Thursday, 27 June 2013

What Do You Do When You Have A Sore Throat?!

Sometimes when I'm too late to post something in my blog,its probably because I'm too lazy to curl up to my computer and switch it on. Yes,it happens to me. Those are the days I sleep and eat and sleep and eat and sleep and eat and .... well you know now. :p

Today was such a day for me. After yesterday's day out (I had went out with my friends and at night I was too tired to switch on the computer and that still continues to be the same in the morning!) Worse, after having loads of cokes and soda water with pieces of ice in it, I have got no doubt a sore throat from today morning itself!
 Aaaaghhh!! How I hate it! :(

I can't talk,I can't sing,I can't eat, I have to free my choked throat every now and then, worse,  I have to gargle (which I detest!)

Now I have nothing left other than repenting about drinking chilled soda and cokes at a stretch! :(
How  boka (foolish) can I be not to think of my health for once before drinking them?? May be now I have to be sick for more than a week and it will irk me to its extreme!!

Next thing to do ---- Weep,feel down, start feeling irritated and regret! Ohhh!!! Why on earth I was so careless??!!

Now,the same situation with a different perspective. Here it goes:

After having loads of fun along with some chilled soda and cokes and what else not I'm sick here, I have got a sore throat! Aaghhh Its irritating! :(

It so irks me every second and even it irked me the whole darn night. I woke up and sat due to it. I must have thought before I drank them.

The situation starts getting sadder thinking why did I drink it?! :(

Suddenly at this situation an inner voice wakes me up saying-- Hey! Are you crazy?! This is just a sore throat you are having. I don't think its the end!! Well, you just had fun with your bestfriend and drank coke and soda but now you are crying over it and regretting having fun?! Will you have such  a day hanging out and laughing over "what not" when you are busy with works or when you are old??!!

And well, a sore throat makes you cry?? Then what might have happened to some people out there who have just been confirmed that they are suffering from the deadliest disease ever and is going to die within a year or so!! Have you ever thought how much will you cry and behave having such diseases if you are crying so much over this?? Have you ever thought what happens to those who lose their loved ones but continue to be strong and heal themselves!! aah!! You crazy little soul!! Cheer up and do the needful to get rid of your sore throat!!

 Next thing to do ---- Smile, satisfied, got up to start boiling water for your gargle! :)

Now which situation will you likely to be in?? The latter or the former??!!

This world is a huge place and you never know how much can one suffer!! And be sure that your suffering is much,much, much lesser than atleast one person in this earth!! You are much more happier than some people out there.

 Cherish having your life and some wonderful stuffs and people in it. You never know when you lose them. Express positivity  and love! Tell some one how much he/she means to you, how much you love him/her! Because you never know when is the last time you see them.

Trust me, it counts! :)

And for me, right now I'm cherishing my "sore throat"!! Yes, I'm! :D
Because I don't know when will my body and soul stop responding to any external stimuli. I don't know when suddenly I will die!! I don't know the time when I will drink loads of chilled soda but my throat will be unable to react to them!! I don't know when I will be unable to drink cokes or sodas anymore!!

And most of all, I don't know if ever I will again go out with my best friend and laugh over a guy having his ears pierced, a glass of water I spill over the restaurant table and people looking at us awfully like we came from some village but we still laughing our heads out and if ever we both can have chilled sodas together again, still better when we take a sip and utter some disgusting yet satisfying words purposely just to laugh over it " aahhhaaaaa ki thandaaa!!!! ki arrraaaammm!!!! Dam ta ektu komale hoy na dada??!! Amra toh students!!" (meaning wow!! so cooll it is!! so satisfying!! Can't you lesser the price?? We are students,you see!!) with a typical tone!! 

Aaahh!! Surely I will miss these all!! 


  1. ha clever..ur excuse for excess consumption of iced water whatever form.. anyway you had an awesome soar throat stands every moment :)

    1. My post here was only to say that having a positive perspective to all the things in this world is invited. It keeps you happy and fit! :)


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