Thursday, 10 October 2013

Down From Heaven!!

As the whole family travels deep down, they all linger in a flickering enthusiasm and ecstasy. The coolie who carried their luggage was surrendering himself from the strenuous job he was appointed to.

Ma Durga with her ever smiling face looked at her daughter Saraswati (Sara) as Sara spoke out-- Look Maa!! They really have done a stupendous job to welcome us! Staying for only 5 days makes it too meek for this brilliant celebration, Maa!! Can't we stay a bit longer?!

Durga smiled and gave her daughter a sharp reply-- Your hubby must be waiting for you, my girl! Don't you forget that!!    Sara sighed!!

Lakshmi, very aware of her mother's nature, shunned away from expressing her similar kind of longings. She hastily went near her brother Ganesh and patted on his back.

Hey dude! What's making you so thoughtful?!

Ganesh, jerking from his thoughts, looked back at Lakshmi.

Nothing much! Was just thinking its only me who doesn't miss his spouse! Why do you all come without your spouses?! That must be hurting, naah Kartik?!

Ganesha and Kartikeya on peacockKartik, their beloved brother, looked at Ganesh and Lakshmi,gave them a smile and turned back again.

Ho!! Someone's being way too romantic, buddy!!   

Was Lakshmi's immediate reply to Ganesh with a sudden thud on his back again. The whole family laughed out loud to show their utter excitement about the trip!!

A short distance away from them, sat their mother smiling at her children's gossip!! After all She too, was travelling without Shiva by Her side.

Down here all the local kakus (uncles) and kakimas (aunties) were busy arranging the puja thaalis and all other necessities. The para (Locality) was beaming with ardent enthusiasm and excitement for the welcome ceremony of Maa Durga and her family! It was the Bengali's festive season. Even the little children had the knowledge of how Maa Durga killed and abolished the demon Mahishashura. How She became the symbol of Strength, Courage and Love was not obscure to anyone down here.

The para chhokraas waited so long for this evening to arrive when they could stand and look at girls in pretty attires and whistle at them. Durga Pujo for them is yet another occasion to have a look at the beautiful girls who pass by!!

The Dhaakis prepare themselves with their dhaaks to play and give the city the ever-lasting essence of Durga Pujo! The para Kaku commands the dhaaki to enchant their beats. The dhaakis start their melodious wonder as all the kakus and kakimas get up and join them and they have a beautiful time all together!

The Purohit gets elated with the thought of his bank balance nearly tripling this season! The more number of Pandals he visits and enchants the prayers and the shlokas, the more he is respected and the more he earns! He therefore prompts himself to be fit and healthy for the upcoming strenuous days!!

The students plan about the marvelous outings on those 5 days when their parents would say them not a single word, the lovers willing abide for the pujo to commence and hence they could go Pandal hopping hand in hand, the family gets out even in the hottest day to shop for their upcoming festival!!

The people start arranging their famous Dhunuchi Naach stuffs! What A lovely time they spend dancing all around! :)

And as the day approaches, all the para members get on the truck and there they go to bring their Maa Durga and Her Family , home after yet another year!

Maa Durga and her 4 children prepare to land down from their private jet. Suddenly Ganesh points out- Hey you all! Look down!

And as they all look down, they see, thousands of their devotees on their way to receive them and all of them chanting --

                     Joy Durga Mai Ki Joyy!!!!


Durgaa Pujor onek onek Preeti o Subeccha! :) Happy Durga Puja To All!! :)


  1. Completely new experience :) hey dude comment was just are the best :)

    1. Hahah! Thank you so much Prajosh! Its a pleasure to make my readers happy! :)

    2. Heheh!! I am turning red as a tomato! :D

  2. Hi preety! Its nice meeting a blogger from kolkata. I've recently been there during rakhi. Got your blog from indiblogger blog review. I have put my review there you might like to check it out.

    1. Oh!! Thank you so much! :) You must visit here during Durga puja once! Its a real celebration here and thanks a lot for the review. :)

  3. Super witty, And what a take! :)


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