely get hold of his name, after all he's my friend!


  1. Wow..... dats really sweet .... !!! sometimes just a smile from our friend doubles our joy and at times divides our sorrow..... i wish dat u get to see him soon :)

  2. "Yes, I certainly made him my friend and no, not just because he praised me, but still not knowing why!!"

    that's how friendship happens, we will never know the reason..! nice read :) Thanks


  3. Whats up Preeti,

    I miss these kind of interactions. Hard to find in India actually, or may be its a big city thing. People just don't have time.

    1. Yeah there have been a dearth of true friendship nowadays! So Just felt it important to blog about! :)


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