Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Avoid Prickers!!

The Prickers- as it goes like, are the people who never miss a chance to put you down!! No matter how much you are loved or are stable in your life,they are always there to let you down. I have been going through this since quite a long time, and this is what has just urged me to pen it down here. Sharing some incidents might help you readers to connect with them.

I was there in a party (my cousin's wedding) with my whole family. My sister bought me new outfits for the ceremony. We went there looking forward to really enjoy the party. We entered the hall,in high spirits to meet our relatives and cousins. A relative came forward to greet us but she suddenly emerged telling me- Your churidaar is really good,and the dupatta too but your sister's isn't that nice!!
My sister and I were taken aback by her so craggy comment!! Anyone would be!! I suddenly replied her saying- Its her only who bought me new clothes!! So it seems she loves me more than herself!! Isn't it?? :)

She was forced to soften. She smiled and got away.

Me and my bestfriend were talking about these "put-downs". I went into a tizzy when she told me that she was facing some similar things in her life. She knows this girl in her college who never boosts her up or appreciates her for anything good she does,rather she always pulls her down!!

Once my best friend (I call her Maddy), scored AN EXCELLENT in her project. She was obviously very happy for her achievement. But the girl came forward and put her down by saying that the professor had actually given an excellent to most of the students, and that she was no exception.

My friend automatically became upset,where the truth was very few students including Maddy scored a high in the project and the girl putting her down couldnot achieve it!!

Another incident which occured to me very recently needs a very special mention over here.

Those who are my regular readers would obviously know that I have started blogging very recently. I'm nearly a month's old here. And offcourse I'm here to overcome my depression in life and  I'm Trying to help others who have been facing the same situations like me but are still not strong enough to overcome it. I'm truly happy that I have been receiving messages like my articles are kind of inspiring them and making them strong and happy.
I'm so glad that I atleast can make a single person on this Earth smile through my writings! I'm being successful and I truly thank to all my readers for this.

My friends were really happy for my writing and a little bit of my success. I have a "So called friend" with whom I was talking about my blog. You will very soon know the reason behind calling her my "so called friend".
I was quite excited about it when she told me she too wants to read it and asked me for my link. She read it but wasn't really saying anything about it to me. I was a bit sad because she is my really good friend. I asked her- You didn't like it,nah?? She then replied me- No! Its good. I mean,its good as a first timer! You are writing for the first time,nah!!
Surely, I was taken aback by her reply!! NO, it wasn't my first time. I had been writing in my personal diary since a long time. I had always loved writing about my life and my experiences. So, I was so forlorn. I thought I am not a good writer and people who say and text me are just saying them to flatter me. Because the friend telling me this was really my good friend and I have always appreciated her in every possible way. I am not a professional writer so its obvious I will not be perfect (even the best of the writers are not sometimes),but I was really wanting some sort of encouragement from my so good friend which I failed to get anyhow.
I read in the internet about these prickers and now I surely believe that we will always face some criticism for whatever good we do but if most of the lot likes and appreciates you,then you are really not that bad, infact ,you are there achieving your goals.
 And I kinda thank these "prickers" for pricking me and my closed ones as I wouldn't have been able to come up with this article of mine if it wouldn't have been them trying to put us down!!

Some really important ways to cope up with these put downs are:
  1. Think from where these criticisms are coming!! (as I have read an article by an author) If they are coming from a person much more senior and "well educated" than you,think about it and learn from it as we don't always do the right thing, offcourse ,so every criticism might not be just a "put down".
  2. We must know how to recognize a "put down"!! Like,if that comment makes you really sullen and upset and you are pretty down there thinking about the whole darn comment for long time and which even affects you going forward with your work,it is surely meant to be a "put down" for you!!
  3.  "Put-Downs" generally come from those people who are themselves a big time losers and most of the time they never get happy when someone else is achieving something good!! In short , they are jealous of your success!! They tend to put others down so that they cannot really go on achieving honour and love anymore!! 
      4.     We often start believing in the put downs and get upset which affects our beautiful life!! So just don't!!                          

