Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Woman Knows The Secret Better!!

Five of us- Me, Maddy, Kush, Gaurav and Suraj, landed on the spot when some coolies came forward offering a help to us,each propelling the others with their firm, rigid hands. Like always, we spurned their offer and walked away. We were too excited about seeing the Sundarbans, our second escapade together, without our families- just we friends. I looked at each of them, each pair of eyes shone with twinkling brightness as they wandered all through the beautiful place. I smiled and waited for the moment I could see the tigers in front of me!

"Man, I am just not going today. It is such a bad hair day for me! It ruined my trip!"

I caught myself shouting at a peak, really the situation,the stickyness of my hair messed up all my good mood! Maddy was just lying down beside me, looking at me and chuckling. I looked at her through the mirror, gave her an intense, "you-better-know-what's-gonna-happen-to-you-if-you-chuckle-one-more-time" look.
Being the only other girl of our group, I expected her to understand my feeling. But there she was laughing at me. I went towards the couch and slept. "I am just not going!"

"Huh! Why are you creating such a scene?! Go, take this and recharge your hair. Its going to hardly take 15 minutes. Do it. I know, you forgot your shampoo. Now we are all going together!" I saw her stretching out a bottle of Sunsilk to me.

Kush laughed out-- "Hahah!! man, you girls! I don't think tigers will even try to hit on you."

Maddy cried out-- " Shut up Kush!"

I was still at my worst. After a long this and that, I finally managed myself into the bathroom. I knew I had to recharge my hair to make it damage free and well, on an outing like this, I just can't go without conditioning my hair. Every girl would know how much our hair mean to us!

We five were on our way to the jungle! How we discussed about it nights after nights, how we only dreamed of going to a jungle! We finally made it.

We roamed there for the whole day, waited to see the tigers, heard their growling and screamed loud, then held each other firmly and sat quietly waiting for them. Aaahhhh it was such a moment of Utopia and anticipation. It couldn't have been better! We were all living our dreams, living our adventures.

After an excited day out, we came back to our resort. We laid down and were gossiping about the dreadful creature we saw, we felt. Suddenly Kush said-- So Preeti, you were really having a bad hair day right?! Is this your bad hair?? It is sooooo soft. It doesn't look bad at all. You girls will never change man!"  All the guys had a hearty laugh over this. I said-- "Aaahhh!! Don't touch my hair!". Then I looked at Maddy and yeah, I winked.

We had a lovely dinner that night and slept for only 2 hours- the rest of the night went by, I mean, I don't know how. We talked and laughed and talked and laughed and talked and laughed and well, we heard the birds chirping. It was then when we decided to take a nap because yet another part of the jungle was left for us to watch and to go around for.

The next morning, I am yet again standing in front of the mirror holding my soft puff of hair. "Hmmm.... So.. Sunsilk! Yes, Sunsilk, I love you for making my day so perfect yesterday! And well even today, I mean a whole long day in between dust and dust and only dust, and still my hair is shining bright and sexily exposing its silky attire! It not only recharged my hair, but even my life!"

Maddy came from behind and said-- "No!! You're really having a bad hair day! You can't go today, you know!"

And now we two girls have a hearty laugh over this!!

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  1. Ha.. U forget the dream about the tiger still u ventured into a forest.. brave you.. and so creative too.. awesome.. march on n on :)

  2. hehehehehehehe..good one!!
    Good luck with the contest love!

    1. Thank you so much dear! :) And here, welcome to my blog! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. Haha. That was cute. Amidst hearing wild animals and birds chirping, all this happening :-) God luck!

    1. Thanks a ton, Ashwini. :) Welcome to my blog :)


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