Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Happy Birthday Gopi! :)

From the very young age of crawling and rendering own beautiful image and crossing thousands of hearts, here comes the Gopi, Lord Gopala with that very known and mesmerizing hidden smile when he crawled and stole the "makkhan"! How can this mischievous little kid shun away from my little blog on his birthday?! Happy Birthday Krishna! :)

Every mother yens for such a beautiful, bright child! May God bless each one out there and be as dear as He always is! Right from this little, naughty kid to a grown up handsome young man, with His love Radha always beside Him. He will always be the zenith of love and warmth in our hearts till we breathe our last!

Hey, darling Krishna, come over here and receive the "Makkhan Mishri" and "Khir" that people all over the world are busy serving you! :)

Subh Janmashtami! :)

Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Plea To The Government By A Woman!!

I couldn't hold myself back when suddenly I switched on the Television that night! After surfing a lot of channels, the News Channel appeared right in front of me! I have never been that great news freak (except when its about terrorist attacks or anything concerning women!)
I was horrified when the dirty terrifying news flashed in front of my eyes-- A JOURNALIST HAS BEEN GANG RAPED IN MUMBAI!! Aaaagggghhhh!!!!! Not Again!!!!

I was tremendously frantic and switched off the television then and there! How can some people be such savage beasts?! This is probably the most common news going on recently, all over the Indian news channels-- RAPES! We are truly fed up!

Indian society has become one of the most disgraceful society in the world! (This is when being an Indian seems to be abashing to me.) We women have no means to be really safe out on the Indian streets. Our parents and well-wishers panic each time we go out to work. The men of our society deem themselves to be the most powerful species on this Earth, and women, well, they are just a meager coterie! Indian society (I know I am at sin,but), I had to blame this on very "You"! It is You who have stabbed this very unkind and brutal mentality of looking down upon the women and making the freaking advantage out of them! It is certainly You for whom the ferocious and wild beasts are (without a second thought) raping the women (believed to be Goddess!) of our country! It is You for whom, we women are darn scared to get out of our home alone! It is no doubt, You for whom even today we women are not being respected!

Our Indian society needs to take a break from its insanity! It needs to stop being mendacious about "the safety of its women"!!!!! We women really have had enough of You!!
 The morbid politicians who are busy feigning and fighting for the Golden seat needs to be abrogated from our society! And this is possible, only by us! We, the abased citizens of India, need to ponder much more about the safety of our women! The society needs to chastise the ill, sick, cruel brutes to death! They should penalise them in such a crude manner that any further brutish people stop wondering to rape women, to even maltreat women and the girls! How can the government just sit back and do absolutely nothing even when thousands of women are being tortured by these horrendous beasts??!!

Its truly nothing but shame, that these beasts are even raping 5 year old little girls!! And the society-- Yes this very own society are blaming us,women for these rapes?! It says that we women are ourselves responsible for being raped!! That, we expose and reveal and thus these beasts are getting provoked!! Really?! Is this the real scenario?! But the news says that even little girls are being raped and even the women who wear nothing but sarees and salwars! Now my question is-- what on Earth are they revealing?! Are the politicians truly sick?! We live in such a country where the women are taught how to be safe from getting raped but the men are not taught "NOT TO RAPE"!

As I said, there's no doubt, the politicians and the government need a break! They are so much engrossed in making black money with the government's money (paid by us!) that they are talking rubbish and nonsense! They are simply out of their minds! Well, if only they possess one!

And this sick mentality of our society will never ever change until the parents put their "sons" higher than their "daughters"! We women will never be respected until and unless the parents stop giving the "bigger piece of  the fish" to their son while their daughter receives  the smaller one! This will never stop unless the parents educate their son in a well known English medium school while the daughter of the same parents goes to the Vernacular medium school! This will really never stop until the parents dream about their son to be a very good source of income and well-settled in his life while they dream about their daughter to get married to a very good groom!! Yes, this will never stop until and unless we stop differentiating between the boys and the girls! Grow up, people! This is the 21st century and we women are equally competent as you men are! Well, we women are better competent than you (whether you like it or not!) And this is the hell of a reason why you men should and must respect us women!

