Monday, 29 July 2013

Let's Not Judge Who They Are!!

I am in such a state of mind at present that first I say something odd or rude to someone and then think and regret "Why did I say so?!" and then after a minute or so, something out of the blue pops into my mind and I start to think -- " What the hell?! Let's see what happens!! "

Is this a change in me?! Oh well! May be!

I was sitting alone today morning and doing my assignments when this sudden thought blew me off!

I thought to myself " People say we change! And I finally did! Why do I sometimes react so much or get pissed off so darn easily?!"

Then again something bothered me saying that I haven't changed yet! I did realize I go really wild in anger when some one tries to judge me blatantly! Aah! Yes! It even makes me yell at that person.

Now you can very well understand my today's topic!!

I have been thinking since a long time to write about "Not to judge" anyone! And yes, today's the day. Yes, you should not judge anyone ever! Well, now you want to know the reasons!! Why cannot you judge anyone?! Not even if they have hurt you like anything or they are the one for whom your life has changed?! You must have the right to judge them, isn't it?! Well, for me-- Its a Big NO!!

And the biggest and the most important reason is : You don't know in what situation he/she was when he/she took the odd decision. You don't know their lives! You don't know in what mental state they are, when they wake up or go to sleep. In short, you know nothing about them! You can only see what they did, not what they have gone through. (to do it)

We people often forget about others when it comes to us! "I" become the ultimate thing to us. All we know is-- I, me and Myself!! And that's the source from where we start to judge people around us! We forget the situations they are in and judge them accordingly! One person, sadly, is judged differently by different people! Aah! Now you say, how can one person be of so many different characters?!

Its probably difficult not to judge anyone but we must try to put ourselves in their shoes and then watch where it takes us. We can only then know how right the other person was!! And even we can see our mistakes then to which we are blind now!
How can we forget that if all the people can make mistakes, so can we?!

Judging others have a loads of  ill effects too! (If only we can state it like that)

Firstly, We lose friends. We tend to judge our friends and then we lose them! (If not literally, then from heart.)

Secondly, we feel guilty of doing so when we come to know the truth. We often judge those people who are totally innocent. And later on we regret on doing so.

Thirdly, We become emotionless, selfish and evil. Yes we do.

Fourthly, At the end of the day we become all alone!


Lastly, if we want others not to judge us, we must stop it ourselves first! Isn't it??!!

Guys, its time we change.

Lets not make it that difficult for the other person. It's their life, they exactly know how to deal with it. We are no one to judge them. We must be more concentrating on our lives so that no one else get a chance to judge it!

And Life is one! Live it the way you want! What others think about you is none of your business and that should really not be an issue to you! Chill out like you never ever did before. Dump some one if they are really making you unhappy!  Do what makes you happy and for the people who judge you??!! Well, do hell with them!! ;) :D

See you soon,
Till then
Loads of Love and Good Wishes. :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

To Eat Or Not To Eat

1 week ago! This was the 8th time I decided to go for dieting. I'm a big time foodie and I love to eat. But just to stay fit, I tried out dieting. I eat a lot but I'm too a fitness buff! I love to be in the right shape and a little bit of jutting out makes me tedious.  So there I decided to start my dieting! Little food each time you eat and no french fries,potato chips, or anything I love! Difficult, eh??!! Yeah, I know! But I started.
Hardly 1 week and there all my potential of dieting vanished!! Well, this isn't the first time, I told you, its the 8th time!!
So now I have decided not to diet anymore. I simply can't stay out of good food and curse myself for letting them go! Instead I have decided to exercise regularly and jog at least for 15 minutes daily. Not to be in right shape, but to be fit! Because I'm quite in a good shape! ;)
Yeah, I know I'm kind of boasting but how I love to showcase something good I have! ;)
Exercise is my regular companion since the last year! And so what's the new thing have I started?! Yes, I do a lot more than exercise. I wake up, do the yoga (half an hour seems cool to me) and then sit to meditate (another half an hour). And missing out exercise and meditation for a day makes me so jittery!! Am I turning spiritual?! Well, may be! Even nowadays I'm loving to read spiritual books. But I don't mind doing anything that keeps me fit and energetic and happy! Yes, meditation even allows one to forget all the pain or worries and give them the potential to deal with them tactfully!
Wanting to know more about meditation?? Click on this link-- such a wonderful thing I have started. Sitting still and meditating doesn't seem to be any hassle to me! Its much more easier than all the hassles I have and am going through in my life!! Life seems better now and peaceful.
So, I won't be eating less! I can't do that ever. But now I don't have to really be worried about fitness too!
Anyone wanting to be fit and energetic, I would suggest to try out yoga and meditation regularly! It really helps!! :)

Much Love! :)

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Love,Friendship And The Ride

I was having my even semester holidays. I had to meet my best friend in more half an hour but I wasn't dressed yet! I was just being a lazy bum that day and was listening to music. Finally I crept out off my bed sadly enough with the thought of dressing up and getting out of my house again! I somehow dressed and got out and hurried.

