Monday, 24 June 2013

How Lucky Am I!!

There's a poem I composed in the morning.Thought to share it with you. So here it is:

It was all dark
When you went!
I called you out loud
But you went!
You didn't look back,you didn't hear me
I felt like screaming your head out
I felt like holding you tight and never let you go,
I knew I was at fault beyond any doubt!

Yes! How crazy was I
 Even after your repeated deceiving
 I made sure it was me who created the hassles.

It was hard for me to let you go,
It was hard for me to get over you,
It was hard for me to feel at ease,
Yes!! It was hard for me to forget you.

But I did, I overcame;
I erased all my pain!
I started having a new life
A wonderful happiness
Which I never thought I could have without you!

Ah! How crazy was I
To love you with all I ever had!
Damn! How crazy was I
That I couldn't see the pleasure beyond you, my lad!

I know! How crazy was I
Not to notice "you in disguise"!
Oh! How crazy was I
To weep over your veil's demise!

Now that I write hundred words for you
I smile and wash my tears away!
And I feel deep within my soul
"Oh! How crazy lucky am I
 That you turned yours away , from my eye!"


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