Friday, 19 April 2013

Yes, You Are Important To Me!!

"What if we separate???? What if we ever fight and then never talk to each other??"

She made a so darn serious face and answered me-- I will miss your birthday treats!!

And after a pause,laughed out loud..!!

 Her antic reply again made me laugh and hug her!!
And you can guess that I actually don't need another reason to love her.  Yes she's my best friend and you can say we are the bff (best friend forever) types! Maddy (I gave her this nickname once we were in our school and this is actually an abbreviation of her name but more because of her real madness!! And yes,now more than half of the world knows her by this name,I guess!!)

                        An old pic!!

The fact is, I feel good when I am with her. And yes,the most important thing is I don't really have to think twice before saying something to her!! I can be the most "idiotic" person in front of her and I bet she never minds it (The fact that she too behaves so "immaturely" with me most of the times!!)

I must say that I have been lucky to have her!! I have never been  really lucky with friends but may be this is something which is God gifted to me!! And I pray everyone does have some one like her with them!!

We have been together always,we fight, but that really is nothing that can stop us from sending silly texts to each other after an hour or two!!

Apart from my family,may be she is the one who have been beside me more in my hard times and sorrows, and this is what has made me always share my every little joy with her!! She never judges me. I am lucky to have her as she loves me the way I am, and actually doesn't want me to change the way she wants!!

         Never really got a chance to say this to her and thus doing it here!! And that I really love you!!

I sometimes feel scared if I can always be with you when you need me like you have been with me!!

But I promise to be with you always!!!! (Specially when you give me treats!! :p Many of which are still pending!! :D)

Hope things will be the same even after 40 years from now!! I will always treasure you!! Love You for my life!! :) <3

And as you say "We rock!! (rock, eeet, paathor)" ( meaning stones!!), yes, we do rock together and our friendship is somewhat as genuine as a rock!! :)


  1. Am just twisting a quote, "Mom can't reach every where and that's why friends are made" nice one.. keep writing :)


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