Monday, 9 September 2013

Calls From Her Mind!! :)

I was walking when I came across a manhole. I had my best friend beside me and we were too busy talking to each other. And just when I was about to pass the manhole, I stepped on it and it skid opened and I found myself hanging half inside it and half outside! My best friend was trying to pull me up but to no avail. I was screaming out of my life when I suddenly jumped up on my bed! Huhhhh!!!!! It was a dream-- well, just a dream!! I was baffled out and was extremely scared. The dream just seemed to be real and too factual!!

Well, this is not a post about Manholes but about Us-- Women!! :)

Men often complain that they don't get a hint about what we,viz,women do and think!! It's a post to allay their trouble!! One true thing about women is that we always worry too much!! Women are born worriers!! We just can't help it! Its not that we only worry about our loved ones, but we tend to worry on behalf of our friends, our neighbors, their dogs, their maids, our Uncle's-daughter's-son's-wife, someone we just met, well-- who else not?!

Its always the exact scenario with me! I have always found myself building up exaggerated delusions in the air whenever any of my closed ones are out to some work and they are being late!
I give up on my chores and sit to bother about that person! If its raining, I seem to get too sure that he / she have been attacked by a thunder and well, then I start to panic! Or I get too sure that he / she have been kidnapped or may be ransacked and that's the reason they can't possibly call home back!! My mother is exactly like this! And I never get too irked when she calls me 10 times within 10 minutes just to be sure that I am fine and I have not been kidnapped or raped!! I absolutely understand her!! :p

 Whenever I pass by a manhole, I never ever could stop wondering myself to be inside it, crying in pain and flinch in distress at this very uneasy thought! And so, whenever I am walking with my loved ones on the road, I keep on warning them about not to step on the manhole!! 

While watching the news of some disaster, I never stop wondering about my loved ones and myself in that very situation! I see the news and keep on wondering what if I was there with my family?! What if I got stuck there and lose my family?! And there, genuine prayers cross my minds for the victims!! 

It's absolutely not that we women love to torture ourselves with these odious thoughts!! Its just that these uninvited calls pay a visit to our minds without even a prior warning!! 

But if you try to ponder about this fact, you will surely know that we women are the emblem of love!! Through these constant worries, we tend to get attached to our friends and others! Whenever our friends are in a patch of trouble or distress, we feel their pain and thus we get to help them very genuinely! 

Whenever we call you and shout in anger because your phone was in silent mode and you missed our calls, its just because we care! 

If  you are being late and we call you or text you constantly, its just because we care!! (Just to make sure that you reach home safely without falling into any manhole!! )

Its not always that she is possessive or controlling!! She just cares for you and makes sure to be always with you when you are facing a battle in your life!!

The fact is we make sure we are prepared for the worst! May be this is only the effect of over bothering about stuffs that we handle the situations more maturely and quickly!! The fact that a woman is bothering and worrying about you on your behalf, makes her sure that she is in love with you!! :)
                                           We panic, we cry but we make sure that you guys are never alone in distress even when you leave us alone in our distress! We visualize ourselves in the worst situations and get the courage and guts to face them alone, single-minded!! 

It's just that we need love and understanding from others when we behave immaturely sometimes! It's just that we need two arms holding us tight when we cry out of the most stupid thoughts! 

But yeah!! Most of all, we need the time to ponder about the parlous things that could make us suffer and panic and yes, its just to help you!! ;) :)


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