      6. Now, if you yourself belong to the "prickers association", I would like to say that please don't prick and put down others but try to appreciate them for what good they do!! And similarly, try yourself to improve by doing something good not by pulling someone down but by achieving better than them yourself!! That's where the real credits lie!! :) Never put someone else down,just to make yourself feel better.


    Hope I have been successful in sharing my views clearly!! Hope people don't really prick others and think about themselves much more than putting others down!!


    Much Love!! :)

    Friday, 22 March 2013

    The Attempt!!

    I had my headphones on when my eyes met yours!

    I had no clue that you would be so important to me after that day. The first thing I did each time after stepping into the bus was,looked for you all over the bus. And your absence there made me sullen somehow. But I was unaware of  the feelings I had started to grow for you. Because to me,love didn't possess any value anymore.
     Your stepping into the bus used to make my day already. So many days of accidentally looking into each other and some days of travelling the whole journey with a heavy heart for your absence, made me realize that I was somewhat falling into you. But I ignored! I sat up the whole darn night and thought about you,whether again you will come the next day. I was so curious each day just to see your "OH!! So Serious" looks.

    I was listening to my favourite song in the fm,when you stepped in again. I was obviously waiting for you to come and thus I was looking outside the door of the bus. And there you were,stepping in and looking at me with your so very mysterious eyes. Our awaiting eyes caught each other and mine were too fast to remove it from yours. My heart kept beating so fast and singing the song within itself. You came straight and sat behind my seat. I thought to myself that you wanted to sit beside me but my bag(which I kept there) stopped you from seeking the seat just beside me and thus you sat behind. I was so sure that you were wanting to sit beside me. I smiled to my wicked thoughts. I slowly tried to look at you and again,we caught each other's eyes and we both smiled!! I sat up straight then and made up my mind not to look at you anymore at any cost.

    The next day, I was a bit late, and to my surprise,I kept running so that I don't miss the bus. After all,it was a whole day's wait for me just to see you again. I got up into the bus finding you taking out your headphone from your bag. Ah!! You missed me. You didn't know that I was already there in the bus. I saw a window seat behind you was unoccupied and where all the ladies' seats were full. I was left with no other options but to sit behind you,and trust me,I was so full of joy.

    I went straight there and sat behind you. I took out my mobile phone and the headphone because without it the journey would be so lifeless. I was then so darn happy to see you looking at the steps of the bus. It made me sure that you were too waiting for me. I saw you looking at the door restlessly. More ten minutes went by,without you knowing that I was actually sitting behind you and gazing at you constantly and noticing every little thing you were busy doing for me. I was elated!! I saw you looking all over the bus for me and then slightly saw you turning back. Now that you understood,that a girl was behind you,made you curious to see if it was me,made me more excited. I was waiting to see what you actually do.... But I was truly amazed by your so cunning mind!! I was astonished to see you getting up and keeping your bag on the rack and seeing me then. And then,not finding you another time looking at the door made me sure that it was me.

    Same thing happened with each day approaching and me waking up even before the alarm goes off!! I again started to have life full of excitements. I was again falling in love!!

    A day came when we had the same exciting journey in the bus and then we reached our college,and we had to step out. We entered the college premises and were walking to reach our respective classes. I almost reached my class. I was walking behind you as you kind of walk faster than me,may be you being taller than me helped you to do so. But whatever,I loved to walk behind you as I could see you directly,which I couldn't have done if you were behind me.

    As my class approached,you started being slower and by reflex,it made me slower too. Suddenly,to my surprise,you looked back straight to me!! God!! Where could have I hidden myself then????I was so scared of you because of your so serious looks always. I was looking at you and you just caught me!! My eyes automatically went down to the green grass all over the ground. I looked up again, and you still were looking at me,but there, you looked at me and looked down and smiled!! Actually you smiled again!! And may be you wanted me to see you smiling this time. I was on cloud nine!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!
    I felt like jumping in joy!! I recalled it within myself and thanked you!! You passed my classroom several times and looked at me each time with the same darn eager. I was happy!!

