Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Yeh Dil Mange More!!!!

They went out for a movie without her being aware of what was saturating inside his heavy mind. Her eyes were fixed satisfyingly on the large screen glowing in front of them. The actors and the romantic songs made her dream about their romantic and ecstatic future together. She knew she was all his and he was just hers. The movie ended and they stepped out of the multiplex. Oh!! It was raining heavily and they didn't have even an umbrella to give them refuge. They took off their shoes and started walking across the road as it was pretty late! She was holding his hand tightly as if he was the only one she had. She loved him for her life and loved each moment he was with her. The heavy rain didn't bother her at all, it was only him in her mind. She trusted him. The ghastly rain prevented even a single person to come out on the roads. But the couple was too much engrossed in themselves to bother about the rain and the people. The road was deserted. He took her to a more lonely lane and suddenly pulled her towards him. She was in total shock. She pushed him hard but there he was, preventing her to breathe as he kept on kissing her! She pushed him more and more and then retreated herself. It was just her love which made her kiss him back.

They came out from the lane and started walking in the rain. She was literally unable to look into his eyes, and his handsome, young face. She was blushing! She just had her first kiss even without her being awake at the moment. She dreamed of her first kiss many a times before but it was absolutely different but that didn't stop her from loving it.

Suddenly he broke the silence in between them and asked her-- Hey!! Why aren't you talking?! Let's go back. Yeh dil mange more!! :D

And she found herself saying-- Ohh!! Shut up!!

                         She still remembers their first kiss, but may be he doesn't! She cries hoping he will be back again to her and take her to that lonely lane! He is no more with her, and the sole reason is-- His Dil actually Mange more always!!!! He has forced her to kiss, then a little more and then a little more. And she has always refused to the little more and well, it led him to some other girl who would actually give him "that little more"!!!!

Moral of the story-- Even an advertisement can ruin a relationship!!!! Beware guys!!

P.S.- Hope this will be never your story!!

Lots of love,Preeti! :)


  1. Excepted the twist the other way.. anyway looking forward for much interesting blog..! march on :)


    1. :) Hope I can come up with better write-ups! :)


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