Friday, 22 March 2013

The Attempt!!

I had my headphones on when my eyes met yours!

I had no clue that you would be so important to me after that day. The first thing I did each time after stepping into the bus was,looked for you all over the bus. And your absence there made me sullen somehow. But I was unaware of  the feelings I had started to grow for you. Because to me,love didn't possess any value anymore.
 Your stepping into the bus used to make my day already. So many days of accidentally looking into each other and some days of travelling the whole journey with a heavy heart for your absence, made me realize that I was somewhat falling into you. But I ignored! I sat up the whole darn night and thought about you,whether again you will come the next day. I was so curious each day just to see your "OH!! So Serious" looks.

I was listening to my favourite song in the fm,when you stepped in again. I was obviously waiting for you to come and thus I was looking outside the door of the bus. And there you were,stepping in and looking at me with your so very mysterious eyes. Our awaiting eyes caught each other and mine were too fast to remove it from yours. My heart kept beating so fast and singing the song within itself. You came straight and sat behind my seat. I thought to myself that you wanted to sit beside me but my bag(which I kept there) stopped you from seeking the seat just beside me and thus you sat behind. I was so sure that you were wanting to sit beside me. I smiled to my wicked thoughts. I slowly tried to look at you and again,we caught each other's eyes and we both smiled!! I sat up straight then and made up my mind not to look at you anymore at any cost.

The next day, I was a bit late, and to my surprise,I kept running so that I don't miss the bus. After all,it was a whole day's wait for me just to see you again. I got up into the bus finding you taking out your headphone from your bag. Ah!! You missed me. You didn't know that I was already there in the bus. I saw a window seat behind you was unoccupied and where all the ladies' seats were full. I was left with no other options but to sit behind you,and trust me,I was so full of joy.

I went straight there and sat behind you. I took out my mobile phone and the headphone because without it the journey would be so lifeless. I was then so darn happy to see you looking at the steps of the bus. It made me sure that you were too waiting for me. I saw you looking at the door restlessly. More ten minutes went by,without you knowing that I was actually sitting behind you and gazing at you constantly and noticing every little thing you were busy doing for me. I was elated!! I saw you looking all over the bus for me and then slightly saw you turning back. Now that you understood,that a girl was behind you,made you curious to see if it was me,made me more excited. I was waiting to see what you actually do.... But I was truly amazed by your so cunning mind!! I was astonished to see you getting up and keeping your bag on the rack and seeing me then. And then,not finding you another time looking at the door made me sure that it was me.

Same thing happened with each day approaching and me waking up even before the alarm goes off!! I again started to have life full of excitements. I was again falling in love!!

A day came when we had the same exciting journey in the bus and then we reached our college,and we had to step out. We entered the college premises and were walking to reach our respective classes. I almost reached my class. I was walking behind you as you kind of walk faster than me,may be you being taller than me helped you to do so. But whatever,I loved to walk behind you as I could see you directly,which I couldn't have done if you were behind me.

As my class approached,you started being slower and by reflex,it made me slower too. Suddenly,to my surprise,you looked back straight to me!! God!! Where could have I hidden myself then????I was so scared of you because of your so serious looks always. I was looking at you and you just caught me!! My eyes automatically went down to the green grass all over the ground. I looked up again, and you still were looking at me,but there, you looked at me and looked down and smiled!! Actually you smiled again!! And may be you wanted me to see you smiling this time. I was on cloud nine!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!
I felt like jumping in joy!! I recalled it within myself and thanked you!! You passed my classroom several times and looked at me each time with the same darn eager. I was happy!!

It was you the last day making me feel out of this world anyway. It has been more than nearly four months we silently keep on looking at each other but the last day was really what I never expected!! I got up into the bus again looking for you as usual. But no,I couldn't see you anywhere. I was sad. :(

No window seats were even left unoccupied except for just two. I went up to the first seat,where I saw a black bag was kept but not beside the window. So I kept my bag there and then kept looking for your black and maroon bag. I couldn't see it anywhere.

I thought to myself who might have kept the bag there leaving a so darn good window seat for someone else to enjoy it!! But maybe he will come up and say the window seat was his and fight with me(which generally regular bus travellers tend to do). So I got up and headed towards the next seat, without a second thought to it. I sat and was taking out the headphone again,when I saw you coming towards the bus without your bag with you. I was shocked. I started looking all over the bus again,if I might have missed your bag anywhere. But no! It wasn't there anywhere. You looked up at me and I removed my eyes again from yours. You got up into the bus and walked towards my seat. To my surprise,you caught hold of the black bag which was kept there leaving the window seat.!! I was so darn Shocked! But it wasn't your bag!! I didn't see the maroon prints anywhere on the bag!! It was just black!!!! Moreover, I never saw you sitting anywhere else except a window seat. I kept looking at my mobile phone and tried to give you the illusion that I was pretty busy with it. (I know I failed!!)

I looked up and saw you looking at me. You gave me a certain look,pushed the black bag, then holding it above you kept it on the rack. Alas!! I saw the maroon prints now!! How could have I missed those then????
You sat beside the window itself!!

I thought to myself- I'm A fool!!!! Why did I get up and change my seat?? I could have been happier there!!!! :(

Anyway,a lot of days are still left and I hope we can finally end up sitting beside each other someday in future!!

I just hope so!! And I keep saying you, A big Thank You For your Attempt!! :)


  1. Your are gifted writer i too traveled along with you people private moments and wishes for that day where you people sit closer :)


  2. I just hope so!! And I keep saying you, A big Thank You For your Attempt!! :)...... that was such a fantastic end.... incidents are so well plotted... almost everyone i suppose have had such experiences...... thanx for presenting it in a lucid manner... :) just loved reading it... carry on with ur writing miss.... i hope ur hopes come true.... :)

  3. Really a touching story... we all go through this some part of our life... a hidden story...

  4. Your story reminded me some old incidents, some unfinished stories of my life .... college life is beautiful ............... by the way, what happened next?

    1. This is a work of fiction so I have to think what must have had happened after this! :D


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