A last plea to the "men" (as they consider themselves to be) of our society and our "concerned" government, Forget about respect, we women deserve at least SAFETY!!!!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

An Ode To My City!

Its been beyond 2 decades when I arrived on this Earth only to belong to this city! I caught myself napping and went unaware of the whole lot of things that I would be soon sharing with her, with my city! How this lifeless city started to care so much about me, my life, my emotions, each time I buckle under its anonymous heed and care. She laughed with me when I laughed, she cried to death when I went full of rue, I never got a chance to be alone ; no matter how much I considered myself to be all alone and hermit and escaped from this worldly pleasures! She followed me wherever I went! She guarded me with all her motherhood and love!

She offered me things that no one else did, nor even tried to! She made me feel always at home, listening calmly to whatever I had to complain and share! It was holy serene to me, her love, her patience, her Almighty attitude towards me and my ever fluctuating emotions. After all that I blurted out to her, in anger, in dismay,in grief or in exult, each time, she joined with me and taught me how to be absolutely halcyon. She taught me how to handle the troubled things with care and tenderness. She taught me to love with all I have, she taught me never to cheat, she taught me to be with others when they need me! She taught me all the impossible stuffs I have hardly ever imagined about! She couldn't be any less than my mother for whom I am the serene world!

But what if you only render to have nothing in return?! Won't it really hurt you?! May be , not at first but eventually it will once, for sure!! This is what may, have happened to my lovely city, the one I thought to be lifeless and barren. She wasn't so! She was full of life and soul and I have learnt it of late! But she was so tranquil that I didn't even think about her emotions and feelings! She had always been a constant and worthy companion to me whereas I failed to do so! I failed each time when she needed me beside her, to share her anger, her joy with me! I have been such a brat that I was completely engrossed with my own needs and I forgot about my mate that even she needed me.

I have never felt this mournful in ages when suddenly she started pouring her heart out! At first, I was typically overjoyed as I saw the lovely raindrops falling down on the earth and settling as dew on the evergreen leaves! It was such a scenic beauty I saw after years that I felt a calm solace within my soul!
I jumped out from the edge of my bed (which is just beside the window) to take a closer look to it. I sat beside the window and quietly watched the lake beside my house shivering wildly while it rained heavily!

The rain continued for more two days and did not stop even for an hour! Ohh!! Then I realized how much she had to tell me, to make me feel about her very wounded soul! I didn't know why but I felt a huge lump inside my throat! May be, the reason was my own, but to start with, I was down in the dumps then and I cried in doldrums! I wept and wept along with my very own city! We seemed to be the best friends ever, crying in each others' distress! I realized how much she needed me and I have never given enough of myself to her! We sat hugging each other there and sharing every little tidbits of life! The next day, the rain stopped! I woke up feeling amusingly pleasant after a long time! Having a bestfriend that too, very unknown to you but always beside you is so blessed! The weather seemed so pleasant and beautiful that day; it made me smile! Ohh!! Yeah! Even without a reason!!

Well, with a reason that others won't likely figure out! ;)     I love you, my Kolkata! :)

Much Love,
Preeti! :)

Monday, 19 August 2013

Does "All Work and No Play" Make Jack Only a Dull Boy??!!

Its a Monday morning!! We all generally abhor the Sunday night itself for letting us to be so near to the Monday morning. I feel so groggy at times when I even think of the weekdays! To me, my college life do corresponds to something so tied up, so slaving at times that I end up being wrathful about it, often!

Every teenager do have a wish to live and spend their college life in amusement, bantering and jesting along with their friends. Likewise, so did I. But then, I was very well unaware of these frantic stuffs that would one day make me go nuts about my college life!!

Speaking about my college, lets firstly say that we do really have a college uniform! (like the little kids who go to schools holding their parents' hands with the fear of getting lost! ) Yeah! We do!! How I loathe this!!
College days become more and more humdrum when we ought to wear a single,boring uniform to the college each and everyday!!(Its been a rule that all the engineering colleges must have uniforms of their own! :( )  Secondly, miserably we are just unable to get out from the college premises till the college schedule ends!
We cannot bunk classes, we have to rather sit and dodge the whole draggy day while the professors go on with their lectures!

