Friday, 7 March 2014


"I understand, but it is just about a day, Rohan!" Sohini's text message flashed on my mobile screen while I tried to concentrate on the documents.

I typed the text in double quick time. "Yeah, that's the point! It's just about a day. I can't risk my job for just a day." 

"Huh! But its our anniversary, damn it! Just a day's leave can never risk your job." My phone beeped in another second or two.

"Listen, I love you. You know how busy I am, Sohini, don't you? We can meet this weekend and have fun. Can't we?! I will take you anywhere you ask for! ;) " I replied to her text, trying to comfort her.

"Its not about having fun. Its about our anniversary! Please Rohan, lets meet up. I never ask anything from you. do I?!" 

"K!" I was piqued by her being a nagging pain.

I wish I hadn't been that rude to her! I wish I hadn't taken her for granted! I wish I hadn't broken up with her just for my job! Chunks of those memories came flashing to my mind as I quickly took the polybag and pretended to be busy with it. I peeped at the man who held her hands and then at Sohini, only to see how happy she was! They smiled and laughed and held each others hands, just like we once used to, or may be, she used to. Anyone could say they were perfectly in love with each other! I saw them till they disappeared from my sight. My driver opened the car's door for me. I sat inside and kept my bag on the empty seat beside me.

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