Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Happy Birthday Gopi! :)

From the very young age of crawling and rendering own beautiful image and crossing thousands of hearts, here comes the Gopi, Lord Gopala with that very known and mesmerizing hidden smile when he crawled and stole the "makkhan"! How can this mischievous little kid shun away from my little blog on his birthday?! Happy Birthday Krishna! :)

Every mother yens for such a beautiful, bright child! May God bless each one out there and be as dear as He always is! Right from this little, naughty kid to a grown up handsome young man, with His love Radha always beside Him. He will always be the zenith of love and warmth in our hearts till we breathe our last!

Hey, darling Krishna, come over here and receive the "Makkhan Mishri" and "Khir" that people all over the world are busy serving you! :)

Subh Janmashtami! :)


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