Well, then we must be having fun at least on the weekends, isn't it?! Aah!! There again you went wrong and me as well!  Our weekends are totally occupied with Assignments!! Assignments which we have to submit on the very next week to the professors! It feels so hot under the collar that sometimes I feel school days were much more fun!! (Atleast having my best friend around always). This so deranged college life even holds me back from pursuing my passion- my writing! Sometimes a week passes by and I'm not even aware of it! Then suddenly I jump out and start to pray for some time off so that I can sit with my computer for long!!

And yes, Monday morning is this dandy time for me!! :)

Well for me, Sunday and Monday are the weekends and Tuesday is the Monday for me!

Even though I have assignments to complete, I have always loved to first switch on my computer and open my zealous blog because................ =>

But what made me think is these frantic schools and colleges that are proudly giving birth to future citizens!! Will these future generation really have plenty of rope to curtail the crimes of our government and society?! Will the men and the women have the liberty to know and understand what is right and wrong for themselves and the society and reckon to the best?! Will not they correspond to Jack in the "All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy"?! Well, only dull?!! No there's a lot more!

I wish the people and the government start to think and measure things differently and from our perspective! I wish, the little kids still have a plenty of time to play and nurture themselves! I wish we still have large playgrounds and see-saws for the children to run around and play! I wish the schools do not become a threat to the children's liberty! I wish, in order to score the highest marks in schools and colleges, we don't surrender ourselves to our sordid inside, we do not lose the immunity to weigh the right things for us! I wish we see beautiful little kids playing and knowing the world outside the books! I wish we have an intelligent and praise-worthy society!! Not one who is always fighting only for his success!!

I just wish so!! :)

Much Love,
Preeti!! :)

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Devil Within!!

Everyone around us wants to be the best vividly. We constantly fight with our lifestyle and recreate our ego in a very spurious manner just to be the Best in every way possible. We are entangled in such a way that we hardly feel the presence of virtue! Ego and haughtiness become the very ligature around us! We are unable to combat ourselves out from this stifle like situation. And then there it is-- we start faking on others to get over them, to outstrip them!

But are we really faking on them??

 In the process of faking others, we are losing ourselves to the devil! Our souls, our inner strength and beauty are thus losing whatever Holy it had and are rendering our souls to the vicious lord! We start to become selfish. Others' success makes us utterly jealous! Jealousy vanquish our inner beauty! We then strive only to make the successful person down, only to beat him or her in every possible way and thus we start to cheat on others, our relatives, our friends, and our closed ones!!
                                      We forget the meaning of a lovely,true relationship! We act helpless and inadvertent. All that matters to us is how to bring that person down and how to overpower him / her. In order, we lose friends, we lose our loved ones!
We remain all alone! Above all, we lose our self respect!! Others start to look down to us when they come to know that we were actually cheating on them behind their backs and hence backstabbing!

To me, jealousy ruins every bit of happiness in our lives! How stupid is it not to be happy when some one else is successful and happy in their lives?! How can you not laud the merits or talents the other person has, just because you are a little less than him / her?! What type of a friend are you if you cannot rejoice in your friend's success?! No one, really no one, wants such a sham friend in their lives! We, hence, need to change. We, hence, need to be a good soul!!

We get jealous when we know that we are actually incapable of doing better than the other person and we have nothing to do! We get spurious, we cheat on our friends, we become evil,greedy and narrow-minded and then we lose them! We should always remember that if we ever want others' lives to be at stake, we are the ones who are creating hassles and fatal fortune for ourselves! We are only messing up our own lives! And trust me, nothing can be worse than that ever!!

Thus, lets try to be happy when others are happy! Lets not try to mess up anyone's life, let's not cheat on anyone, or deteriorate ourselves as a person!!

Let's not try to hold our self respect at stake in whatever we do, we pray and we achieve! Is it a real achievement if we get it by faking others?!

