Monday, 23 December 2013

The Roaring Fella!

When I came across a picture post saying -- Did you know? When you dream about someone it means they want to talk to you or contact you, it really started giving me goosebumps! Well, for the last few years, the dreams that catch me at most nights are encircled with at least half a dozen of tigers and lions!

The post almost left me with a nervous breakdown. It doesn't have to be them, right?! I hastily logged out from Facebook. The thought of the colossal beasts talking to me or at least coming near me makes me collapse on the floor.

Speaking of the deadly dreams, let me tell you, I have many times clicked on the Google Search button after typing "Dreaming of tigers and lions" above it. Yes, the dreams irked me like anything and left me break out in a sweat each time I had them. A single picture of them in a newspaper or somewhere else makes me imagine a hell lot out of it.

                              There's always half a dozen of them at least circling around me, roaring loud while looking at me like they have got hold of me and are now going to tear me apart!! Man, trust me, it is scary! Well, but I still manage to run away each time they come near me and hide myself somewhere! And would I ever in my life want them to talk to me, err, I mean roar at me again?!! Each time I see the picture of the roaring hero in front of my eyes, it makes me feel like I am a piece of a chicken hanging and waiting for the heroes to come and take their turn at me one after another. It makes me feel so sorry for the chicken which was so helpless when I plunged myself into it without a second thought. I am nothing but that powerless, feeble chicken flapping its wings when the butcher holds it to get it slaughtered. The King of the Jungle waits for me while his ladies look at me wickedly flashing all their mammoth yellow teeth and I try to escape their gape!

And as I stood stiff and waited for the dudes to come near me, the chicken inside me, started jumping in triumph. Never in its life, it had been so so happy; finally it is seeing the justice in the vengeance; it will see me getting killed just the same way I had killed it!

I started calling the names of Gods I have ever known in my life, but they all seemed to be laughing at me! The gigantic guy approached towards me like I was a diamond! Man, it hurt!

Am I paying for being a non-vegetarian?! Of course not! There are millions who eat chicken in this world, am not the only one!! All I could do then was to run and run! I started running. Don't look back and don't stop, just run!

The unclouded pictures of my mom and dad wailing and sobbing at the news of me getting torn apart by a tiger, my friends giving the one minute silent mourn for my death, my foes jumping in joy after getting the stingy news -- all came flashing to me one after another! I am going to die, but not a normal death, I am going to get torn apart by the dude who is running behind me!! I started feeling dizzy. But no, I have to run! That's the only thing I can do right now, right before I die! I have to die a hero's death and the heroic deed I can do right now is to run!
Just before I was going to faint I found a big house to hide myself in. Thank god, I mean really, I thanked God! May be there's a wee little chance for me to live, may be I can see my parents again! I hid myself there, the dudes kept waiting for me to come out, they kept on guarding the house, like as if I wanted them to!

I opened my eyes to realize that I was perspiring. I got my senses back and thank God again that it was just a dream!  It was still night and our house was dark. I could hardly see a thing but yeah, I was kinda sure of the dude standing outside my house and waiting for me!

It gave a chilly feeling within my throat. But hey come on, how can a tiger come in a city?! The dreams aren't real and I must stop being so petrified!

I turned around, got into the blanket and closed my eyes-- let's sleep calmly until again I get to meet the roaring fellow in my next dream!!


  1. Many wild animals have started relocating to urban areas as a result of massive deforestation. But LIONS AND TIGERS in your dreams..whoa quite interesting!!!
    Nice Post Preeti De Sarkar !!!

    1. I wish they stop intervening my sweet dreams, Veena! Thanks a lot for reading my post! :)

  2. Loved it, and about dream u knw, they person u see in your dreams are the one missing you terribly, I have once updated the status too.. Keep a gun with u dear :) all the best...!!

    1. A gun?! I have to then let the government know about my weird dreams i guess! And as for loving it, thanks a lot! :)

  3. Hilarious account Preethi! I bet this would be one dream you wish would'nt come true :)

    1. Never ever in my dreams! I don't want to get torn apart really, trust me! :D And Thanks for appreciating my post,Mukulika! :)


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