Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Alu Snatches Cattle's LunchBox!!

He came out of the court moaning and whining about the whole episode that he had to just undergo! His trusted allies (Even more than his wife, Barfi Devi) and "can-do-everything-for you" partners, gave him a rotten look narrowing their eyebrows and gestured -- Bhai sahab, we trusted you when you told we will never get caught and can live lavishly and happily ever after! Yii Kaa sahi baat hua,boliye toh!!
But they have to soon depart their ever bothering, questioning eyes away from those of Mr.Alu's!! Alu looked mysteriously mournful and looked down on the roads! Aaaaahh!! They had trusted him even more for his name! How bothering can this be now to them?!

The whole atmosphere was somewhat putrid and stifle to Mr.Alu Rasad Yadav. Never in his life did he imagine for once that he have to look at the career-devastating, rusted bars of the jail!
But what was his crime?? Ok,well, I meant mistake?!

He was just having some daily haystacks from those of a very few cattle! He was just trying to live his life with rendering enough to his family of sons and daughters and Barfi Devi, and well, yeah, some ten thousand dozens cattle!!
Being the President of the Parliament doesn't really mean he will never worry about his own little family!! Eh?!

He is a real loving and adorable father! Yeah, he is! You can surely have a real guess from the number of gorgeous babies he has!

But now, Alu ji is all set for the hell! He's trying to snatch himself away from it, but alas! He just had to go leaving his family and the fodder behind! Just as he was going to hug and bless one of his children, he remembered he can nearly delay his settlement in jail for another year or two! He has got a whole little happy family to hug and exchange blessings and then last but not the least, his dear cattle are really not far enough for him to reach them. Ohh!! This mehenat for all these years has brought him some vantage atleast!

He looked at Mr.Mishra, raised his eyebrows and gave a cunning smile!

Alas!! Was that the revenge of the previous gesture that Mr.Mishra exchanged with his trusted boss?!

But it was them who once planned to share lunch from the cattle's LunchBox!! How can Alu ji cheat on them like this??!!


  1. Hmm upto date.. Wish all are sent to the places where alu is.. Cause all are partners..why punish a single person..

    1. :D Wait. The Golden time will be soon for all of them! :D

  2. This was a must. Atleast now people of our country have faith that nobody is immune from Law. Else it was misconception that law cannot touch the politicos. Pls do away with your captcha for posting comments. Its such a pain and punishment.


    1. Yeah It is..All the associates must be punished.

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    1. Thank you so much BlogAdda! :) Its a pleasure to be the Winner! :)

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    1. Thank you so much Aliasgar! :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Hi, The title is so catchy and funny... well done !!
    The post was good too but I liked title the most !


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