Only when we achieve something by working hard ourselves genuinely enough, will give us the real, true happiness! Otherwise, a guilt will always act in the way of our joy and success!! The guilt, the shame will be our constant companions throughout our lives and that is no doubt,fatal for us to be happy and relieved! Being kind to others makes you a better person! Once you start loving and praising others for what good they do and not harm them in any way intentionally, you will start to feel how beautiful you are from within! And that's the only trick to be truly happy in your life!! :)

Ending my post with a very good luck and wishes so that you become successful in being a truly good human being! :)

P.S.-- Hope you liked it and I hope my post will be useful to at least one among the readers! I really want the people to change regarding this and hence the post! If you have something to share ( regarding this), you are always welcomed in my comment box! I will love to read them and learn from them!

Much Love! :)
Preeti! :)


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Blogaddict Me!!

Shunning away from my blog for more than a month has eventually paid back! It is only me who can describe the feeling, the pinning I used to get during my semester was on and even before it had started! Writing to me is Holy! I live to write. I can even stay away from reading new books for a month but staying away from writing always had made me itch! I used to sit with my computer software and hardware books, read a page and think about my blog! It wasn't being updated for more than a month but that wasn't it , what was making me restless. I wanted to write and just write! I took out a page and started to write there. It made absolute sense to me. It helped me to stop being that fidgety. But how long can I not see my own blog?! It was taking a height of restiveness! Still I stayed away from my computer just to have a good result in my semester!

This wasn't the end! Even when I switched on my pc to run my programs and codings, my palms itched to connect the internet browser! But still I managed to dodge that browser! Spending a whole darn month and a few weeks more this way, isn't that easy! But now I don't regret that, the reason being all my hard work has paid! :)

My results are out and I am the 2nd topper of my department!! I am still beaming! :)

I was used to such results when I was in school and after 2 years am back again with a bang! So, finally I am happy! I really don't regret those days anymore! Pinning for my blog has brought some meaning to it! 

I have always believed in working hard! At least, I haven't earned anything without working hard. And writing is my love! So, trying to shirk from it while I only study all day and night, was something real tough for me.

Now that my next semester will be again in 4 months and I have to again stay away from my blog for months, I thought to jot down some points so that it can be easy for me to concentrate on my studies! And even you, who are reading my blog can find it useful to try to shun your addiction for something fruitful in life!

 I am talking about all the addictions one can have! For instance, let me tell you that I am totally addicted to my blog! And unlike, other addictions, being addicted to blog or writing is way far better and useful. This is something very special about this addiction! So may be this is fatal only during one's exams, not otherwise, unlike the other addictions! 

So, I will be talking here about all the addictions and how to get over them.

Firstly, we have to be very much concerned about what is more important to us! Like my exams were much more important at that time than my blog! Blog is my passion but that was the time when studying was my need! If we are clear about what is important to us, we are already half there in what we are trying to achieve.

Secondly, whenever we itch or start to pin for that one thing (may be fags or blog or alcohols or anything), we must think about its ill effects! More often, its ill effects cannot stop us from fetching it again! But we have to be strong enough to have the strength to shun it away! It will ultimately lead to happiness!

Thirdly, pinning for some days will bring joy later on and trust me that joy will be much bigger than we can imagine! Whenever we ought to think about it, we must try to divert our minds! Think about what's more problematic than it! Life has a lot of stuffs to make you sad! So, we can even sometimes try to solve out those things by thinking carefully about the solution. If we get totally engrossed about that very problem in our life trying to solve it, we can get rid of the itching for quite a lot of time! It helps!

Fourthly, it is the time to keep yourself busy! Do anything and everything! Just keep yourself busy.

Fifthly, You have nothing to do??!! Well, go out for a walk. Watch the sun setting, watch the birds chirping, watch the water sprinkling in the lake! Seems poetic?! But trust me, whatever you do whole heartedly can never create a single space for your bad addiction! If you are determined, it is bound to happen! Make yourself the master of your mind, not the other way round!

Trying to avoid addiction is tough, no doubt! But nothing is impossible!! So go for it! Try it out! 

And if you are pinning to get an addiction, start a blog! ;) Its no doubt, far better than smoking fags or something that evil! ;) At least the time you spend thinking what to write will be useful to stop your harmful addiction! 

