Thursday, 8 August 2013

Blogaddict Me!!

Shunning away from my blog for more than a month has eventually paid back! It is only me who can describe the feeling, the pinning I used to get during my semester was on and even before it had started! Writing to me is Holy! I live to write. I can even stay away from reading new books for a month but staying away from writing always had made me itch! I used to sit with my computer software and hardware books, read a page and think about my blog! It wasn't being updated for more than a month but that wasn't it , what was making me restless. I wanted to write and just write! I took out a page and started to write there. It made absolute sense to me. It helped me to stop being that fidgety. But how long can I not see my own blog?! It was taking a height of restiveness! Still I stayed away from my computer just to have a good result in my semester!

This wasn't the end! Even when I switched on my pc to run my programs and codings, my palms itched to connect the internet browser! But still I managed to dodge that browser! Spending a whole darn month and a few weeks more this way, isn't that easy! But now I don't regret that, the reason being all my hard work has paid! :)

My results are out and I am the 2nd topper of my department!! I am still beaming! :)

I was used to such results when I was in school and after 2 years am back again with a bang! So, finally I am happy! I really don't regret those days anymore! Pinning for my blog has brought some meaning to it! 

I have always believed in working hard! At least, I haven't earned anything without working hard. And writing is my love! So, trying to shirk from it while I only study all day and night, was something real tough for me.

Now that my next semester will be again in 4 months and I have to again stay away from my blog for months, I thought to jot down some points so that it can be easy for me to concentrate on my studies! And even you, who are reading my blog can find it useful to try to shun your addiction for something fruitful in life!

 I am talking about all the addictions one can have! For instance, let me tell you that I am totally addicted to my blog! And unlike, other addictions, being addicted to blog or writing is way far better and useful. This is something very special about this addiction! So may be this is fatal only during one's exams, not otherwise, unlike the other addictions! 

So, I will be talking here about all the addictions and how to get over them.

Firstly, we have to be very much concerned about what is more important to us! Like my exams were much more important at that time than my blog! Blog is my passion but that was the time when studying was my need! If we are clear about what is important to us, we are already half there in what we are trying to achieve.

Secondly, whenever we itch or start to pin for that one thing (may be fags or blog or alcohols or anything), we must think about its ill effects! More often, its ill effects cannot stop us from fetching it again! But we have to be strong enough to have the strength to shun it away! It will ultimately lead to happiness!

Thirdly, pinning for some days will bring joy later on and trust me that joy will be much bigger than we can imagine! Whenever we ought to think about it, we must try to divert our minds! Think about what's more problematic than it! Life has a lot of stuffs to make you sad! So, we can even sometimes try to solve out those things by thinking carefully about the solution. If we get totally engrossed about that very problem in our life trying to solve it, we can get rid of the itching for quite a lot of time! It helps!

Fourthly, it is the time to keep yourself busy! Do anything and everything! Just keep yourself busy.

Fifthly, You have nothing to do??!! Well, go out for a walk. Watch the sun setting, watch the birds chirping, watch the water sprinkling in the lake! Seems poetic?! But trust me, whatever you do whole heartedly can never create a single space for your bad addiction! If you are determined, it is bound to happen! Make yourself the master of your mind, not the other way round!

Trying to avoid addiction is tough, no doubt! But nothing is impossible!! So go for it! Try it out! 

And if you are pinning to get an addiction, start a blog! ;) Its no doubt, far better than smoking fags or something that evil! ;) At least the time you spend thinking what to write will be useful to stop your harmful addiction! 

Much Love,
Preeti! :)


  1. Fresh..! Loved it.. March on and on :) !!

    1. Thanks! :) Grateful for the kind comment! :) Thanking you for reading all my posts immediately as I post them! Means a lot! :)

    2. Before i log out daily i check the link, sometimes lucky to see the updated one..! that's the trick :)

    3. :) So sweet of you. Thanks again! :)


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