Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Fish Tale!!

I was being build-up and ready to put up with myself and the city of joy, Kolkata by the Dudes and their pretty partners up there. They anticipated my whole digestive system to be a true Bong and waited long for whole 9 months for me to see this city! My veins inside my truly built Bong belly ran with zest once they relished the mind-boggling taste of the "fish" and "rice"!! I was pretty much sure that I have been successful in making Them proud of me. I was here standing up to much of their expectations on which I hold clinging to, just like a faithful pet, through out my life.

I so loved being a perfect Bong. The one look at the "phish" in the road-side bazaars while I am on my way to my college, makes my tongue and heart plunge up high in the air and while I return again on that same way, my "I-could-not-stop-myself" urge to get down from the bus or auto and buy some "phishes" to my home! But I finally stop my salivating pink tongue and my pounding heart which mournfully resides slowly inside my body!! The rib cages remind my corybantic heart that it cannot ever come out from my body breaking them apart. As the bus goes surpassing the bazaars and finally gets on to the main road, my dejected heart starts to get back its previous slow paces. But the "nothing lasts forever" phrase finds its golden space inside my desperate little muscular piece in between my ribcages,which remains busy pumping my blood as always. I say, stop beta, the dinner is not that far! And mom, surely will never serve it without the fish!! 

And there, my heart smiles again! :)

Being a foodie, is the most tragic episode that can happen in a woman's life, ever! Which to choose first??

The food, the fish, or the figure?!! These F's can really be that dangerous in a woman's life!

But what does the world do when they see a woman eating all that she loves without a worry about her figure?! It's a hell of a crime, really?!! The President, the Prime Minister and all others plan to take out a new law against this, keeping the rape cases aside!

The Law-- If you are a woman, you can never eat french fries, rice and all those fatty itchy stuffs! If you do, you must stay single for your entire life and no guys will ever look at you! You must be humiliated in front of all your slim, sexy friends who all have their own handsome boyfriends and husbands loving them and craving for their bodies!

Aaaahhhh!!!! The moment I was going to put the lovely smiling french fries and the rice , looking straight into my eyes and seducing me, into my salivating mouth, the Law somehow disturbed me! The saliva shifted from my very tongue to my eyes and heart!! I pulled myself away from the table of wonderful stuffs, my eyes jealous to see the guys of my family laughing viciously at me and then at the french fries and the rice which were placed proudly on the table by my mom! I looked like a loser!! I ran out of the room only to wait for them to have their dinner and then slowly creep inside and take a handful of rice and the french fries which my mommy will be surely keeping aside for me and my little heart!

But I'm a woman now and I must stop dreaming about these stuffs to have a perfect figure! But being a Bengali woman, I have finally made an advantage out of it. Unlike the vegetarian ladies, I can still be alive with the "phishes" of our Bengal.

My tongue salivating and my heart plunging , each time I see a fish and my mum screaming at me-- Tomake ami ekta vegetarian barite biye debo, dehko!! (I will marry you off to a house of vegetarians, you see!!)

And there, again breaking my heart with these words!!


  1. Hey.. U just have what u want.. How can one avoid fish..just eat..we live only once live it your way..

    1. I love fish and french fries and rice and am very much NOT going to give them up for a guy!! ;) :p

      This was just a post about all the women out there! ;)

  2. Hey but you are more valuable than your figure, so eat whatever you want but exercise and stay healthy

    1. Yeah sure! This was just a story written about more than half of women (Except me) :p

  3. Our previous generations (mother, grand-ma, great-grand-ma, ......) ate fish and still they have/had handsome husbands :) :) ......

    1. Fish is not the main culprit, french fries are! Fishes are the best friend of Bong women I guess! :)


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