She came and we hastily went to the cake shop. We were eating when she suddenly told me-- Hey!! Why don't you ride my cycle for sometime?!

I gave her a smile and replied-- No thanks! Its been years I used to ride one! I almost forgot and I will surely fall down if I try now!

She said (giving me a jittery look)-- No one ever forgets to ride one,if they have learnt it. So stop hesitating and get up.

I was really at my wits end when she started pushing me to get up on the bicycle! I got really pissed off and told her-- If I fall down, I will never talk to you! I mean, why even am I talking about falling down! I will not even get up on it. There are those little guys playing over there and can you just imagine what will happen if I fall down right infront of them! Maddy, you are crazy!!!!

Maddy said-- Yeah! I can! Now shut up and get up on it.

"NO Maddy please!!!! I'm really so scared!!"

After more 2 minutes I found myself sitting on it and trying to paddle! (Maddy holding the cycle from behind)

"Maddy please don't leave the bicycle! I will fall off!! Please!!"

"Arrey!! I'm not leaving. You concentrate on your ride!"
And I jumped off it!!  :D

The same thing happened for more than 20 times! Yes, I am not making it up even a bit. I was getting up, TRYING to paddle and then asking Maddy not to leave the cycle, otherwise I will fall down and then myself jumping off from it and laughing!!

Maddy got tired of me and said-- Let's go! Its enough!!

I couldn't help myself telling her-- Yeah! Ok!! Just one more time! :p

I got up and again tried to paddle! And to my surprise, I went on smoothly through the lane! When I reached the end I stopped and looked back. I saw her standing at the other end of the lane (It was a long lane) and clapping! Yes, you saw it right!! She was CLAPPING!! And a little boy who was playing with his friends over there,looked at us and smiled! His sweet smile said that I have made it. I was super happy! I smiled and came back!

An old pic in my college

Isn't it enough to say that she had made my day??!!

That day was one of the days I can never forget! May be this is a very small incident but to me its something more than a lot!! She made me achieve so much happiness! I don't have words to make you feel my emotion.

Guys!! Never ever be scared of doing something, never ever be scared of attempting something for the first time. Don't think what other people will think about you or whether they will laugh at you!!

You want it ---- You do it!! As simple as that! :)

See you soon, till then
Much Love!! :)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Happy Ratha-Yatra

Today is a very special day in West Bengal. Today is "Ratha-Yatra".

It is a very well known festival in our state. Lord Jagannath, along with his brother Balaram and sister Shubhadra, is transported (yatra) by a chariot (ratha) in this festival. It is actually the most important festival of Puri, in the state of Orissa. Crores and crores of people and devotees are present here on the day of Ratha-Yatra.

Out of habit, on each day of any festival, the thing I do is google out the history of the festival and origin of the God! Today was no exception. I made out some time from my daily schedule and googled all about the origin of Lord Jagannath and this festival. I love to know all the stories behind these massive occasions!
To know about the origin of Lord Jagannath click here :

As a ritual, in Kolkata, all the children drag their own little chariots with Lord Jagannath, Balaram and Shubhadra sitting inside them. How mesmerizing the scenic beauty is! Here is a picture of the same.

As a child, I too, have dragged my little chariot every year along with my friends. It was such an overwhelming experience and sweet memories that one can hardly forget in a whole lifetime.
So, as I have grown up and can't really go out and drag a chariot with the children, I still can see them and enjoy the day. And what can be more joyous to me than writing about Lord Jagannath and His festival??

Last, but not the least, a picture drawn by my sister:

  Wishing you all very very happy days ahead and may you get all that you deserve and may you achieve loads of happiness and success and joy :)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Men!! Oh Men!!

"Men! Yes,men! They never change!!"