    It was you the last day making me feel out of this world anyway. It has been more than nearly four months we silently keep on looking at each other but the last day was really what I never expected!! I got up into the bus again looking for you as usual. But no,I couldn't see you anywhere. I was sad. :(

    No window seats were even left unoccupied except for just two. I went up to the first seat,where I saw a black bag was kept but not beside the window. So I kept my bag there and then kept looking for your black and maroon bag. I couldn't see it anywhere.

    I thought to myself who might have kept the bag there leaving a so darn good window seat for someone else to enjoy it!! But maybe he will come up and say the window seat was his and fight with me(which generally regular bus travellers tend to do). So I got up and headed towards the next seat, without a second thought to it. I sat and was taking out the headphone again,when I saw you coming towards the bus without your bag with you. I was shocked. I started looking all over the bus again,if I might have missed your bag anywhere. But no! It wasn't there anywhere. You looked up at me and I removed my eyes again from yours. You got up into the bus and walked towards my seat. To my surprise,you caught hold of the black bag which was kept there leaving the window seat.!! I was so darn Shocked! But it wasn't your bag!! I didn't see the maroon prints anywhere on the bag!! It was just black!!!! Moreover, I never saw you sitting anywhere else except a window seat. I kept looking at my mobile phone and tried to give you the illusion that I was pretty busy with it. (I know I failed!!)

    I looked up and saw you looking at me. You gave me a certain look,pushed the black bag, then holding it above you kept it on the rack. Alas!! I saw the maroon prints now!! How could have I missed those then????
    You sat beside the window itself!!

    I thought to myself- I'm A fool!!!! Why did I get up and change my seat?? I could have been happier there!!!! :(

    Anyway,a lot of days are still left and I hope we can finally end up sitting beside each other someday in future!!

    I just hope so!! And I keep saying you, A big Thank You For your Attempt!! :)

    Tuesday, 19 March 2013

    Time Which Is Mine!! :)

    I was there sitting on the couch and thinking about all that happened in my past. Probably i messed up too many things all along my way till here. I literally didn't have that time to actually THINK about myself or may be just didn't want to. Was too busy with books, dance, songs, games, family, relationships, relatives, heartbreaks and friends- some of whom,i don't even see now. It seemed like venom to me. I hardly thought about myself in life,and by that i mean nobody but Only Myself. I did too many stuffs in my life, I took too many important decisions of my life without a second thought to it.

    But then again,I anticipated that I couldn't be better without messing up so much in life!! These "messing ups" actually gave me strength and made me who I am today as a person. And there I was, smiling to myself again!!

    People change with time- was the very common phrase I heard often. But,I didn't, infact , I couldn't believe it anyway. Because,offcourse, sometime I was the most talkative girl in the class, and just the other minute,I was sad for some reason,and I was actually not talking to anybody. I was sometime the most so called intelligent girl,and the next moment I was the dumbest one!! Sometimes it didn't take myself a minute to head from the most calm,quiet person to the most annoying one. But there all inside,I was the same,the exactly same girl. I was totally an emotional fool. I was quite an extremer. If I hated something,it was beyond anything that I hated it,and if I loved something,I was in such an attitude,that even God can't really stop me from loving it. I was a fool. Yes- I actually was!!

    I changed,and yes,time had changed me. The so very common phrase which I never believed in, has actually changed me today. I am no more an emotional fool. I have learnt to value things I have in my life! I have learnt that I am no more so kiddish. I have matured a hell lot. Finally I am an adult!! And above all, I have learnt to give time to myself,only myself,which is making me better each day!!

    There's so many little things in life which we never think of. We often tend to blame others for what they do wrong,but we never ever realise that we are no "perfectionists" and we are really no one to blame and curse anyone else in this world. We must leave that stuff upto our God. ;)

    Guys,just take some time out of your so heavy schedules in life, when you actually spend your really good time watching television or something as useless as that,and recall all that happened to you. And all the mistakes you did in your past, and try to learn from them,and be true to yourself, as well as, all the sweet things and the best things you did, and feel proud of who you are,and just love yourself for that. It feels just so wonderful. Trust me,I speak from experience. Try not to find faults in others and try out your own faults and try not to really repeat it the next time. If we really can carry out this in the true sense,I'm sure as hell,we human,being the most intelligent creatures on this planet,will stop fighting with each other and there will be more love.And yes,we can emerge ourselves as better human beings and surely, we will be happier.

