Monday, 12 August 2013

The Devil Within!!

Everyone around us wants to be the best vividly. We constantly fight with our lifestyle and recreate our ego in a very spurious manner just to be the Best in every way possible. We are entangled in such a way that we hardly feel the presence of virtue! Ego and haughtiness become the very ligature around us! We are unable to combat ourselves out from this stifle like situation. And then there it is-- we start faking on others to get over them, to outstrip them!

But are we really faking on them??

 In the process of faking others, we are losing ourselves to the devil! Our souls, our inner strength and beauty are thus losing whatever Holy it had and are rendering our souls to the vicious lord! We start to become selfish. Others' success makes us utterly jealous! Jealousy vanquish our inner beauty! We then strive only to make the successful person down, only to beat him or her in every possible way and thus we start to cheat on others, our relatives, our friends, and our closed ones!!
                                      We forget the meaning of a lovely,true relationship! We act helpless and inadvertent. All that matters to us is how to bring that person down and how to overpower him / her. In order, we lose friends, we lose our loved ones!
We remain all alone! Above all, we lose our self respect!! Others start to look down to us when they come to know that we were actually cheating on them behind their backs and hence backstabbing!

To me, jealousy ruins every bit of happiness in our lives! How stupid is it not to be happy when some one else is successful and happy in their lives?! How can you not laud the merits or talents the other person has, just because you are a little less than him / her?! What type of a friend are you if you cannot rejoice in your friend's success?! No one, really no one, wants such a sham friend in their lives! We, hence, need to change. We, hence, need to be a good soul!!

We get jealous when we know that we are actually incapable of doing better than the other person and we have nothing to do! We get spurious, we cheat on our friends, we become evil,greedy and narrow-minded and then we lose them! We should always remember that if we ever want others' lives to be at stake, we are the ones who are creating hassles and fatal fortune for ourselves! We are only messing up our own lives! And trust me, nothing can be worse than that ever!!

Thus, lets try to be happy when others are happy! Lets not try to mess up anyone's life, let's not cheat on anyone, or deteriorate ourselves as a person!!

Let's not try to hold our self respect at stake in whatever we do, we pray and we achieve! Is it a real achievement if we get it by faking others?!

Only when we achieve something by working hard ourselves genuinely enough, will give us the real, true happiness! Otherwise, a guilt will always act in the way of our joy and success!! The guilt, the shame will be our constant companions throughout our lives and that is no doubt,fatal for us to be happy and relieved! Being kind to others makes you a better person! Once you start loving and praising others for what good they do and not harm them in any way intentionally, you will start to feel how beautiful you are from within! And that's the only trick to be truly happy in your life!! :)

Ending my post with a very good luck and wishes so that you become successful in being a truly good human being! :)

P.S.-- Hope you liked it and I hope my post will be useful to at least one among the readers! I really want the people to change regarding this and hence the post! If you have something to share ( regarding this), you are always welcomed in my comment box! I will love to read them and learn from them!

Much Love! :)
Preeti! :)



  1. I feel Jealous on how you choose the topics and you deal with it justifiable way, guess you really angry and you chose to vent through this terrific post..! March on and On :) Oops again its again me to comment first :) will try breaking this rituals :P

    1. :) Thanks a lot again! Breaking the ritual will definitely hurt me, you must know that! :D And yes. I write my posts from my own experiences! :)

    2. Oh then i won't, i really don't wanna hurt anyone and am a fan then how can i hurt you.. sorry that i mentioned it, yeah the i could feel the heat when i read through the blog, temperature high..! Thumbs up :)

    3. *Mentioned it >>> > Breaking the Ritual :)

    4. Now put your tongue inside and i wish people get charged for saying Thanks constantly :)


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