We women will doubtlessly agree to this phrase. As far as I have known these boys, I have already got a full post to write about them. I am serious. (Ask any girl and you will know! :p )

The boys I have known can be broadly classified into different types. Here they go:

Type 1:  "We are the God" type :  These are the men who tend to think they are superior to anything and everything! You will hear them saying "Oh! I can do this within a second. It actually is very small issue for me!" How confident they are about everything in life! But the moment they start doing it, ahhh!!!! All they do is a mess.These group of men has another wonderful trait about themselves. They look upon the women like we belong to some "criminal society" or even better they treat us like we are utterly uneducated creatures and can never be matched up to anything a "man" does ( For the portion within this bracket: Read only if you are a woman. For men, please ignore this because you will surely not like this(As yeah! I am not in the least mood to have an argument over this now! :p )! :p) -- Funnier as we outstand them in morals and ethics!)
 And they are the kinds of men who will raise their daughters only to get married away(being least bothered to make them independent!)!

Yes! There are men like that even now! I have known quite a few!!

Type 2:  The "Handsome-hunk-playboy" types :  They are the guys (yes! They prefer to call themselves "guys" and "only guys", not man) who are typically handsome. These include guys with "chocolate boy looks", "hunk looks" or even sometimes with "shit looks"!! They tend to match their looks with Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel,  Ashton Kutcher , Taylor Lautner , John Abraham and who else not! No doubt, sometimes  they are truly handsome and cute but comparing them with Brad Pitt and others, is in anyway "TOO MUCH"!! Someone must tell them this!!

They belong to the category who think girls are for just "fun". Yes! They do! How this irates me, myself being a woman, I, no doubt, know how much a girl is important and can outdo anything a man does! To hell with these "guys"!! They exalt the girls in a very much spurious manner just to gain their trust and later on, to cheat on them! Poor these "guys"!! (Afterall they are "guys" and not "men"! Holds so perfect!!)

Type 3:  The "IIT-Genius" types: Yeah! I am sure you have already imagined how the boys of this category are! They are generally naive and carry atleast one book always in their hands! (not story books)
If not it, they will talk to you only about "book stuffs" like mathematics, physics,chemistry (Oh!! How I hate this subject. Can never ever forget the nightmares it gave me!!) and anything and everything that you hate! :p
They will tag themselves to be the genius and tend to show you that you are actually incapable of possessing that "IIT tag" in every conversation with you!!
Their parents, their facebook profiles and everything else they have will only show that they are having that tag which you don't. (like this is the only thing they have ever done in their lives!!)
And what does they do the whole day?! answer -- Study!! What else?!
But yes, these boys can still be tolerated. ;) (Afterall, they are our future scientists , may be! ;) )
Of course, not all IItians or such guys are like this!

Type 4 :  The "Fraaaaaandship" types:  These boys are quite funny! That's the perfect adjective I can write about them.

These species are generally found in the social networking sites always looking out and seeking out for girls, pretty,fat,ugly,beautiful,short,tall, old, married,unmarried! Yes! anything will do, as long as it is a girl! :p
They continuously send friend-requests to the girls along with a message -" Hiii!!!! Do you fraaaaaaaaaaadshipppppp me????? You so quit!!!!! "

Ask any girl. They do actually write such horrible english and even have the gutts to send that message before thinking twice about it. This is the category which I so pity! But their "you so butiful.I love u. please fraaaadddship me" messages are sometimes welcomed when you are upset and need a good reason to laugh about! Trust me. They are hilarious even when one is indignantly furious!!

Type 5:    The "Sex-Quest" types: A funny name! Yea! even the guys in this category are funny.

They are the guys who think about nothing but sex every "sex" seconds and even when they first see a girl. (even her pictures). And the only stuff they know and are concerned about is pornography! They even correspond to the type 2 guys! And some of them, even keep messaging unknown girls in social networking sites that if they too seek it, they can contact them providing their numbers! AAAAAaaagghhh!!!! How can they have such an audacity?!!!!

Type 6:   The "Cunning Fox" types: This category consists of  the boys or the men who think they know everything in this world and keep on insulting others! Reason -- Just to have fun and prove they are better than others. They tend to pull others' legs every now and then. How shit can one be??!!

Some of them even eulogize others just to gain something! Yes Yes! There are even girls like this but you are forgetting this is a post about guys! ;)

Of course there are truly genius men and boys but they are very few in number and moreover me, being a girl, how do you think I will write about those few merits men possess?! ;)

Ohhh!!!! How even my last sentence of this post speaks against them!! :D :p ;)

And after a whole post, again I have to admit that :