Thursday, 18 July 2013

To Eat Or Not To Eat

1 week ago! This was the 8th time I decided to go for dieting. I'm a big time foodie and I love to eat. But just to stay fit, I tried out dieting. I eat a lot but I'm too a fitness buff! I love to be in the right shape and a little bit of jutting out makes me tedious.  So there I decided to start my dieting! Little food each time you eat and no french fries,potato chips, or anything I love! Difficult, eh??!! Yeah, I know! But I started.
Hardly 1 week and there all my potential of dieting vanished!! Well, this isn't the first time, I told you, its the 8th time!!
So now I have decided not to diet anymore. I simply can't stay out of good food and curse myself for letting them go! Instead I have decided to exercise regularly and jog at least for 15 minutes daily. Not to be in right shape, but to be fit! Because I'm quite in a good shape! ;)
Yeah, I know I'm kind of boasting but how I love to showcase something good I have! ;)
Exercise is my regular companion since the last year! And so what's the new thing have I started?! Yes, I do a lot more than exercise. I wake up, do the yoga (half an hour seems cool to me) and then sit to meditate (another half an hour). And missing out exercise and meditation for a day makes me so jittery!! Am I turning spiritual?! Well, may be! Even nowadays I'm loving to read spiritual books. But I don't mind doing anything that keeps me fit and energetic and happy! Yes, meditation even allows one to forget all the pain or worries and give them the potential to deal with them tactfully!
Wanting to know more about meditation?? Click on this link-- such a wonderful thing I have started. Sitting still and meditating doesn't seem to be any hassle to me! Its much more easier than all the hassles I have and am going through in my life!! Life seems better now and peaceful.
So, I won't be eating less! I can't do that ever. But now I don't have to really be worried about fitness too!
Anyone wanting to be fit and energetic, I would suggest to try out yoga and meditation regularly! It really helps!! :)

Much Love! :)


  1. very short, before i started it ended :) diet such a non sense thing.......! QUIT DIET support food lovers :)


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