Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Avoid Prickers!!

The Prickers- as it goes like, are the people who never miss a chance to put you down!! No matter how much you are loved or are stable in your life,they are always there to let you down. I have been going through this since quite a long time, and this is what has just urged me to pen it down here. Sharing some incidents might help you readers to connect with them.

I was there in a party (my cousin's wedding) with my whole family. My sister bought me new outfits for the ceremony. We went there looking forward to really enjoy the party. We entered the hall,in high spirits to meet our relatives and cousins. A relative came forward to greet us but she suddenly emerged telling me- Your churidaar is really good,and the dupatta too but your sister's isn't that nice!!
My sister and I were taken aback by her so craggy comment!! Anyone would be!! I suddenly replied her saying- Its her only who bought me new clothes!! So it seems she loves me more than herself!! Isn't it?? :)

She was forced to soften. She smiled and got away.

Me and my bestfriend were talking about these "put-downs". I went into a tizzy when she told me that she was facing some similar things in her life. She knows this girl in her college who never boosts her up or appreciates her for anything good she does,rather she always pulls her down!!

Once my best friend (I call her Maddy), scored AN EXCELLENT in her project. She was obviously very happy for her achievement. But the girl came forward and put her down by saying that the professor had actually given an excellent to most of the students, and that she was no exception.

My friend automatically became upset,where the truth was very few students including Maddy scored a high in the project and the girl putting her down couldnot achieve it!!

Another incident which occured to me very recently needs a very special mention over here.

Those who are my regular readers would obviously know that I have started blogging very recently. I'm nearly a month's old here. And offcourse I'm here to overcome my depression in life and  I'm Trying to help others who have been facing the same situations like me but are still not strong enough to overcome it. I'm truly happy that I have been receiving messages like my articles are kind of inspiring them and making them strong and happy.
I'm so glad that I atleast can make a single person on this Earth smile through my writings! I'm being successful and I truly thank to all my readers for this.

My friends were really happy for my writing and a little bit of my success. I have a "So called friend" with whom I was talking about my blog. You will very soon know the reason behind calling her my "so called friend".
I was quite excited about it when she told me she too wants to read it and asked me for my link. She read it but wasn't really saying anything about it to me. I was a bit sad because she is my really good friend. I asked her- You didn't like it,nah?? She then replied me- No! Its good. I mean,its good as a first timer! You are writing for the first time,nah!!
Surely, I was taken aback by her reply!! NO, it wasn't my first time. I had been writing in my personal diary since a long time. I had always loved writing about my life and my experiences. So, I was so forlorn. I thought I am not a good writer and people who say and text me are just saying them to flatter me. Because the friend telling me this was really my good friend and I have always appreciated her in every possible way. I am not a professional writer so its obvious I will not be perfect (even the best of the writers are not sometimes),but I was really wanting some sort of encouragement from my so good friend which I failed to get anyhow.
I read in the internet about these prickers and now I surely believe that we will always face some criticism for whatever good we do but if most of the lot likes and appreciates you,then you are really not that bad, infact ,you are there achieving your goals.
 And I kinda thank these "prickers" for pricking me and my closed ones as I wouldn't have been able to come up with this article of mine if it wouldn't have been them trying to put us down!!

Some really important ways to cope up with these put downs are:
  1. Think from where these criticisms are coming!! (as I have read an article by an author) If they are coming from a person much more senior and "well educated" than you,think about it and learn from it as we don't always do the right thing, offcourse ,so every criticism might not be just a "put down".
  2. We must know how to recognize a "put down"!! Like,if that comment makes you really sullen and upset and you are pretty down there thinking about the whole darn comment for long time and which even affects you going forward with your work,it is surely meant to be a "put down" for you!!
  3.  "Put-Downs" generally come from those people who are themselves a big time losers and most of the time they never get happy when someone else is achieving something good!! In short , they are jealous of your success!! They tend to put others down so that they cannot really go on achieving honour and love anymore!! 
      4.     We often start believing in the put downs and get upset which affects our beautiful life!! So just don't!!                          

      6. Now, if you yourself belong to the "prickers association", I would like to say that please don't prick and put down others but try to appreciate them for what good they do!! And similarly, try yourself to improve by doing something good not by pulling someone down but by achieving better than them yourself!! That's where the real credits lie!! :) Never put someone else down,just to make yourself feel better.


    Hope I have been successful in sharing my views clearly!! Hope people don't really prick others and think about themselves much more than putting others down!!


    Much Love!! :)


    1. First The look of the page.. its brilliant :)
      Just remember, " People themselves cann't do say that u can't do it, don't ever believe them " ( Excerpts from one of my Fav Movie The Pursuit of Happyness) ...! Keep writing, you are the best :)


      1. so true!! I have learnt it and thought of sharing!! :)
        Thankx for the motivating comment!! :) I truly appreciate!!


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