Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Being A Sister

A small fight with my elder sister had actually made me write this. I really don't understand always your value in my life may be because i have kinda taken you for granted. We fight and then make up with each other. We really don't need any reasons for making up though,the sole reason being- "We are sisters and i kinda love you for my life." And whenever we fight and stop talking to each other, i kinda miss sharing my little titbits of life with you,what's going on in my college,which guy i am having a crush on,papers i can't deal with..

Truly today whoever i am as a person, somewhere it goes to you. I'm not the perfect girl but have been a lot matured for you. Not only sharing petty issues of my life but hanging out together and making completely out of life and giving me precious moments of my life-- here everything goes to you!! For me,mum and you,arn't two different people either.

I fight with you and certainly get angry on you for expecting a hell lot from me,but this is what have made me a better person in life!! Anger kinda hides my love and respect for you, but the moment i think about you leaving us within 2 more years by marrying, it makes me cry and yes-- i mean it!!

Anyway let's not take too much of your time and say that i'm sorry and i will always be there with you no matter what,no matter when and where.. Sometimes I feel,being just a sister is far better than being a superhero!! :)

always love you!! :)


  1. Must say am blessed with a lovely sister.......Putting me on this earth with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me <3
    Luv ya too.......no matter what am always there for you... :)

    1. Have u seriously written this????? :P
      Anyway thank u!! :) xoxo!!

  2. Here's raising a toast for you both :D

    Gourab Guha

  3. The fact that she would leave you guys soon makes me cry as well!! :P

    Btw good read!! :)

    1. Thank you and u still don't have an idea what's awaiting for u debanjan da!! :D
      Hence all the best!! ;)


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