    Much Love!! :)

    Sunday, 17 March 2013

    Perfection isn't really perfect always!!!!

    I wonder why do people always want us to act perfect????!!!!
    I have met a person recently, who actually dissemble to be PERFECT at all times in his life!! Even if he's busy doing something noxious, he puts it up as the sin of some other person related to him and thus he being affected by the situation. And most of the other people tend to love and trust him more than anything else in the world!! Strange,isn't it?? My another really important lesson in life was concerning such a person and i'm really glad that i somehow came across this person.

    He was kinda strange, he was my friend, and used to tell me that he wanted to make everything related to him perfect!! And by that, he certainly meant, he wanted to be perfect to anyone and everyone in this world!! He wanted a perfect 100 in his papers, he wanted to be perfect to his girlfriend, he wouldn't smoke infront of his girlfriend and parents, and give them the illusion that he's the gem in their life anyway!! Funny!! It sounded funny to me somehow!!
    He always used to say that he would just do anything for his love and his parents!! He would even give away his life for them!!
    But the funniest part was, he was actually only saying such stuffs to make people fond of him,look up to him, may be. The reality was, he refrained from doing anything like that. When the time came to show his love and perfectness,he turned his tail towards it!! He escaped so that he doesn't mess up his own life!!

     But the outer world still loved him for his so called perfectness. He was being a genuine perfect one for this world!! But I wonder how can anyone stay happy with these kinda people?? They tend to make others fantasize about themselves. Even, I was building castles up in the air about his so called perfect character!!!!

    But it was actually a big bang on me when I came to know the actual him. He ran away from any serious or typically tough situations and saved himself. He wouldn't be there even for his own family or love if he faced any difficulty himself. And they kinda make you do something for them and still keep on bragging about it themselves!! I have learnt that these people ought to make you suffer more by their so called perfectness!! And they try to gain sympathy by acting foolish and you know,you will just love them for this!!

    I was actually trying to find out some solutions to avoid these people,atleast not to be affected by them in life. And the best ones that dawned on my mind was :

    1. Learn to say a firm no!! - If you are actually not in the mood in doing anything for them, just say a "NO" and never think what others will actually think about you,because as I stated in my earlier post,that their opinion about yourself doesn't really matter!!
    2. Just laugh out loud and go away from them whenever you find them blowing their own horns or blaming anyone else for their own failure.
    3. Actually give them tough situations to deal with and see what their answers are!! They will have the funniest,useless yet "i m so brave" type of answers!!
    4. Never in life take them seriously whenever you see someone constantly blaming someone else for his own life!! They are absolutely nothing and they are the fatuous people who are unable to do anything themselves and keep on blaming others so that they kinda feel better for who they are!!
    Mostly these are the people who tend to be nothing but  perfect losers in life. But our main motive should be how to be happy in life and thus we have to avoid these people for the sake of our happiness!!The most important thing is to love yourself the most,no matter what!! 

    Noone actually is perfect!! No relationship can be perfect, but loving the imperfections of the other person brings up a whole perfect relationship!! Neither your parents nor your true friends will want you to be perfect at all!! Rather they will make it perfect by being with you,no matter how stupid you are!! So just throw away this utterly stupid idea of being perfect and live your life and be proud of what you are. Try to love yourself. Don't make your own self so blurred infront of others!! You should be the best to yourself no matter what,and you must do what you actually feel!That may not be perfect to someone else but that's where your uniqueness lies!! If someone's making you unhappy consistently,just move on leaving that person aside!! Because what matters is to be happy!! Being perfect somewhat makes you boring!! And you having this only one life,would you actually want to make it boring????

    Atleast,I won't!!!!

    Thursday, 14 March 2013

    Sorrows bring you happiness!!

    Today I'm here to tell you something about a lesson I learnt in life!!

