Wednesday, 21 August 2013

An Ode To My City!

Its been beyond 2 decades when I arrived on this Earth only to belong to this city! I caught myself napping and went unaware of the whole lot of things that I would be soon sharing with her, with my city! How this lifeless city started to care so much about me, my life, my emotions, each time I buckle under its anonymous heed and care. She laughed with me when I laughed, she cried to death when I went full of rue, I never got a chance to be alone ; no matter how much I considered myself to be all alone and hermit and escaped from this worldly pleasures! She followed me wherever I went! She guarded me with all her motherhood and love!

She offered me things that no one else did, nor even tried to! She made me feel always at home, listening calmly to whatever I had to complain and share! It was holy serene to me, her love, her patience, her Almighty attitude towards me and my ever fluctuating emotions. After all that I blurted out to her, in anger, in dismay,in grief or in exult, each time, she joined with me and taught me how to be absolutely halcyon. She taught me how to handle the troubled things with care and tenderness. She taught me to love with all I have, she taught me never to cheat, she taught me to be with others when they need me! She taught me all the impossible stuffs I have hardly ever imagined about! She couldn't be any less than my mother for whom I am the serene world!

But what if you only render to have nothing in return?! Won't it really hurt you?! May be , not at first but eventually it will once, for sure!! This is what may, have happened to my lovely city, the one I thought to be lifeless and barren. She wasn't so! She was full of life and soul and I have learnt it of late! But she was so tranquil that I didn't even think about her emotions and feelings! She had always been a constant and worthy companion to me whereas I failed to do so! I failed each time when she needed me beside her, to share her anger, her joy with me! I have been such a brat that I was completely engrossed with my own needs and I forgot about my mate that even she needed me.

I have never felt this mournful in ages when suddenly she started pouring her heart out! At first, I was typically overjoyed as I saw the lovely raindrops falling down on the earth and settling as dew on the evergreen leaves! It was such a scenic beauty I saw after years that I felt a calm solace within my soul!
I jumped out from the edge of my bed (which is just beside the window) to take a closer look to it. I sat beside the window and quietly watched the lake beside my house shivering wildly while it rained heavily!

The rain continued for more two days and did not stop even for an hour! Ohh!! Then I realized how much she had to tell me, to make me feel about her very wounded soul! I didn't know why but I felt a huge lump inside my throat! May be, the reason was my own, but to start with, I was down in the dumps then and I cried in doldrums! I wept and wept along with my very own city! We seemed to be the best friends ever, crying in each others' distress! I realized how much she needed me and I have never given enough of myself to her! We sat hugging each other there and sharing every little tidbits of life! The next day, the rain stopped! I woke up feeling amusingly pleasant after a long time! Having a bestfriend that too, very unknown to you but always beside you is so blessed! The weather seemed so pleasant and beautiful that day; it made me smile! Ohh!! Yeah! Even without a reason!!

Well, with a reason that others won't likely figure out! ;)     I love you, my Kolkata! :)

Much Love,
Preeti! :)


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    1. Ohh!! Thank you! :) Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. Unusual topic and a lovely post..The sunshine does feel great after two days of incessant rain!!! :)

  3. great topic.. and as usual u wrote it beautifully.

  4. Awesome post...! and Lake beside your Home.. blessed u ..! i envy :)

    1. Thanks! Such a kind comment! :) Always appreciate!


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