Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Time Which Is Mine!! :)

I was there sitting on the couch and thinking about all that happened in my past. Probably i messed up too many things all along my way till here. I literally didn't have that time to actually THINK about myself or may be just didn't want to. Was too busy with books, dance, songs, games, family, relationships, relatives, heartbreaks and friends- some of whom,i don't even see now. It seemed like venom to me. I hardly thought about myself in life,and by that i mean nobody but Only Myself. I did too many stuffs in my life, I took too many important decisions of my life without a second thought to it.

But then again,I anticipated that I couldn't be better without messing up so much in life!! These "messing ups" actually gave me strength and made me who I am today as a person. And there I was, smiling to myself again!!

People change with time- was the very common phrase I heard often. But,I didn't, infact , I couldn't believe it anyway. Because,offcourse, sometime I was the most talkative girl in the class, and just the other minute,I was sad for some reason,and I was actually not talking to anybody. I was sometime the most so called intelligent girl,and the next moment I was the dumbest one!! Sometimes it didn't take myself a minute to head from the most calm,quiet person to the most annoying one. But there all inside,I was the same,the exactly same girl. I was totally an emotional fool. I was quite an extremer. If I hated something,it was beyond anything that I hated it,and if I loved something,I was in such an attitude,that even God can't really stop me from loving it. I was a fool. Yes- I actually was!!

I changed,and yes,time had changed me. The so very common phrase which I never believed in, has actually changed me today. I am no more an emotional fool. I have learnt to value things I have in my life! I have learnt that I am no more so kiddish. I have matured a hell lot. Finally I am an adult!! And above all, I have learnt to give time to myself,only myself,which is making me better each day!!

There's so many little things in life which we never think of. We often tend to blame others for what they do wrong,but we never ever realise that we are no "perfectionists" and we are really no one to blame and curse anyone else in this world. We must leave that stuff upto our God. ;)

Guys,just take some time out of your so heavy schedules in life, when you actually spend your really good time watching television or something as useless as that,and recall all that happened to you. And all the mistakes you did in your past, and try to learn from them,and be true to yourself, as well as, all the sweet things and the best things you did, and feel proud of who you are,and just love yourself for that. It feels just so wonderful. Trust me,I speak from experience. Try not to find faults in others and try out your own faults and try not to really repeat it the next time. If we really can carry out this in the true sense,I'm sure as hell,we human,being the most intelligent creatures on this planet,will stop fighting with each other and there will be more love.And yes,we can emerge ourselves as better human beings and surely, we will be happier.

Much Love!! :)


  1. Bingo..!

    Each Blog is taking the reader to a new level, this one truly was touching and can feel the pain you gone through, but those pains its actually a blessing now cuz you can flip around any given neg situation and show a positive output, am becoming a fan and started admiring you as a person, am damn sure you will be a successful author and that day is not too far.. keep rocking

    ( may be ) Your First Fan


  2. Thank you so very much!! Felt special by our comment. I never thought of myself becoming an author though but these comments and praises inspire me somehow!! :)

  3. Trust me, You have an author in you, so think about it, and yeah give me some credits on the intro page when your first book get published :) all the best :)



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