Monday, 7 October 2013

Partying On Birthdays!!

Parties! Parties! Parties! 

That's what ardently corresponds to the birthdays nowadays! We sleep,we eat, we work, we play , nevertheless we never forget our birthdays are approaching! As a child, I found myself always waning in thoughts about the other important stuffs in my then life, viz studies, much before my birthday would have even approached.

Too many guests to accommodate inside our 3 storied home and the large roof that I loved beyond any imagination, mostly comprised of children of my age and their ever-worrying parents. And once they all pack up their bags and leave me and my family behind in our house, me mourning again with the thought of another terrific wait till my next birthday arrives, my mother sits to open all the gifts I had received that evening leaving me patiently abiding for her to tear off the gift wraps!!

And my face once again enlightened as she opens all my lovely gifts one after another.

Aaaaaahhhhhh!! Those were days, left a long time back.!

While triffling gifts mean a lot to the children, we adults too never budge away from the little gifts and parties we get to throw at our places on our birthdays! We wait for the friends and the family to arrive with their smiling faces and of course the gifts they bring us! We start to renovate ourselves and spend more than half of the day in front of the mirror for the upcoming birthday bash. For my Birthday Bash! Its My Day!

We neglect the fact that we are one more step ahead of reaching our forfeit, the death, that will one day engulf us too very boorishly and we thus celebrate on putting some more mileage on!

But paying a penalty in future doesn't really mean we give up on celebrating our happy days, our relationships!! These remain as grotesque memories as we go along with our life!

Mausis, Boudis, Aunties, come along and say-- Oreyy baba!! Koto boro hoyegeche!! Sei chottobelai dekhechilam!! (You have grown so big! Saw you when you were a kid!), and me stunningly looking at them and smiling at some of my wicked thoughts where I relate the same facts with them!

Some of them gorging over the food like the food being served was a little more than what they have seen during their whole lifetime! And others, talking about their own sarees, brands and jewelleries and bemeaning others!

As I grow a little more each year, my priorities, my taste change and I abashedly find myself not getting flattered on the matters I previously used to do! These Parties to me, have left a very little euphoria!

I love my birthdays simple yet fun! I make sure to have all those stuffs and people who matter to me the most on my day! I make sure I have my mom, dad, my sister and my best friend on that day, partying and having fun with them rather than the phony grinning aunties.

The food, the favorite meat, a glass of wine, and my loving family and a handful of besties are all that I wanted in my birthdays!

And what else can give you more elation when the people who matter the most to you give you lovely  self made gifts! You can't stop smiling, right?!

Aaaahhhh, this what happens to me too!! :) 
My bestfriend gifted me on my last bday!

My elder sister and mom too have never stopped sweeping my feet off with their own hand made recipes and gifts on my  birthdays! I'm a firm believer of these trivial things when it comes to rendering joy! So last night was the similar birthday party at our house celebrating the birthday of my very on elder sister where I cooked her favorite mutton dish as a birthday gift! Here goes one of its snap, that I clicked after the preparation was over.

How can I not make her favorite dish on her budday  myself, when she never stops swooning me off with her surprises?! :) Happy Birthday Di! :)


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