Monday, 19 August 2013

Does "All Work and No Play" Make Jack Only a Dull Boy??!!

Its a Monday morning!! We all generally abhor the Sunday night itself for letting us to be so near to the Monday morning. I feel so groggy at times when I even think of the weekdays! To me, my college life do corresponds to something so tied up, so slaving at times that I end up being wrathful about it, often!

Every teenager do have a wish to live and spend their college life in amusement, bantering and jesting along with their friends. Likewise, so did I. But then, I was very well unaware of these frantic stuffs that would one day make me go nuts about my college life!!

Speaking about my college, lets firstly say that we do really have a college uniform! (like the little kids who go to schools holding their parents' hands with the fear of getting lost! ) Yeah! We do!! How I loathe this!!
College days become more and more humdrum when we ought to wear a single,boring uniform to the college each and everyday!!(Its been a rule that all the engineering colleges must have uniforms of their own! :( )  Secondly, miserably we are just unable to get out from the college premises till the college schedule ends!
We cannot bunk classes, we have to rather sit and dodge the whole draggy day while the professors go on with their lectures!

Well, then we must be having fun at least on the weekends, isn't it?! Aah!! There again you went wrong and me as well!  Our weekends are totally occupied with Assignments!! Assignments which we have to submit on the very next week to the professors! It feels so hot under the collar that sometimes I feel school days were much more fun!! (Atleast having my best friend around always). This so deranged college life even holds me back from pursuing my passion- my writing! Sometimes a week passes by and I'm not even aware of it! Then suddenly I jump out and start to pray for some time off so that I can sit with my computer for long!!

And yes, Monday morning is this dandy time for me!! :)

Well for me, Sunday and Monday are the weekends and Tuesday is the Monday for me!

Even though I have assignments to complete, I have always loved to first switch on my computer and open my zealous blog because................ =>

But what made me think is these frantic schools and colleges that are proudly giving birth to future citizens!! Will these future generation really have plenty of rope to curtail the crimes of our government and society?! Will the men and the women have the liberty to know and understand what is right and wrong for themselves and the society and reckon to the best?! Will not they correspond to Jack in the "All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy"?! Well, only dull?!! No there's a lot more!

I wish the people and the government start to think and measure things differently and from our perspective! I wish, the little kids still have a plenty of time to play and nurture themselves! I wish we still have large playgrounds and see-saws for the children to run around and play! I wish the schools do not become a threat to the children's liberty! I wish, in order to score the highest marks in schools and colleges, we don't surrender ourselves to our sordid inside, we do not lose the immunity to weigh the right things for us! I wish we see beautiful little kids playing and knowing the world outside the books! I wish we have an intelligent and praise-worthy society!! Not one who is always fighting only for his success!!

I just wish so!! :)

Much Love,
Preeti!! :)


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