Thursday, 19 September 2013

Santa -- On a break!!!! :) (Part 1)


SANTA was busy washing his face and belly- length long bleached beard! The wrung look on his face made it very clear that he was recently being on pins and needles! He frowned! He took his soft towel and began rubbing his face harshly!! "OOOOOuuuuuchhhhh" - he screeched tingly!

Again it was him who forgot that he was no more a young lad! He was old- pretty old to do something like that so very rigidly! He took out his mobile phone from the drawer near his bed, and searched for the New Message option. It wasn't anywhere to be seen!! He pressed on the menu options but couldn't see a single option that flashed on his mobile phone!! A prod poked his mind and he narrowed his lacteous eyebrows! Aahh well, it had been nearly 10 decades he had bought this mobile phone! He should have bought a new one!! He wasn't too poor to buy a Tab or Note 2, its just that he didn't have the time to shop for his own bounty needs!! His anger took a peak of its own and he threw the phone. It flew high and crashed against the wall of his room! Santa got up angrily and went into the kitchen! He searched for some left stuffs that could treat his huge handsome breadbasket but there he was- couldn't see a single stuff he wished for! Where did all the cookies went to?? Were they stolen??!! Or did he forget his spectacles in the bathroom again?! Oh No! He was just cooking with gas, he frowned again! He hastily ran towards his bathroom!!  How could he even forget about the spectacles????!! His right eye was disrupted with a minus 82 power and his left eye, huh, well, with almost a century! He put on his spectacles and all thanks to the Almighty, everything seemed smooth and perfect!! :)

He ran to his room and picked up the phone he threw minutes ago!
God!! Please keep it alive!! I love my phone!!

His cell phone was perfectly alright! :) He thanked God, kissed his phone and blessed Nokia! :)

Santa's mobile beeped and he saw a message flashing on its screen.

Do you have all the stuffs ready, dear Santaaaaa?!

Miss.Sweetingle never missed a chance to talk to Santa and well, Santa?! He absolutely loved it!!!!

No!! I'm certainly not going there again!! And you know, this time its an oath. -_-

Awww!!!! :O  No Santaaaaa!  :( Don't do this! There are millions and billions of sweet children waiting for you! You can never hurt them, you know!! 

Santa, pressed the reply button angrily-- I don't care anymore! I don't give them a damn, Sweet!! Its time I worry about myself and you yours!! They wait for me for one damn night and that also for the gifts I give them! They don't love me, but my gifts! They are selfish and its time for me to act their way! I need a Break!! And its also time for me to take some much, much needed rest. So bye! Catch you later, lady!

Within seconds his phone beeped again! Ohh!!!!!! Santaaaaa!!!! :( How can you be sooooo selfish?!!! Ok bye Santaaaaa!! You just made me cry!!!!! :'(

Santa was just going to switch off his cell phone, when he read the last "damn" line of her last text!! He couldn't but text her back.

Ohh!! Honey!! I'm so sorry!  Ok!! I will go just because you say but I have no intentions to miss you again, Sweets!! :(
And you know, its such a hectic journey all over the world! Children these days stay awake just to see me and I so have to wait for them until they fall asleep and then peep inside, and even sometimes some of them suddenly wake up,it really gets too pathetic for me, sweet! Anyways, I will go just because you say,  my love! :)

Ohhhh!!!! Santaaaa I soooo love you my oldie babyyyy!!!! I'm sooooo sorry! I was thinking about those children and not about you, my love!! I couldn't be more selfish to you!!!! :(
I have an ideaaaaa!! :)  Let's go there but make it something very different and exciting this time!! Let's teach them that they don't deserve the beautiful gifts if they are that selfish to you!! What say?? :) ;)

Santa aroused his eyebrows after reading her message!! He started typing-- What love?? 

Ohh!! My oldie babyyyy, let's go there together this time and enjoy ourselves! I have always wanted to see how they live and this could be an exciting journey for you and me! <3 :) 
No gifts for them this Christmas! ;)

Really Sweet??!! Yaayyy!!!! I would love to go with you ,love!! Done!! We are flying there this winter!! :) 

Santa went red and blushed while reading her reply-- Then next month itself, babyyyy!!!!! I Love you so much ,my fattyyyy oldie babyyyy Santaaaa!!!! :* :*


  1. Wow.. Innovative.. waiting for the episode 2 Dear.. pls don't make Santa hurt.. let his love be an awesome experience.. as a nokia user happy to know santa uses nokia :)


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