Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Souls Unlike.!

I am the richest soul alive in the New York City. I jumped in triumph when I got my very first modelling contract. I was on the top of this world. The thought of travelling the whole world, me as a super model, the thought of the fame I was going to have, the thought of the lakhs of paparazzi encircling me and trying to get a single hint of my lifestyle, made me that jubilant person I have always dreamt about. I knew I was born to be famous, I knew I was made to be rich. I have that handsome looks that any man would die to have for, I have that dashing looks that can make any girl go weak in her knees. I am the dream of the dreamers….…..

……..This was the first time in the past 3 years that I am here in my hometown to meet my family.  No sooner than I arrived, I stumbled into a beautiful face that I once knew. Ah! She is the girl whom I dumped for better reasons of my life. She was my girl. I looked her closely while still sitting inside my posh car. We had a cute relationship; she was the cute pretty girl with whom I could share anything and everything of my life, she was the one who loved me irrespective of what I was.  She had loved me with all her soul. But I wanted something more, someone prettier. She wasn't the one I wanted. So I dumped her before flying to the New York City to have my awaited king-size lifestyle……..

………I waited till she disappeared from my sight. I waited for her to look at me and smile, if not smile, at least look at me. I was the man she had loved truly. But she didn’t look at me for once. Not a single time she even tried to look at me. I wasn’t habituated with such an attitude, neither from her, nor from anyone in this world. I was the super model, one of the richest person alive.! And yeah, she was always excited to be with me, when we were a couple. We were so happy. I was so happy.!  She has changed, yeah she has. Or is it that she got someone better than me?!  Better than me?!! Huh!! I must be kidding.!! Why am I even waiting for her to smile at me?! Am I insane?  I am a super model, and she?!  Well, she is nothing compared to me; I just can’t smile at anyone and everyone.

I was on my way back to home from my office. A slender big posh car caught my eyes. I looked at it in awe. I have given every second of my life to my career, to be a good engineer. I can afford a car very soon. I was happy with that thought.  I had to buy a car and give it to my mum.  A little more hard work and I can surely achieve my dream. I was deep in thought just when the face of a handsome young man got me struck. For a moment or two, I was blank- I was completely blank in my mind. I looked at him smiling at another man. Was it that fake smile which I knew once? He is the man- err, or would I say that guy, I am in love with. He is that person who dumped me three years ago because of prettier women. My heart began thumping aloud. Somewhere within myself, I still loved him, I still thought about him, whether he misses me or not; but the answer had always been no. I have seen him in the news with his current girlfriend, she too a super model; the third girlfriend in two years and I have cried some more then.  I am nothing in front of her looks. He got whatever he wanted in his life- fame, money,  women prettier than me. He is happy. I cannot be the person who crosses his mind even for a second. I wanted to flee, I wanted to hide. I looked away from him………..

…………I hastily walked passed by him. I didn't look back at him. I knew I would be again having those deadly nights, crying for him. But maybe I was wrong. It wasn't  a minute after seeing my  mother waiting for me with a smile, that I forgot about him, that I saw him after 3 years, the guy whom I loved like anything- I forgot about him.! I was deep into my normal present life. I am a happy girl now, which I couldn't be when I was with him ever. Love cannot be one sided ever. I am satisfied with my life now, I am so happy now. His presence, his fake smile, didn't do much to me. I am happy that I am overcoming my past.  I finally realized I am the happiest when single; without him…….

……It’s tough to fall in love more than once. But if it happens, it’s simply magic. And I believe in magic. I have fallen in love with my life....!