Saturday, 1 June 2013

Having you back is Magical!!

Missed you!! Missed you every moment!! The day you came into my life, the day I came to know that you exist, and some days later when we became the best of friends, those were the days I can never really forget!! You give me strength, you show me love!! You are all that I want and certainly you are all that I missed!! :(

Tiring days passed!! Never really found examinations to be so tiring!! Days went by and I kept on counting the days left ,the sole reason being you!! 

The day I started  writing in this blog was the happiest day of my life!! And yes, I was itching to get back to this blog again, (A whole month was a huge gap!!) which is a healthy part of my life, perhaps my life!! Even many computer books couldn't hold me back from pining for it!! This blog offered a great deal to my life, It gives me joy (the perfect word would be- Happiness!!),  it gives me love, and most importantly it presents my life with "Satisfaction"!!

Besides it, I so missed having some really healthy fun with my best pal (which is quite obvious during exams!!)

I missed waking up so late in the morning and directly switch on my pc before doing a single other chore and yes, missed taking long,long relieving baths (which is never really possible when you have a whole big fat book to finish in just a single day)!!

Better late than never, I'm back again on my track of living life to the fullest (which always happens when I get to write something,and always do when I'm on this blog!!)And yes, its magical!! :)

Its good to miss something or someone sometimes which makes you darn confident and sure about its importance in your life!! So its good to miss!! :)

Looking forward to write more and more and apologies if I have kept you waiting!!

Till then lots of love and wishes!! :)


  1. hey preeti missed u too.... really missed your writings miss .... :) glad that u r back.... will be having a big mid sem break, going through your blogs will be wonderful... :) waiting for ur magical blogs ;)

  2. thank you for your kind and motivating comment!! :)
    these comments drive me to write more :)

  3. we all waiting.. i thought u quit blogging.. happy to c u again.. give us more enriching stuffs :)


    1. Sure!! missed blogging a lot!! these exams you know!! Never give you a single second to even breathe properly!! :p

    2. Never give you a single second to even breathe properly!! that apply for the people who study ( like u )

      Don't make any diff at all for ppl like me who study history for geography :P


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