Much Love,
Preeti! :)

Monday, 5 August 2013


This is my 25th post and as it is known to be, it is my "silver jubilee" post! So I thought to make it a little bit different and special! As it is my own post, I thought to write about myself here. What else can be more special to me?! And as it is my 25th post, so I have decided to write about "25 unusual or secret facts about myself".

So here they go:-

1.I am inspired by the women with brains rather than beauty! You can be the ugliest, but if you are kind, true, intelligent and smart, then you are my friend!

2.Success motivates me more than failure! Failure keeps me depressed for no reason at all. Once I succeed in doing something, it motivates me to try out other difficult things as well!

3.I have gone through tough times in life (at least more than other people of my age). But yeah, if you talk to me, you won't get a single hint about my real life! I can't really crack 50 jokes in few minutes but can make you laugh constantly! That's how I am! But from a distant, I am quite a serious one! ;)

4.I love women with short hair! They look extremely sexy and confident to me! And so, even I have decided to cut my long hair shorter! I loved Winona Ryder in Girl Interrupted! I have never seen a woman so beautiful in short hair and loose tees!

5.I find smoking classy, sexy and smart! In fact the women who smoke get higher points than men who do, according to me! ;)

6.I feel bragging about yourself is helpful, sometimes!

7. I just don't trust anyone except my family and my best friend! Yup, that's darn true.

8. I can happily murder someone who dares to speak a word against my mom,dad,sister and my best friend! Oh! C'mon I know them better and longer than you do!

9. I hate alcohols! The reason being its bitterness! And yeah, I don't LOVE chocolates like all the ladies do! I know I am at sin! :D

10. Any guy thinking to hit on me should very well know that I'm not really interested into any kind of shits right now and may be ever! I am too busy and happy dealing with my own life.

11.I have a thing for sling bags! Well, my birthday is approaching! ;) :p

12. I even have a thing for Vin Diesel and Taylor Lautner! They are hot! ;)

13.When I am sad or pissed off, I really don't need anyone to HUG me! I just need some time to be alone! I want to sit alone, I want to sleep alone, I want to cry alone, I want to be all alone through out the day and night till I get back to my normal self and trust me, if I get to be really alone, it doesn't take much time to get back to myself again!

14.I know how to swim to save my life! How I wish I could perfectly learn it more!

15. I detest guys who think girls can't do things on their own! And trust me, I am no more friends with those guys who tried to show extra pity on me trying to help me out just because I am a girl and tried to prove himself Caring! Huh! This is how you lose me,see! Guys, we can do things on our own, at least we do it better than you! So chill! ;)

16. I can't stand those people who get happier when a son is born in their family than a daughter, even in this generation! Specially, when they are themselves a woman!

17. If I am not happy with you (i.e, if you can't make me happy), I can eventually dump you! See, its not my fault. My motto is to be happy in life and I can't keep those people in my life who are a pain in my butt!

18.I love Amruta Patil's writing! She is such an effortlessly elegant writer! She inspires me to become an artist!

19.My solution when I am sad or angry or even tired-- 1. Cooking! Even making some french fries or a normal sandwich makes me happy again! :)  2. Shopping! :p (This proves I am a girl!)

20.I am scared of operations like anything! I hate scissors and all those stuffs that are needed in operations!

21.I love animals! I find pride in lions and tigers even though they scare the hell out of me! But there's one that I hate and I freak out. Its a snake! I can't stand a snake!

22.I am a book worm and a great foodie! I can happily get locked in a room for thousand days with only books and food! And no, I will not even need a cellphone!(My mom will love me after reading this, I bet!)

23.I don't like romantic movies! Yeah, some I do, but not all! I love movies that make me think what the next scene can be but there it proves me wrong always!

24.I like guys with a good physique, and good smell. Looks, to me, are secondary! And I always go for guys who are smarter in true sense (not those who try to be one) and can actually speak good in English! And the opposite I hate! And those who smell like they haven't bath for a month or so and have no balls to speak properly in front of people, just irk me!

25. Last but not the least, I can be too loyal to you! Sometimes even if you hurt me or cheat on me, I can still help you forgetting your sins! So you are lucky!

Loads of love and best wishes!
Preeti :)