Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sorrows bring you happiness!!

Today I'm here to tell you something about a lesson I learnt in life!!

Life's so hard sometimes and you never know why!! Things have been really difficult for me till today in my life. I was actually a happy go lucky kinda kid,scoring the highest in school, and being loved in home for all of my other curriculums. Life was actually so bright those days!!

But there came the greatest tempest in my life and actually ruined all my happiness. I was being distracted from my studies,friends,family and above all, my own halcyon life and the worst part of it was - I never knew!! I was so much into it that it actually made me forget all about my life,the real life I had! I was living in Fairy Tales!!
Oh!! yeah,I was in love!!

 Did I say love is a tempest????
Offcourse not.. Love never is, nor should be an irk to anybody. It's a lovely feeling - all that I came to know and understand from my life.
Like any other person,I was actually so much elated being in love. But that was surely a perdition for me and my blessed life!! That guy wasn't really nice. And things were just repugnant to what I wished for and expected offcourse!! He left!!! He left after so many years of togetherness and love just with a saying that he was too bored to be with just one girl for so many years!!!!

I was left numb!!! I coudn't really respond him back,but slowly detached myself from him which I had to, in anyway!! That was the end- end of my happiness!! (I thought)

I was so much depressed in life then. That was a red light for my life!! Nothing seemed good and gay to me!! I so wanted him back but knew he wasn't anymore the right guy to be with. Days passed by and I made it a point to be really busy in my life to get over it. I started to attend dance classes and every thing else I used to do.I started to be so busy with my work and life,that there wasn't a single moment left for me even to watch television and trust me,it really worked and I finally was so happy again!! I started to become really strong and actually nothing bothered me in life anymore! I became more sensible and responsible for my family and my career!! I was getting back my old self again and this time it was a totally different joy!!

I actually started to score highs in college again and my parents who were actually doing so much for me,were again becoming proud of me which in turn made me the happiest person alive!! :)
Things were just in right situations again for me!!

Now as you all see, if someone actually goes away and hurts you,there's no point in crying and thinking of revenge. He has already screwed up his life by hurting you!! So just sit back there and enjoy your life which is worth a lot more than some cheater!! And make your life a wonder for your parents or someone more important to you and make them proud of you!! Love yourself the most and really don't think about what others have to say about you!! Because that's just their opinion and at the end its "just their own opinion"!! God's up there and has made your story which you actually deserve to be in and in which you will be best suited and the happiest. So don't worry and move on and keep faith. :)
There are stuffs so wonderful in life to love for and enjoy!! Chill out and give yourself a reason to live for yourself!! Life will be much easier and beautiful with good people and good thoughts around you!! :)

Hope some of you could relate with this and you can really try out this if you are depressed for any reason!!
I'm sure it will work wonders for you too. :)


  1. Thanks for the share... life is like that.. good people fall into the traps of bad people, there are people who leaves their relationship just like that, but there are people a very small set of them, who are helpless and dying each day with the sweet memories of their love who had left this world forever..

    life is beautiful.. the The Key to Happiness / Sadness is completely in y(our) hands, knowingly Start madly running towards the relationship/things that will be never y(ours) and be sad, or stay and look around the relationship/things coming towards to yo(us) and be happy..

    all the best you had the bad time, now its going to be a awesome time of your life.. cheers


  2. Its ap to us whether we take that phase as a devastating period or an expirience!! :)
    For me it was surely an experience and i'm happy that i learnt it.. :)
    And thank you so very much for taking out tym and reading my blogs!! :)
    God bless!! :)

  3. Up* it will be.. mistakenly i wrote it ap!!

  4. Honestly i din't saw that ap up thing on the first read, may be cuz i don't look for mistakes (i do lots of mistakes and i believe nothing is perfect ) am not an english teacher, a secondly am an atheist so that god bless not sounds great to me :)
    don't thank me cuz am interested in reading i read, so in that way i should thank you for writing :)

    anyways keep on writing ..! you rock :)


    ( if any part of my lecture sounds arrogant am sorry )

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    1. Life brings sometimes what you have never expected nor deserve! I do think if you love yourself genuinely, no one can ever take away your happiness! Love is a wonderful thing to have but with the right person. I am so happy that you have got back your love and I hope you always stay happy just like now! Being true matters a lot. Not everybody is lucky with love, but yeah, everybody can love themselves to be lucky! Take care Cardenas! :)

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