    Life's so hard sometimes and you never know why!! Things have been really difficult for me till today in my life. I was actually a happy go lucky kinda kid,scoring the highest in school, and being loved in home for all of my other curriculums. Life was actually so bright those days!!

    But there came the greatest tempest in my life and actually ruined all my happiness. I was being distracted from my studies,friends,family and above all, my own halcyon life and the worst part of it was - I never knew!! I was so much into it that it actually made me forget all about my life,the real life I had! I was living in Fairy Tales!!
    Oh!! yeah,I was in love!!

     Did I say love is a tempest????
    Offcourse not.. Love never is, nor should be an irk to anybody. It's a lovely feeling - all that I came to know and understand from my life.
    Like any other person,I was actually so much elated being in love. But that was surely a perdition for me and my blessed life!! That guy wasn't really nice. And things were just repugnant to what I wished for and expected offcourse!! He left!!! He left after so many years of togetherness and love just with a saying that he was too bored to be with just one girl for so many years!!!!

    I was left numb!!! I coudn't really respond him back,but slowly detached myself from him which I had to, in anyway!! That was the end- end of my happiness!! (I thought)

    I was so much depressed in life then. That was a red light for my life!! Nothing seemed good and gay to me!! I so wanted him back but knew he wasn't anymore the right guy to be with. Days passed by and I made it a point to be really busy in my life to get over it. I started to attend dance classes and every thing else I used to do.I started to be so busy with my work and life,that there wasn't a single moment left for me even to watch television and trust me,it really worked and I finally was so happy again!! I started to become really strong and actually nothing bothered me in life anymore! I became more sensible and responsible for my family and my career!! I was getting back my old self again and this time it was a totally different joy!!

    I actually started to score highs in college again and my parents who were actually doing so much for me,were again becoming proud of me which in turn made me the happiest person alive!! :)
    Things were just in right situations again for me!!

    Now as you all see, if someone actually goes away and hurts you,there's no point in crying and thinking of revenge. He has already screwed up his life by hurting you!! So just sit back there and enjoy your life which is worth a lot more than some cheater!! And make your life a wonder for your parents or someone more important to you and make them proud of you!! Love yourself the most and really don't think about what others have to say about you!! Because that's just their opinion and at the end its "just their own opinion"!! God's up there and has made your story which you actually deserve to be in and in which you will be best suited and the happiest. So don't worry and move on and keep faith. :)
    There are stuffs so wonderful in life to love for and enjoy!! Chill out and give yourself a reason to live for yourself!! Life will be much easier and beautiful with good people and good thoughts around you!! :)

    Hope some of you could relate with this and you can really try out this if you are depressed for any reason!!
    I'm sure it will work wonders for you too. :)

    Tuesday, 12 March 2013

    Being A Sister

    A small fight with my elder sister had actually made me write this. I really don't understand always your value in my life may be because i have kinda taken you for granted. We fight and then make up with each other. We really don't need any reasons for making up though,the sole reason being- "We are sisters and i kinda love you for my life." And whenever we fight and stop talking to each other, i kinda miss sharing my little titbits of life with you,what's going on in my college,which guy i am having a crush on,papers i can't deal with..

    Truly today whoever i am as a person, somewhere it goes to you. I'm not the perfect girl but have been a lot matured for you. Not only sharing petty issues of my life but hanging out together and making completely out of life and giving me precious moments of my life-- here everything goes to you!! For me,mum and you,arn't two different people either.

    I fight with you and certainly get angry on you for expecting a hell lot from me,but this is what have made me a better person in life!! Anger kinda hides my love and respect for you, but the moment i think about you leaving us within 2 more years by marrying, it makes me cry and yes-- i mean it!!

    Anyway let's not take too much of your time and say that i'm sorry and i will always be there with you no matter what,no matter when and where.. Sometimes I feel,being just a sister is far better than being a superhero!! :)

    always love you!! :)

    New to you

    As this is my very first post here n i'm new to this site, i wanted to share some of my very self with all of you out there!! Its been a long journey with wonderful, sweet memories of my life. I am here to share my little experiences of life n today me as a person with you.. Hope to get appreciated n loved! :)