Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Santa- On A Break!!!! :) (Part 2)

Its been nearly 3 weeks that Santa and Miss.Sweetingle were having the most ecstatic time of their lives. Santa, never in his life, did think about having so much fun. He knew he was perfectly in love! He was happy.

Santa and Miss.Sweetingle were currently settling in India. How lovely is the country,Santaaaaa!! Was Miss.Sweet's first comment when they stepped on it. Christmas was in 1 more day but well, Santa had no gifts for the children! He had long ago made up his mind only to enjoy himself this year, without worrying about the children all over the world.

It was quite a beautiful day when he and his partner went out to chill again. Santa had kept an outlook for the children. The children somehow didn't seem too happy to Santa! They seemed mournful, babies crying on the laps of their mothers, they didn't even had the shelter to save them,nor even the food! Santa knew he was the symbol of love and happiness and Mr.Black probably had captured the children in his absence. The children wasn't happy anymore! They were a soul with no care! They lacked love and joy.

Santa grew impatient. Miss.Sweetingle saw the drastic change in Santa's behavior. He too didn't seem happy! She asked him-- What is it, Santaaa?? Are you kinda sad??

No! I think we ought to go back! 

But why, Santaaaa?? Are you not enjoying with me??

Santa grinned-- Its not that, Sweet!

Then what is it??

They all are so sad, Sweet! I have been really selfish!! They need me. I am their Guardian, Sweets! They are my babies! I love them!! :(

Miss.Sweetingle smiled and replied-- I'm glad you haven't changed yet,Santaaaa! I was so worried when you told you need a break!! I actually took you here so that you can see how sad and needy they are without you, dear! They are indeed our babies! We got to protect them! :) Let's go back and arrange all the gifts for them! 

Ohh!! Sweets! I'm so lucky to have you! I just hope Mr. Black doesn't win over happiness! Let's so back immediately!! :) We gotta save our babies!

Within an hour Santa was on his way back to his home!


Do you have all the stuffs ready, dear Santaaaa????

Oh!! Yeah, Sweet! Will very soon be on their way dear! :) 

Santa turned into beet red while reading her reply-- Awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! Santaaaaaa!!!! I love you so much, my fattyyyy oldie babyyyyy Santaaaa!! :* :) 


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