Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Happy Ratha-Yatra

Today is a very special day in West Bengal. Today is "Ratha-Yatra".

It is a very well known festival in our state. Lord Jagannath, along with his brother Balaram and sister Shubhadra, is transported (yatra) by a chariot (ratha) in this festival. It is actually the most important festival of Puri, in the state of Orissa. Crores and crores of people and devotees are present here on the day of Ratha-Yatra.

Out of habit, on each day of any festival, the thing I do is google out the history of the festival and origin of the God! Today was no exception. I made out some time from my daily schedule and googled all about the origin of Lord Jagannath and this festival. I love to know all the stories behind these massive occasions!
To know about the origin of Lord Jagannath click here :

As a ritual, in Kolkata, all the children drag their own little chariots with Lord Jagannath, Balaram and Shubhadra sitting inside them. How mesmerizing the scenic beauty is! Here is a picture of the same.

As a child, I too, have dragged my little chariot every year along with my friends. It was such an overwhelming experience and sweet memories that one can hardly forget in a whole lifetime.
So, as I have grown up and can't really go out and drag a chariot with the children, I still can see them and enjoy the day. And what can be more joyous to me than writing about Lord Jagannath and His festival??

Last, but not the least, a picture drawn by my sister:

  Wishing you all very very happy days ahead and may you get all that you deserve and may you achieve loads of happiness and success and joy :)


  1. informative..I never heard about this festival..children dragging the chariot :) and great painting too..!

    1. Yes. That's the reason I wanted to share it. Its such a lovely occasion we have :) And Thank you :)

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