Monday, 5 August 2013


This is my 25th post and as it is known to be, it is my "silver jubilee" post! So I thought to make it a little bit different and special! As it is my own post, I thought to write about myself here. What else can be more special to me?! And as it is my 25th post, so I have decided to write about "25 unusual or secret facts about myself".

So here they go:-

1.I am inspired by the women with brains rather than beauty! You can be the ugliest, but if you are kind, true, intelligent and smart, then you are my friend!

2.Success motivates me more than failure! Failure keeps me depressed for no reason at all. Once I succeed in doing something, it motivates me to try out other difficult things as well!

3.I have gone through tough times in life (at least more than other people of my age). But yeah, if you talk to me, you won't get a single hint about my real life! I can't really crack 50 jokes in few minutes but can make you laugh constantly! That's how I am! But from a distant, I am quite a serious one! ;)

4.I love women with short hair! They look extremely sexy and confident to me! And so, even I have decided to cut my long hair shorter! I loved Winona Ryder in Girl Interrupted! I have never seen a woman so beautiful in short hair and loose tees!

5.I find smoking classy, sexy and smart! In fact the women who smoke get higher points than men who do, according to me! ;)

6.I feel bragging about yourself is helpful, sometimes!

7. I just don't trust anyone except my family and my best friend! Yup, that's darn true.

8. I can happily murder someone who dares to speak a word against my mom,dad,sister and my best friend! Oh! C'mon I know them better and longer than you do!

9. I hate alcohols! The reason being its bitterness! And yeah, I don't LOVE chocolates like all the ladies do! I know I am at sin! :D

10. Any guy thinking to hit on me should very well know that I'm not really interested into any kind of shits right now and may be ever! I am too busy and happy dealing with my own life.

11.I have a thing for sling bags! Well, my birthday is approaching! ;) :p

12. I even have a thing for Vin Diesel and Taylor Lautner! They are hot! ;)

13.When I am sad or pissed off, I really don't need anyone to HUG me! I just need some time to be alone! I want to sit alone, I want to sleep alone, I want to cry alone, I want to be all alone through out the day and night till I get back to my normal self and trust me, if I get to be really alone, it doesn't take much time to get back to myself again!

14.I know how to swim to save my life! How I wish I could perfectly learn it more!

15. I detest guys who think girls can't do things on their own! And trust me, I am no more friends with those guys who tried to show extra pity on me trying to help me out just because I am a girl and tried to prove himself Caring! Huh! This is how you lose me,see! Guys, we can do things on our own, at least we do it better than you! So chill! ;)

16. I can't stand those people who get happier when a son is born in their family than a daughter, even in this generation! Specially, when they are themselves a woman!

17. If I am not happy with you (i.e, if you can't make me happy), I can eventually dump you! See, its not my fault. My motto is to be happy in life and I can't keep those people in my life who are a pain in my butt!

18.I love Amruta Patil's writing! She is such an effortlessly elegant writer! She inspires me to become an artist!

19.My solution when I am sad or angry or even tired-- 1. Cooking! Even making some french fries or a normal sandwich makes me happy again! :)  2. Shopping! :p (This proves I am a girl!)

20.I am scared of operations like anything! I hate scissors and all those stuffs that are needed in operations!

21.I love animals! I find pride in lions and tigers even though they scare the hell out of me! But there's one that I hate and I freak out. Its a snake! I can't stand a snake!

22.I am a book worm and a great foodie! I can happily get locked in a room for thousand days with only books and food! And no, I will not even need a cellphone!(My mom will love me after reading this, I bet!)

23.I don't like romantic movies! Yeah, some I do, but not all! I love movies that make me think what the next scene can be but there it proves me wrong always!

24.I like guys with a good physique, and good smell. Looks, to me, are secondary! And I always go for guys who are smarter in true sense (not those who try to be one) and can actually speak good in English! And the opposite I hate! And those who smell like they haven't bath for a month or so and have no balls to speak properly in front of people, just irk me!

25. Last but not the least, I can be too loyal to you! Sometimes even if you hurt me or cheat on me, I can still help you forgetting your sins! So you are lucky!

Loads of love and best wishes!
Preeti :)


  1. Funtabulous...some thing new, may we human beings love to know about people we like...

    I liked most of the points except 1:2:3:6:7:10:14:22 ;) March on... wish u reach 50 th post soon... to know more about u ...!


    1. Thanks! :) Today is a good day for me! I am the 2nd topper of our department :)

  2. That's great dear, Double thumbs up ;)


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