Sunday, 14 July 2013

Love,Friendship And The Ride

I was having my even semester holidays. I had to meet my best friend in more half an hour but I wasn't dressed yet! I was just being a lazy bum that day and was listening to music. Finally I crept out off my bed sadly enough with the thought of dressing up and getting out of my house again! I somehow dressed and got out and hurried.

She came and we hastily went to the cake shop. We were eating when she suddenly told me-- Hey!! Why don't you ride my cycle for sometime?!

I gave her a smile and replied-- No thanks! Its been years I used to ride one! I almost forgot and I will surely fall down if I try now!

She said (giving me a jittery look)-- No one ever forgets to ride one,if they have learnt it. So stop hesitating and get up.

I was really at my wits end when she started pushing me to get up on the bicycle! I got really pissed off and told her-- If I fall down, I will never talk to you! I mean, why even am I talking about falling down! I will not even get up on it. There are those little guys playing over there and can you just imagine what will happen if I fall down right infront of them! Maddy, you are crazy!!!!

Maddy said-- Yeah! I can! Now shut up and get up on it.

"NO Maddy please!!!! I'm really so scared!!"

After more 2 minutes I found myself sitting on it and trying to paddle! (Maddy holding the cycle from behind)

"Maddy please don't leave the bicycle! I will fall off!! Please!!"

"Arrey!! I'm not leaving. You concentrate on your ride!"
And I jumped off it!!  :D

The same thing happened for more than 20 times! Yes, I am not making it up even a bit. I was getting up, TRYING to paddle and then asking Maddy not to leave the cycle, otherwise I will fall down and then myself jumping off from it and laughing!!

Maddy got tired of me and said-- Let's go! Its enough!!

I couldn't help myself telling her-- Yeah! Ok!! Just one more time! :p

I got up and again tried to paddle! And to my surprise, I went on smoothly through the lane! When I reached the end I stopped and looked back. I saw her standing at the other end of the lane (It was a long lane) and clapping! Yes, you saw it right!! She was CLAPPING!! And a little boy who was playing with his friends over there,looked at us and smiled! His sweet smile said that I have made it. I was super happy! I smiled and came back!

An old pic in my college

Isn't it enough to say that she had made my day??!!

That day was one of the days I can never forget! May be this is a very small incident but to me its something more than a lot!! She made me achieve so much happiness! I don't have words to make you feel my emotion.

Guys!! Never ever be scared of doing something, never ever be scared of attempting something for the first time. Don't think what other people will think about you or whether they will laugh at you!!

You want it ---- You do it!! As simple as that! :)

See you soon, till then
Much Love!! :)


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